7 Ways to Skip Ads on Hulu

Ads often disrupt and make viewing experience less enjoyable. Having Ads distract you from a show can be tiring, to say the least. And since Hulu is quite prominent for offering unique content, they have a large user base and really annoying ads.

So, how do you skip Ads, especially on Hulu? This article will be recommending seven ways to skip Ads on Hulu.

Ads on Streaming Services

Most streaming platforms incorporate Ads on their channels. These Ads are ways streaming platforms make money out of regular viewers.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc., make viewing content online easy. These streaming services offer content such as movies, documentaries, sports content, among many others. Some contents are available for premium subscribers only, while others are free.

Generally, the free content comes with Ads. The streaming platforms program these Ads to pop up while streaming. Unfortunately, these Ads interrupt the viewing experience, and can make users lose interest in the content when they pop up.

Ads on Hulu

Hulu is also one of the video streaming services that allow users to stream prominent TV shows.

The platform constantly airs newer TV shows from major networks alongside original content, movies, and documentaries. And about one-third of Hulu users are on the ad-supported plan.

These users are constantly exposed to Ads which increases the amount of screen time they spend on content. Fortunately, there are some methods you can use to skip Ads on Hulu.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu

Paying for a premium plan is the most effective way to enjoy Ads-free content on Hulu. Nonetheless, there are other ways to go about it. Be warned, some of these methods are almost as tiring as the ads themselves!

1. Reload Page

Generally, the Ads on Hulu are relatively short. While some Ads last between 20 – 40 seconds, some Ads are longer: they last for as long as 4 minutes. And these Ads pop up when streaming content.

Reloading or refreshing the page is one of the oldest methods to skip Ads. Although it does not eliminate Ads, however, it shortens the duration you’d have spent on watching Ads. The trick is to reload the webpage once an Ads comes on. Once the page is refreshed, a short Ads will come on.

2. Premium Subscription

To enjoy content on Hulu, you have to subscribe for a premium subscription as Hulu relies on Ads to provide a low-cost viewing experience to users. You can get a regular plan for $5.99 monthly.

Unfortunately, this plan comes with tons of Ads. To enjoy Ad-free content, you can subscribe to the $11.99 plan. If you are on a regular subscription and you want to upgrade, follow the guide below:

  • Go to the Hulu website
  • Log in your details and navigate to the top right-hand corner of the page
  • Select your account and scroll down to your subscription section
  • Click on manage, then click on Switch Plans
  • Select the switch on the no commercials section
  • Click on review changes, then confirm your selections

Once you are done with the steps above, the changes will be made in a couple of minutes. With Hulu premium subscription, you get other benefits like download and offline options.

3. Ad Blocker Extension

You can use different online tools to block ads. You can use a chrome extension that blocks ads. However, this does not stop ads because Hulu uses a backend script for their Ads. A tool like Adblock Plus is quite effective.

4. Adblocking Browsers

This method is similar to the one mentioned above. However, this method uses a browser with an inbuilt adblocking mechanism instead of downloading an app or extension.

A browser like Brave is one of the most prominent Ad-blocking browsers. It is designed to block ads and trackers that are present on most streaming platforms.

5. Fast Forward Ads

Another option is to fast forward the Ads once they pop up. You can do this by downloading a fast-forwarding tool. This tool will shorten long Ads of about 4 minutes to a minute or lesser.

There are free and paid fast-forwarding. Most of the free tool features a seven-day free trial pack that allows you to check the tool’s functionalities before paying for a paid plan. You can checkout – Enounce MySpeed Software.

6. Open Two Tabs

This is an invaluable method to skip Ads on Hulu. All you need to do is open two tabs for the same program.

Open Hulu, search for the content you want to watch, and then open the content on a different tab. Do the same on another tab, so you have two tabs of the same content.

On one tab, mute the content, and then fast forward to the first Ad. On the other tab, watch the movie until you get to the first Ad. Once you get to the first Ad, mute the tab, and move to the other tab.

Rewind the opening commercial and unmute to continue watching. Repeat the process until you are done watching.

7. Web Filtering

With web filtering, you can block different kinds of Ads. Web filtering is accessible on your router control management under access control or parental control. Below is a guide on how to enable web filtering on your router:

  • Connect your device with your Wi-Fi network
  • Open your browser
  • Enter your default router address
  • Search for the web filtering option
  • Add this domain address – ads-e-darwin.hulustream.com to your web filtering option
  • Click on block record
  • Then click on Apply

Once you have applied your selection, restart your router. The domain address you added is responsible for Ads on Hulu, so blocking it will block Ads on Hulu.


As mentioned above, advertisement is an essential means by which most streaming services make part of their revenue. So they must incorporate it into their platform. Fortunately, you can skip the ads on Hulu using our recommendations above.

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