How to Sideload Peacock on Amazon Fire TV

Peacock TV allows users to bypass satellite and cable TV using an internet connection. The app offers original NBC programming, including original and syndicated content.

After its official release on Amazon on June 24, 2021, users can now access Peacock TV without sideloading it. This article teaches you to sideload Peacock TV to an Amazon Firestick, especially if it’s not in your region, and you can increase privacy on it too.

How to sideload Peacock TV on a Firestick from Amazon Store

sideload Peacock TV on a Firestick

If the Peacock TV app is not available on the Amazon Store in your region, set up the “Downloader” app, activate apps from “Unknown sources,” then sideload it to the Firestick.

Steps to add Peacock TV to an Amazon Fire TV

  • Step one: On your Firestick Home screen, tap “Find” and click “Search.”
  • Step two: Search for “Peacock TV” or choose the voice option with the Firestick remote.
  • Step three: Tap “Peacock TV” on your suggestion list. Under “App and Games,” scroll down and click “Peacock TV.”
  • Step four: Choose “Download” or “Get.”
  • Step five: Peacock TV will now install and download.
  • Step six: Once you finish, open that application to start streaming.

How to update Peacock TV with a Firestick

If the Peacock TV application is from the Appstore, it updates automatically.

Ensure that you enable the “Automatic Updates” option in the “Firestick settings.” Move to “Firestick settings,” tap “Applications” in the Appstore, then enable “Automatic Updates.”

It switches on by default. An error message displays when you sideload your Peacock TV app. It will request an update. Uninstall it and do the following:

  • Press and hold down the Home key on your Firestick remote.
  • Choose “Apps” on your pop-up.
  • Find and open the “Downloader” app.
  • Choose the URL text box and tap it with the remote.
  • Add the following URL- “” then tap “Go.”
  • For a minute or two, wait as the Peacock TV APK downloads to the Firestick.
  • When asked, choose “Install’ in the bottom right.
  • Wait a few seconds for Peacock TV to install.
  • Tap on the “Done” prompt.

You have the latest version of the Peacock app.

How To Enable Apps From Unknown Sources

To allow app sideloading on your Firestick, you will have to “Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.”

  • Tap on the Settings icon on the Firestick Home screen in the middle bar.
  • Tap “My Fire TV.”
  • Open your “Developer options.”
  • Choose “Install Unknown Apps.”
  • In the results, choose “Downloader” and ensure it is “ON.” 

How to Set up Downloader

Downloader is an official app for sideloading applications to your Firestick, and it is available on the Amazon Store.

  • Tap “Find,” then search your Firestick Home screen for the latest versions. Tap on the magnifying glass icon within the top left to open your “Search.”
  • Type “Downloader,” then choose it from the results.
  • In the next window, choose the “Downloader” title/icon.
  • Select “Download” or “Get” to set up Downloader.

How to sideload Peacock TV for “Downloader app.

sideload Peacock TV on a Firestick
  • Press and hold down your Firestick remote’s Home key.
  • Choose “Apps” on the pop-up.
  • Open and locate the “Downloader” app. When you begin to use “Downloader,” you will get a few prompts; dismiss them to continue.
  • Choose the text box with your remote.
  • Type the following address-“,” then tap “Go.”
  • Wait for a minute or two as the Peacock TV APK downloads to the Firestick.
  • At the bottom right corner, choose “Install.”
  • Wait a few seconds for Peacock TV to set up.
  • Tap on the “Done” prompt.

How to get additional content for your Peacock TV

Most TV contents are available for you to stream freely, and users can get additional original content with paid tiers.

How to get the hottest content on your Firestick

Peacock TV gives syndicated and original content from NBC and other sources by delivering to the internal through the app. It is officially available on the Peacock TV app and Amazon Firestick, letting devices download and connect that section.

How to change the country of your Amazon account?

Peacock TV may not be supported in your country, so changing the country of your Amazon account is an option. You will have to set up a VPN app and create the location of your network to the United States to stream the content.

When playing movies on the app, a message will appear: “Sorry, Peacock is not available in your region” when playing movies on the app. You will have to install VPN to bypass such geo-restrictions. Use the steps below to change the country of your Amazon account:

  • Open your mobile browser or computer and log in to your Amazon account.
  • Choose your Accounts & Lists or profile name to search.
  • Next, choose “Your devices and content.”
  • Choose “Change Digital Device” or “Manage Digital Content.”
  • Move to the “Preferences” tab and choose “Country/Region Settings.”
  • Choose the “Change” button if the country is not set to the United States.
  • Add your contact information and address to the dialog box and choose “Update” to change your account’s country.

After this, you see the Peacock TV on the Appstore of your Firestick TV. Start the streaming device and check to see if the application is available. You have to use VPN to stream content on Peacock TV if your region is not supported.

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