How to Fix Sony TV Remote not Working

Sony is one of the prominent TV brands in the market. They offer relatively affordable TV sets alongside TV remotes with voice control features. Sometimes you might encounter difficulty operating the remote control.

This issue might be a minor glitch or a major one requiring you to replace the remote. Regardless of what the issue might be, we will be recommending possible fixes.

Troubleshooting Sony TV Remote Problems

Sony TV Remote not Working

If your Sony TV remote is unresponsive, there are a couple of reasons why your Sony TV remote is unresponsive. The most popular being the batteries.

The first thing to do is to check that the batteries in the remote control are not dead and are correctly placed. Other reasons why your Sony TV remote is not working include:

  • Physical damage
  • Unresponsive voice control
  • Outdated TV software
  • Glitchy voice control
  • Unresponsive buttons
  • Obstacle blocking the receiver
  • The distance between the remote control and TV is far

Ways to Fix Sony TV Remote not Working

Below are some easy solutions to troubleshoot and fix a Sony TV remote not working.

Sony TV Remote batteries

1. Replace the Batteries

Once the batteries in the remote are dead, this will cause the remote not to function. To fix this, replace the batteries with high-quality batteries. 

  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Reset the remote by pressing the power button on the remote for about 10 seconds to remove any residual power left in it
  • Wait for a minute before inserting a new battery into the remote
  • Then test the remote to see if it is working

Ensure that you insert the positive and negative ends into the appropriate space.

2. Reposition the Batteries

The issue might be that the batteries are not correctly placed within the remote. Remove the batteries for a minute, then reinsert them correctly as indicated on the remote.

3. Remove Obstacles 

Remove any obstacle blocking the TV remote receiver as remote controls work with transmitters that send data to your TV.

So, if anything blocks the view, the remote might not send any data, making it seem unresponsive. Ensure you clear the receiver’s area to get a prompt response from the TV.

4. Reduce the distance between the TV and the remote

The issue might be the distance between the TV and the remote control. If you are using the remote control at a far range from your TV, you might not get a response from the TV. Ensure that you are within close range of your TV when operating your TV.

5. Check the TV Mode

Sometimes the issue is with the TV mode/source. The remote control will not work if the TV mode is not in the correct source to change channels. To fix this:

  • On the remote control, press the Input button.
  • The Input button will show different options: HDMI1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, Blu Ray, etc. depending on what is linked to your TV.
  • To switch back to TV mode, press the TV button on the remote control.
  • This will take you back to the TV channels, and you should be able to use your remote control.

6. Unjam the Remote Buttons

Most times, it is not the entire remote control that is not working, just a few unresponsive buttons. Jammed buttons might cause unresponsive remote buttons. You can troubleshoot your remote button by using your smartphone camera. 

  • Open your smartphone camera
  • Hold your remote in front of the camera
  • Then press the remote buttons
  • Your smartphone camera would pick on the remote’s infrared sensor to show the buttons that are working
  • The jammed button will not flash any light
  • Press the buttons repeatedly to unjam the unresponsive button(s)
  • Then check your smartphone camera to see if the infrared sensor is working 

7. Update the TV Software

With outdated software, your TV is prone to many bugs, making the TV glitchy and unresponsive. It is advisable to do regular updates on your TV whenever an update is available. Check out how to update your Sony TV software to avoid issues with your TV and remote.

8. Reset the Voice Control Feature

If you cannot use the remote’s voice control feature to control your TV, you will need to troubleshoot the remote control. Check the status light on the MIC button. If it shows an ember LED, there is a glitch between the TV and the remote connection. To fix this:

  • Perform a power reset on your TV. 
  • Once the reset is done, re-pair the voice command feature of the remote.
  • Press the Home button on the remote. 
  • Then select the Settings option.
  • The Settings menu will bring either of these options depending on your TV – Remote Control, Remote & Accessories, or Voice Remote Control.
  • Click on the option you see on your TV.
  • If it is the Remote Control and the Remote & Accessories options, click on the Connect Via Bluetooth option.
  • However, if it is the Voice Remote Control option, click on the Activate MIC Button.

Once the pairing is done, your remote control should work. However, note that the pairing might fail if there is no battery in the remote, or the battery power is too low.

9. Power-cycle the Sony TV

As mentioned above, the issue might not be from the remote control. If you have tried the solutions above, and the remote control is still unresponsive, try doing a power cycle reset on your TV. To troubleshoot and do a power cycle reset on your Sony TV:

  • Connect the TV to a power outlet
  • Power on the TV using the power button on the TV
  • Then check the status light of your Sony TV using the TV control
  • If the light is blinking red, you will have to perform a power cycle reset on your TV

To perform a power cycle reset on your Sony TV:

  • Unplug the TV and hold down the Power button for about two minutes
  • Plug back the TV and power it on
  • Once the reset is done, you should be able to use the remote control

Alternatively, hold down the power button on your remote control for about 10 seconds to perform a reset if you are using a Sony Andriod TV.

10. Get a New Sony TV Remote

This solution is a last resort when you have tried all possible fixes and can still not use your Remote control. It means that the remote control is entirely faulty. This might be due to several reasons such as water inside, repeatedly sitting or falling the remote, causing batteries to go bad inside, etc.

These reasons can affect the remote control and cause long-term issues with the circuit board. Once the circuit board of your remote control is faulty, you will need to replace your remote. Fortunately, a Sony replacement remote is affordable and easy to get depending on the features and model of the remote.


It takes several years before you start encountering issues with your Sony TV remote, as they are built to be durable. However, when your Sony TV remote stops working, several reasons might cause it. Troubleshooting and fixing your Sony TV remote not working is relatively easy.

With our recommendations above, you should be able to get your remote control working without hassle. Also, if you replace your remote, ensure that the remote is compatible with your TV model.