8 Fixes for Sony TV Remote Control Not Working

The TV remote saves time while providing comfort simultaneously. Although it was first created for the RCA Victor TV in 1960, one of today’s significant and trusted producers is Sony TV. This is major because of the Sony TV remote voice feature. However, while the Sony TV remote is effective for its purpose, it can only be used within close range from the TV set.

It is equally important to note that it’s fickle and requires caution in care and usage. Hence this article is set to divulge some essential facts about fixing Sony TV remotes that aren’t working well.

Why is My Sony TV Remote Control Not Working?

Like every other electrical appliance in our houses, the TV remote control can sometimes act out for diverse reasons. Some possible reasons why your Sony Tv remote control isn’t working well include; weak or dead batteries, jammed buttons, voice feature not responding, and an unhinged distance from the Sony TV set during usage or obstacles in between.

Sometimes, your Sony TV remote control might be in perfect condition while your TV is the “bad guy” actively indenting the image of your TV remote. Perhaps your Sony TV is the problem? You need to check the power cable or setting/ mode of the TV.

Other times, your Sony TV remote control might not be working well because the software is outdated. If your Sony TV is OK and the batteries are in good condition, but your TV is still not responding, then the actual Sony TV remote control is faulty.

How Do I Fix a Sony TV Remote Control That Is Not Working?

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to fix a Sony TV remote control that isn’t working. Some of these fixes processes are proven DIYs that include the following:

● Troubleshoot your TV remote control

● Proximity and Hindrances

● Unjamming Jammed buttons

● Rebooting your Sony TV

● Updating the Sony TV software

● Accurate setting of the TV mood

● Troubleshooting the voice feature

● Buying a new Sony TV remote control

How Do I Troubleshoot My Sony TV Remote Control?

More often than not, the cheapest, easiest, and proven fix for a faulty Sony TV remote control is troubleshooting. This can be done by primarily checking the Duracell batteries embedded in it. So cautiously follow these simple steps to troubleshoot your Sony TV remote control:

Step 1: Check The Battery Strength And Durability

● First off, gently pat/tap the remote control at the tail end close to the battery location. Hopefully, it works.

● If step one doesn’t work, reset the remote by removing the batteries from the remote control.

● Then remove any residual power left in the remote by pressing the power button on the remote for some 10-30 seconds.

● After a minute or two, insert the batteries back into your remote control.

● Now try using the remote again.

Step 2: Replace Old Batteries With New Ones

If your Sony TV remote control still isn’t working after checking the battery strength and durability. You can take a step further by changing the old batteries to new ones. While you are at it, remember that the new batteries should fit the Sony TV remote control type because they vary.

Proximity And Hindrances

If the proximity from which you are operating your Sony TV remote is far and wide, it might not respond. In the same way, the command will not be obeyed if obstacles hinder the transmitters from the remote to the TV. You can fix this problem by doing these easy steps below:

  • Try Operating Your Sony TV Remote Control Within A Close Range From The TV

While your Sony TV remote allows you to operate your TV from quite an unhinged distance, the distance can also deter smooth operation. Even after checking the strength and durability of the embedded battery and going through the stress of changing the old batteries, your remote control might still not work.

However, this can easily be solved by operating the TV remote control within close range from the Sony TV.

  • Ensure There Are No Hindrances Between Your Sony TV and Remote Control

Just as proximity is a significant factor in fixing your faulty Sony Tv remote, obstacles are also essential and should be attended to. This is because remotes work with transmitters that send information to your TV, and the transmission from the remote with a receiver is then read by your TV that is built directly into the TV.

Therefore, if the obstacles like picture frames, screen guards, and the likes aren’t addressed, your Sony TV will not respond to commands, so adjust their positions or take them out.

Unjamming Jammed Buttons

Sometimes, your Sony TV remote control might not be working because of a jammed button. Thankfully, this can easily be detected and fixed at home via the following steps:

● Press the button directly in front of your smartphone camera

● Look out for your phone’s infrared sensor tipping to confirm if the button is good.

● If there isn’t any light flashing, the battery is probably jammed or broken

● Press the affected button continuously to unjam it

● Repeat processes one and two; if successful, you can now use your remote.

Reboot Your Sony TV

Sometimes, the TV remote control might be working perfectly well, and the fault might be the Tv set itself. In this case, you can troubleshoot it by rebooting your Sony TV.

● Connect your Sony TV power cable to a trusted power outlet.

● Proceed to switch on the TV using the Power button directly.

● After that, check the status light of your Sony TV with the remote control.

● Furthermore, conduct a power-cycle of the TV if it displays a red light.

● Continue holding down the Power button for two minutes.

● Afterwards, plug your TV back in and power it on.

● Now try using the remote control on the TV.

Check Your Sony TV Settings/Mode

In a situation where the remote is fine, and the TV has been rebooted, and your Sony TV remote control still isn’t working, check the TV settings or the Mode. The settings might be wrong hence the resistance to the command you are issuing. You can check and reset the settings via these easy steps:

● Select the Input button on the remote control.

● Click on the menu with different options ranging from HDMI1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, Blu Ray, and more.

● If your TV is currently in any of these modes, you’ll be unable to change the channels with your remote.

● Hence, press the TV button on your remote to switch it back on.

● Try using your remote control now.

Update The Software Of Your Sony TV 

Like most Smartphones and Smart TVs, the Sony TV software needs to be updated from time to time. Hence, while it is likely that your Sony TV remote control isn’t working because the Software is outdated, the chances are very slim. However, it is best to update the Software to eliminate every doubt and hope it works.

Troubleshoot The Voice Feature

One of the eye-catching features of the Sony TV remote control is the voice feature. It can be very problematic if it isn’t working fine. Here are quick tips to fix it:

● First off, check the status light atop the MIC button.

● Look out for amber LED; this indicates a problem with the connection between the TV and the remote.

● Then proceed to power reset your TV.

● Click on the Settings option.

● Then select the option you see on your TV.

● Select the Connect Via Bluetooth option for the Remote Control and the Remote & Accessories options.

● For the Voice Remote Control option, choose Activate MIC Button.

Buy A New Sony TV Remote Control

If, after doing all those mentioned earlier and your remote control isn’t responding. You might have to buy a new remote control because the circuit board might be damaged. This is often a result of rough handling of the remote control by dropping it onto the floor forcefully, spilling water on it, sitting on it, and the like.

First, however, it is essential to confirm that the new remote you buy is compatible with your Sony TV model to avoid prolonged complications.

Now you know how to fix your faulty Sony TV remote control all by yourself within the comfort of your home. Also, remember to get professional help quickly if things get out of hand.