How to Fix Stuck Samsung TV Volume

If you realize that your Samsung TV is not working because the volume is stuck, probably because you were trying to raise the volume and it glitched at some point, you shouldn’t get worried about that. It’s a common problem that can be fixed with the right techniques.

Let’s dive into the possible causes of the TV volume being stuck and how it can be fixed.

Why is my Samsung TV Volume Stuck?

Samsung TV Volume Stuck

Your Samsung TV volume could be stuck as a result of varying issues. We reviewed common complaints by Samsung TV users and consulted experts, and here are some of the most causes:

  1. Muted or low volume on the TV or speakers
  2. Incorrect configuration of sound settings on the TV
  3. Wrong connection of soundbars or external speakers
  4. Wrong configuration and improper connection of media devices such as DVD player, streaming player, Bluetooth, Blu-ray player, satellite box, cable, or gaming console to the TV cables or ports.
  5. Failure of the hardware components of the TV’s media devices and internal components.
  6. Weak Battery
  7. Long-distance between the TV and remote during usage
  8. Damaged remote
  9. Minor installation issues or internal faults in the Samsung TV

Samsung TV Volume Stuck? – Recommended Fixes

You don’t need to consult a technician once your smart TV develops. You can fix it yourself without hitches.

Here’s a detailed procedure on how to go about fixing the stuck volume on your Samsung TV:

Step 1: Check the Remote

Examining and confirming whether the TV remote is working properly is important. A faulty remote can cause the volume on the TV to get stuck.

If the remote has issues, check whether the battery is well placed or consider replacing the remote battery. Once you fix a new battery, try pressing the volume button to see if it works. If the volume is still stuck, that automatically implies that the remote is internally damaged. You will need to reach out to the Samsung Customer Service Center.

At this point, you will either have to try repairing it or contact a Samsung customer service center for urgent remote repair. But Samsung TV remotes are relatively cheap so it might be best to just get a new one.

Step 2: Power Cycle the TV

If there is no issue with the remote and the volume is stuck, then the problem could be from the TV.

The next step to try is power cycling. To do this, you’ll need to disconnect the TV from the power source, enabling it to free up some space on its memory, clear cache, data, and more.

To power cycle your Samsung TV, the first thing to do is to switch off your Samsung TV and other connected devices. Then, completely disconnect it from the power supply. The disconnection is very important if this process will produce results.

After you have done this, wait for 15 minutes before you reconnect the TV to its power source. Check if the volume is still stuck when the TV turns on.

Step 3: Pair the Remote

Fix Samsung TV Volume

Once the remote disconnects itself from the smart TV, you will no longer be able to control the TV using the remote. To ensure the volume isn’t stuck, try pairing the remote with the TV in case it had mistakenly disconnected in the first place. To correctly pair the remote with your Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the remote
  • Long press and hold the Play/Pause and Return button for at least 5 seconds
  • Once that is done, the TV and remote will start syncing

Step 4: Reset Remote

Samsung TV Volume Stuck at 100

If your TV volume is stuck at 100, it means your remote is corrupt and needs resetting.

To reset your remote, follow the following steps:

  • Remove the battery from the remote
  • Long press the power button for at least 8 seconds to enable remote resetting
  • Reinsert the battery into the remote
  • Pair the remote with the TV

After that, press the volume button to see if it increases/decreases the volume to fix the problem.

If you are unable to do the remote resetting, try contacting the Samsung Contact Center to ask for remote support.

Here’s a guide to contacting them:

  • Open the menu on your TV and go to the Support section.
  • Select Remote Management
  • Read through the service agreement and select ‘agree’.
  • Input your PIN when the PIN screen appears.
  • The agent will then access and configure your TV

For a successful remote service, you must have a high-quality internet connection. A slow internet connection will hinder access to the service.

Step 5: Check the Connected Devices

Inspect the TV cables, ports, and other connected devices to see if there is dust in the ports and if they are firmly and correctly connected. The cause of the volume stuck could be from the HDMI sound.

Replace the media device with another one or swap the TV’s speaker output to the internal speakers to see if it fixes the stuck volume.

If you discover that the problem involves one of your connected devices, reconfigure its audio settings. Switch it off and unplug it for at least 15 seconds. Do this at least two times and then plug it back in and switch it on.

Step 6: Check for Updates

If the stuck volume still isn’t fixed, install any recent software update that is available if your TV is a smart one, and check the sound again.

To install software update:

  • Go to ‘support’
  • Select ‘software update’
  • Click ‘download now’ using your remote
  • If you don’t have one already, select ‘update now’.

If the problem persists, connect the device to another TV or consider doing a factory reset.

Step 7: Reset the TV Volume Settings

Samsung TV Volume Fix

One of the reasons for Samsung TV volume being stuck is the wrong configuration of volume settings.

To fix the volume problem, volume settings resetting could help.

To do the volume resetting, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the ‘settings’ option from the sound panel
  • Choose ‘sound’
  • Select expert settings
  • Then, select ‘reset sound’ to reset

At this point, the volume settings will be set to default and the volume issue will be erased. To confirm, try to increase the volume on the TV and other connected media devices to see if it works. Also, check the audio settings on the TV as well.

To check for the volume:

  • Select the ‘menu’ button using your remote
  • Select ‘system setup’
  • Choose the ‘audio & display settings’
  • A box will appear, select the ‘display volume’ option.

Step 8: Factory Reset TV

Since some settings on the TV may have gotten modified, resetting the TV remote alone may not erase the stuck volume on your Samsung TV. However, it is advisable not to always change settings you are not familiar with to avoid getting occurrences of errors.

Factory resetting the TV can go a long way in easily fixing volume issues since it deletes all user data and returns the TV settings to default.

Below are procedures to follow when carrying out a factory reset on your Samsung TV:

  • Navigate to ‘settings’ on your TV menu
  • Select ‘support’
  • Select ‘self-diagnosis’, and then choose ‘reset’
  • Enter the ‘0000’ security passcode

Once the factory reset is complete, the configuration menu appears on the screen confirming that the reset TV has been set up. After this is done, check to see if the stuck volume has been fixed.

If none of these work, it’s time to call Samsung TV Support.

Samsung TV Volume Stuck on 100

Your Samsung TV Volume could be stuck at max volume for a couple of reasons including a weak remote battery or issues with remote/tv pairing. First things first, locate the tv volume control buttons.

The bottom right corner on the back of the TV is the most common location of the TV controller on most Smart Samsung TVs like the Samsung 6 Series. The left and right buttons will control the volume of the TV. Turn it down and then try the solutions already outlined above.

How to Prevent Further Volume Issues on Your Samsung TV 

  • Use Only One Remote

Once your Samsung TV volume starts working again, use only one remote (the Samsung official remote preferably) to prevent future hitches.

Get rid of other brand remotes like Direct TV, Xfinity, or cable remote. According to research, many users often encounter volume issues again once they use a different remote other than the Samsung remote.

  • Free up Space on the Memory

As soon as the volume is fixed, delete apps on your Samsung TV that you aren’t using to prevent the sound issue from recurring.

Normally, Samsung TVs have automatic system updates that fill up your memory with apps that you didn’t permit downloading. So, deleting all these unused apps is important.

To delete the apps, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the ‘apps’ menu, located at the bottom left side of the home screen
  • Then, select ‘settings’ on the top right side of the home screen. All the downloaded apps on your TV will appear
  • Scroll through the apps and delete the ones that aren’t useful. However, apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and more, are inbuilt apps and can not be deleted. All you have to do is check for others and ignore the in-built apps.

How to Adjust Volume on Samsung TV Without Remote

Asides from using a remote control, you can increase and decrease your TV volume using the following mediums:

  • A Samsung TV or laptop with Smart Hub installed in it
  • An in-built microphone on your TV


There’s often no need to panic if your Samsung TV volume is not working. The first step is to unplug your TV power cord from the wall outlet.

Then, move on to reset your Samsung Smart Hub and Samsung TV settings. Reboot the devices connected to your TV, and restart your TV by switching off these devices one after the other and turning them back on again.

If the volume stuck persists, examine the state of the TV remote and make a replacement if need be. Power cycling and factory resetting could help solve the issue.

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