8 Fixes for Samsung TV Plus not Working

Samsung TV Plus not Working? Find out why and the best Fixes.

Samsung TV Plus is a no-strings-attached free TV service offered by Samsung and available on all Samsung Smart devices, including Samsung Smart TVs, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Samsung Galaxy tabs.

See a list of all compatible Samsung devices here.

With Samsung TV Plus, you’ll be able to watch movies, live news updates, sports channels, and a ton of other fantastic channels (up to 190+), all for free. That’s right, no monthly subscription, no extra charges.

Let’s find out the common causes of Samsung TV Plus not working and how to fix it.

Causes of Samsung TV Plus not Working

Samsung TV Plus not Working

1. WiFi/Internet Speeds

Like all other streaming applications, Samsung TV streaming requires a fast and robust internet connection. You’ll need up to a minimum of 20mbps uninterrupted internet speed for optimum streaming.

2. Network connection settings

This has to do with your Router and modem settings and other ISP (Internet Service Provider) streaming limitations and how your Smart TV uses the internet.

3. Network VPN and other Security apps

If you’re using a particular software to protect your internet connection or hide your online identity, that may be interfering with your Samsung TV Plus streaming. 

4. WiFi IPv6 connection Errors 

IPv6 expands the size of identifiable Smart devices connected to the internet, and it registers your system’s IP address in a 128-bit format instead of IPv4, which does the same on 32 bit. 

The impact of this, You may be wondering, is that your smart device DNS (domain name server) lookup will be twice or 3x slower when IPv6 is enabled. 

5. Errors relating to your Streaming app cache

Whenever you’re using an app to access the internet, your web browser or app keeps tiny bits of information about your online activities (called cookies) in an app cache folder. 

This is relatively safe and doesn’t pose a security threat (as long as you’re on a safe site).

Eventually, this app cache’s accumulated data may become corrupted or need to be cleaned up to speed up your device’s efficiency.

6. Samsung TV OS is outdated.

Keeping your devices updated is just the safest thing to do. You wouldn’t want that hacker who put down 2/3 of North Korea’s internet to make you his next target, right?

7. Device data and time not correctly set

Most streaming content providers try to provide location-specific services. 

That way, you have a higher chance of watching news and weather updates that you’re actually interested in.

Best Fixes for Samsung TV Plus not Working

Fix Samsung TV Plus not Working

1. Troubleshoot your smart TV/mobile device

  • Check your Ethernet, modem, and router cables for any loose connections
  • Please turn off your TV, remove the cable for 5 minutes, and plug it back in.
  • Perform a network speed test
  • Restart your network router and modem
  • Go to Settings > General > Network > reset network.

2. Clear Samsung TV app cache

Clearing your cache removes all playback errors and corrupt data. 

Go to Settings and select TV Device Manager to clear all memory caches and app data. 

You can also perform a memory boost to improve TV performance. Restart your TV when you’re done.

If you’re using a mobile device, you can also stop all background apps from limiting your device speed.

3. Reset Samsung Smart hub settings

Samsung smart hub helps you install other apps on your TV not related to Samsung inc. 

Resetting this might help secure a connection to Samsung TV Plus servers.

Head to settings > support > device care > self diagnostics > reset smart hub.

The default pin would be 0000 if you didn’t change it previously.

4. Disable IPv6 in Samsung Smart TV

This helps to counter your IP-related errors in your TV.

Head to Settings > General > Network > expert settings.

Check the box to disable IPv6.

5. Disable VPN and internet protection apps

Your Samsung TV Plus streaming may be hindered by 3rd party apps such as a VPN. Please disable it to restore streaming connectivity.

6. Update Samsung TV software

Your Samsung Smart TV is running either the Tizen or Orsay operating system. 

Regular updates keep the TV fully functional and avoid playback errors.

Head to settings > support > software update to check for recent updates.

7. Update device date and time

Ensure your device date/time and timezone are set correctly.

Go to settings > general > system manager > Time.

8. Change DNS settings

Changing your DNS settings to a Google server can offer faster streaming speeds. 

  • Head to Settings > network > network status > IP settings
  • Open DNS setting > enter manually.
  • Enter as the DNS server.
  • Save your settings and restart the TV. 

And that’s how you fix Samsung TV Plus not Working. You can reach out to Samsung TV support for more professional guidance.

In the comments section, let us know which of these fixes worked best for you.


Can’t find the Samsung TV Plus app on my TV

Answer: Go to your TV home and select Live TV. 

Open ‘category list’ and select Samsung TV Plus

Why does my Samsung TV Plus keep saying ‘unable to connect to the server?’

Answer: check your internet connectivity. You’re probably having a poor internet connection ok your TV/mobile device.

Can I watch sports channels on Samsung TV Plus?

Answer: There are many sports channels to choose from, including Fubo sports network, world poker tour, impact wrestling, Surf now TV, etc. You also get sports channels for football and basketball tournaments.

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