Top 10 Best Samsung TV Stands

Samsung TVs are incredibly versatile and offer excellent image quality. They’re all well-built, but their high-end models are the best of the bunch. Setting your Samsung TV on a little table with limited room for the foundation of your TV is a bad idea. Your TV is at risk if it falls over, and a big-screen device falling over is dangerous.

Many TV stands come with ample storage space, allowing you to store your streaming boxes, game consoles, audio tuners, soundbars, and other devices. They may even be able to assist with cable management. The best choices also have adjustable height settings, viewing angles, and compatibility for various TV sizes.

Browse through our recommendations for the best Samsung TV stands and stand base.

Best Samsung Tv Stands

1. FITUEYES Universal TV Stand

The FITUEYES Universal TV Stand is a mobile TV stand with a swivel base. It has a stylish 8 mm thick tempered glass shelf that can hold your satellite receiver, cable box, and game consoles like PlayStations and Xboxes.

The stand’s height is adjustable; it has three adjustable positions and can be raised to accommodate additional devices such as soundbars. This TV stand is suitable for Samsung TVs with a maximum weight of 143 pounds. There are no tangled wires because the HDMI cable is hidden, and it is simple to install.

The FITUEYES also helps organize your house with its wire hiding capabilities. HDMI cables, Power cables, etc., are all neatly packed out of sight.

Compatibility: The FITUEYES Universal stand suits most 50 to 85-inch TVs; it is compatible with LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs.

2. BONTEC Universal Table Top Pedestal TV Stand

The BONTEC Universal Table Top Pedestal TV Stand is a versatile stand that’s ideal for Samsung TVs. The stand is height adjustable in two ways. The mounting plate has six levels of height adjustment, and the mount limbs can also be modified at two different height levels for better viewing.

Safety plays a big part in this product’s design. The stand is made from steel, which provides a strong and durable TV stand. Note that while the stand is quite sturdy, its maximum weight capacity is 45KG.

The stand comes with a cable management system that helps conceal unflattering wires, making your entertainment area look neat and organized. It also has a foundation made of 8mm tempered safety glass with a 400 x 260 mm surface area for your AV components.

Lastly, the BONTEC stand is sold with all relevant hardware, as well as installation instructions. So setting it up is relatively easy.

Compatibility: The BONTEC Universal stand suits most 32 to 65-inch TVs and Monitors; it is compatible with LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, and Plasma TVs.

3. Drsn Universal TV Stand

The Drsn Universal TV Stand is a hybrid TV holder which can either be set on a table or mounted on a wall.

The stand is made of cold-rolled steel and aluminum and can be tilted to your preferred angle by fastening two tilting bolts to the tabletop TV mount.

You can achieve a -° to +5° tilt forward to back, allowing you to get ideal viewing without being limited by the position.

It also enables height adjustments. You can adjust it by 1.18,” and you can safely store devices such as a soundbar or game consoles underneath it.

The Drsn package includes protective rubber to prevent scratches on the table. Lastly, Drsn has excellent customer service and will respond in under 24 hours if your stand has any problems, or your TV or monitor doesn’t fit.

Compatibility: The Drsn Universal stand suits most 26 to 55-inch TVs and monitors.

4. TAVR Universal Table Top

The TAVR Universal Table Top Stand is ideal for TVs and monitors of all sizes. It includes a two-way height control mechanism that allows for a more comfortable and stress-free experience.

You can adjust the height by choosing from the different VESA pattern holes on the back of your TV or by the three sets of holes on the bracket.

The TAVR stand is made of heavy-duty steel, weighs 3.5 pounds, and can support up to 88 pounds of weight. It’s equipped with soft bottom foot pads that prevent slipping and scratching. The stand is easy to assemble and takes only a few minutes. The kit contains all of the necessary components.

Compatibility: The TAVR Universal Table Top suits most 27 to 65-inch TVs and monitors; it is compatible with LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, and Plasma TVs. It also has detachable parts for small TVs.

5. PERLEGEAR Universal Swivel TV Stand

The PERLEGEAR Universal Swivel TV Stand can swivel 60 degrees to enable you to personalize your viewing experience. It can swivel up to 30 degrees to the right or left, depending on the TV size. This neat feature makes it possible to view the TV from anywhere in the room comfortably. 

The stand has six mounting height options that you can use to adjust the height of the TV. It also features cable holders to help secure and organize power cables and other wires.

With this stand, your Samsung TV is supported by a solid tempered glass base and steel pillar. The design and materials ensure the stand doesn’t get toppled by kids or pets. The stand is also aesthetically pleasing and can support a maximum weight of 40kg.

If you follow the instruction manual, setting up PERLEGEAR takes roughly 10 minutes.

Compatibility: The PERLEGEAR Universal Swivel TV Stand suits most 32 to 55-inch TVs; it is compatible with LCD, LED, Plasma, and Flat Panel TVs.

6. PERLESMITH Universal Stand

The PERLESMITH Universal Stand is a sturdy TV stand made of tempered glass and steel. The black tempered glass adds a touch of class to your home entertainment system while also ensuring safety and stability. The stand can support a maximum weight of 88 pounds.

This stand includes a two-way mounting bracket and three sets of TV height adjustment plates. Installation only takes about 15 minutes with included fittings, as well as an easy-to-follow instruction booklet.

Furthermore, PERLESMITH provides quick and efficient customer service.

Compatibility: The PERLESMITH Universal Stand suits most 37 to 55-inch TVs. It is compatible with LCD, LED, 4K TVs. It also has detachable parts for small TVs.

7. HEMUDU Universal Swivel Stand

The HEMUDU Universal Swivel Stand is made of heavy-duty steel and 8mm thick tempered glass. This 11.2Ibs stand can comfortably and safely hold TVs that weigh up to 99Ibs. 

This HEMUDU stand can swivel from -40 to +40 degrees, allowing you to pick your preferred angle for viewing pleasure. It also has four height adjustment levels and a cable pass system to ensure a tidy room.

The stand is relatively easy to assemble and can be completed in under 15 minutes. It comes with an instruction manual, and all parts are marked with numbers according to the manual. All components are included in the package.

Compatibility: The HEMUDU Universal Swivel stand suits most 27 to 55-inch TVs and monitors.

8. AM ALPHAMOUNT Universal TV Stand

The AM ALPHAMOUNT Universal TV Stand Swivel Tabletop has a rotating base. The stand can easily swivel 60 degrees from left to right, thus increasing the viewing range and ensure you can view the TV from any angle within the room.

This AM ALPHAMOUNT also allows for height adjustment of up to 7 inches. The stand can lift your television, making room for other devices such as a soundbar or game console to be placed beneath the “hovering” TV set.

The stand is made of alloy steel and has protective padding to prevent slipping and scratches to the surface you set it on. The stand comes with an easy-to-understand setup manual to ease the building process.

Compatibility: The AM ALPHAMOUNT Universal TV stand Swivel Tabletop suits most 26 to 55-inch TVs; it is compatible with LCD, LED, OLED Flat/Curved screen TVs.


The RIMOUS is a lightweight TV stand designed explicitly to hold 32-inch Samsung TVs. The stand consists of two TV stand legs that lift the TV to conducive viewing height.

The stand weighs 4 ounces, making it lighter than most TV stands. It’s also easier to set up than most. To set up, place the TV on a level surface, match the TV stand screw holes to the bottom of the Tv and then tighten them. Then place the TV on a stable desk and check that it stands firm.

Each TV stand leg comes with two screws to install. The stand doesn’t come with any further instruction materials. It also doesn’t have a cable management system.

Compatibility: The RIMOUS TV Stand is compatible with Samsung 32-inch Smart LED TVs.

10. ECHOGEAR Universal TV Stand

The ECHOGEAR Universal TV stand comes in two sizes, the 4-inch height adjustable and the 8-inch height adjustable and cable management system to help you keep a tidy house.

The stand offers swivel mobility and takes about 15 minutes to assemble. 

Compatibility: The ECHOGEAR Universal stand suits most 32 to 65-inch TVs.

Are Samsung TV Stands Interchangeable?

Yes, but depends on the model. Without the model number, it is not possible to say for certain. However, third party stands like the ones listed above might be compatible.


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