Best Small TV Stands in 2022

A small TV stand is a perfect way to boost your entertainment experience without compromising on space. These furniture pieces do not only serve a functional and aesthetic purpose, they also provide storage space for entertainment accessories like gaming consoles, cable boxes, and many more.

TV stands are of various sizes, shapes, and designs. Before getting a TV stand, you might want to take into account the size and style of the room, space, and any other additional features.

Are you looking for small TV stands that will complement your living room? Read on to discover the best small TV stands on the market.

Factors to consider when purchasing a Small TV stand

There’s a wide range of TV stands on the market and each has different features. The following are factors to be put into consideration before buying a TV stand:


The materials determine the durability, stability, and quality of TV stands they’re built from. TV stands made from sturdy materials like aluminum and steel are durable.

Tempered glass and shelving enhance durability. A stand with a non-slip base proves to be more stable than others.

Wooden TV stands give your homes that timeless and traditional look. Metal models would simply complement your living room while glass models will give it a neat appearance

Design and shape

Another feature to look out for when making your pick is the design. Some TV stands are built with open shelves, swivels, and audio towers.

If you want to conserve space and add a wide visual element to your decor, choose a TV stand with open shelves.

Do you love entertainment and functionality? A new modular form i.e. TV stand with audio towers, will be ideal for you.

Want to watch television in any direction you deem fit? A TV stand with a swivel will be best for you. Want to maximize space? A floating tv stand might be better.

Storage Capacity

Before obtaining a TV stand, you need to consider the storage space needed to support your TV and other entertainment items.

For a more organised and neat look, go for TV stands with shelves or cabinets to store your cable boxes, DVDs, gaming console, and others.

Size of the stand

Consider the size of your TV before purchasing the TV stand. The size of your stand should support your TV quite well.

For that perfect stand, measure the frame of your television and the size of your room. A big TV will be suitable for large and spacious rooms while a minimalistic TV stand will fit in a small room.

Cable Management

If you’re looking to buy a TV stand with enough storage and space for more equipment, ensure it has an efficient cable management solution, so your wires and cables don’t hang loosely.

Best Small TV Stands to Consider

Convenience Concepts 3 Tier TV Stand

Convenience Concepts 3 Tier TV Stand

Simple, classy, and contemporary best describe this 3 tiered TV stand. Suitable for your TV, Blu-Ray player, video game consoles, this open concept design provides ample space for your entertainment items.

The shelves are built from particleboard and melamine which are durable and can stand the test of time. It features stainless steel poles that act as support for plastic feet.

With the 4-step assembly instructions, you can easily and quickly set up your TV stand so you can watch your favourite shows.

The espresso finish gives your home that classic and modern look. Convenience Concepts 3 Tier TV Stand can bear the weight of a 32-inch flat-screen TV conveniently.

AVF SDC600CMBB-A TV Stand with Cable Management


Ideal for TVs up to 32″, this timeless design is of two variants, black legs with cable management and silver legs without cable management.

‘CM’ in the model number denotes that the stand features cable management which forms the centerpiece of TV set.

The cable management has entrance and exit points that keep the wires in place, giving them a neat appearance.

‘BB’ implies that the model has black legs with black tempered glass shelves. The high quality stand complements any home decor.

Having angled corners, this stand can fit in any corner to maximise space and viewing positions.

It features two lower shelves held in cable boxes, DVD players, gaming consoles and other items. This stand can carry TVs with traditional style base.

Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand

Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand

Optimise your TV viewing experience with Hemudu swivel TV stand. To get the best viewing angle, tilt your television to 100 degrees.

The TV stand fits 13 to 32 inch TVs with VESA patterns from 50mmx50mm to 100mmx100mm.

Crafted from heavy-duty steel elliptical panel and 8mm tempered glass base, the Universal swivel TV stand bears the weight of your TV, keeping it in place.

Following the detailed instruction manual, with provided tools and television screws, you can install the stand within 15 minutes.

You can also adjust your mount up to a 4 level height to suit your preference.

AM alphamount Universal TV Stand

AM alphamount Universal TV Stand

You don’t have to sacrifice the TV of your dreams because of the small space. This swivel TV stand offers an optimal viewing angle in a compact spot.

Constructed from solid steel and black tempered glass, this tabletop TV stand adds a classy element to your home. The sturdy base holds a weight of up to 88 pounds.

It has a cable management system for decluttering wires that may give a messy look.

The small TV stand with mount is designed with a height adjustment of 8 inches and 9 positions to fit various TV sizes.

Perhaps you want to rearrange your home, you can easily move the TV stand.

AM alphamount tabletop TV stand is layered with non-slip pads to serve as a cushion for TV set.

With an easy-to-follow manual and necessary tools, you can quickly set up your stand within a short while.

Furinno Turn-N-Tube 4-Tier Petite TV Stand

Furinno Turn-N-Tube 4-Tier Petite TV Stand

The budget-friendly design can hold TVs up to 25 inches. Open display shelves offer storage space for television and other entertainment equipment.

As a result of its functionality, low cost, and easy assembly, the 4-tier petite TV stand is regarded as one of the most renowned RTA furniture.

Built with durable furniture, this simple design can fit any room. The durable recycled PVC tubes and composite wood support the weight of the television set.

Using the twist, turn and stack mechanism, you can easily assemble the unit within 10 minutes.

ONKRON Mobile TV Stand

ONKRON Mobile TV Stand

ONKRON Mobile TV Stand is indeed a smart solution for your smart TV. Here, functionality combines with quality and value to create a masterpiece.

Perfect for conference rooms, classrooms and entertainment venues, this TV stand supports TVs from 32 inches and above.

The mount is made of durable, SPCC steel which can hold weight up to 100lbs. You can raise or lower your TV screen with the telescopic columns.

Featuring two shelves for storing audio-video equipment, gaming accessories and other entertainment essentials.

For smooth rolling on the floor, the stand is built with high-grade rubber caster wheels.

PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand

PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand

This sturdy one-piece TV stand can be conveniently swiveled 30° right or left for better viewing experience, thereby reducing neck strain.

Universal TV stand is pre-installed with height adjustment for different TV sizes. There’s no need to bore holes into wall to set up this design.

The mounting bracket is well suited for many 19″ – 39″ flat-screen TV brands like Sony, Samsung, Hisense and others.

PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand is tested and trusted for kids’ safety with a ten-year warranty.

VIVO Mobile TV Display Stand for 13 to 42 inch

VIVO Mobile TV Display Stand for 13 to 42 inch

Suitable for flat screens from 13″ to 42″ inches with a weight of 44 lbs, this sturdy TV stand features telescoping height adjustment up to 49″.

The 1.5″ thick center pole can be adjusted to 12 points and the mounting bracket can be tilted to 30 degrees for desirable viewing positions.

Strong, high-quality steel plates with the 1.5″ inch thick center pole provide great support for TV weighing about 44 pounds.

The sleek design works with any environment, blends with the decor of any home and matches flat screen with its sharp angles and black matte finish.

Steel base with adjustable feet of 18″ x 20″ offers a stable platform for TV stand. Ideal for many use, this portable frame can be easily rolled from one place to another.

Thoughtfulness and creativity were harnessed to produce this ergonomic design.

5R Universal TV Stand

5R Universal TV Stand

Compatible with most 27″ – 55″ inches flat-panel TV, 5R Universal TV Stand can be modified to 3 levels of height with the hook.

Enjoy watching your favourite movies from any position with 30 degrees tilt to the left or right.

The instruction manual and fittings help you install the TV stand without any hassle. There’s an optimum cable management system for hiding wires.

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Two Tier Swivel Riser

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Two Tier Swivel Riser

You’ll definitely love this affordable and easy to assemble furniture piece. The TV stand is crafted with durable and finished materials for long-lasting use.

Perfect for any home entertainment centre or office, the Designs2Go Two Tier Riser utilises a 360 degree riser motion for easy TV movement.

It features stainless steel clad poles made to last long. The 8two tiered swivel stand comes in multiple finishes and blends with new or pre-existing decor.

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