How to do a Sony TV Update

It is essential to ensure that you update your TV software alongside your apps once an update is available. Software update fixes significant bugs on the TVs. Also, it comes with new functionalities.

Leaving your TV outdated will leave you with old features and, in some cases, a laggy TV not to mention increased security risks. We will be recommending ways to do an update on a Sony TV.

Updating a Sony TV

Updating your Sony TV with the latest version of Andriod TV will give you the best TV experience. Also, it will protect your TV with the latest security fixes, give you access to new features and capabilities alongside improved interfaces and menus.

Although there are tons of Sony TV models in the market, the process involved in updating these TVs is similar.

It is crucial to know the model of Sony TV you have as knowing which TV you have will make it easier to know the steps relevant to you. Once you know your Sony TV model number, you can determine the year it was manufactured and find manuals and customer support from the manufacturer.

How to Know your Sony TV Model

There are two ways to know the model number of your Sony TV.

1. Manufacturer Label

The first step is to check for the manufacturer’s label on the TV. The manufacturer label is usually a fine print stick on the back or side of the TV. It is often close to the connector panel, where you will find HDMI and other ports on the TV. On the label, you will find;

  • The model number of the TV
  • Details about the power requirement
  • The unit serial number
  • FCC certification
  • Customer support number

2. TV Settings

Alternatively, you can check the TV settings to get the TV’s model information. To access the TV setting menu;

  • Go to the Home Screen from your TV remote
  • Navigate to the row labeled “Apps.”
  • Press the Left button on the remote to highlight the apps menu icon
  • Under the Apps menu, click on the Help Settings
  • In the Help menu, click and open the Staus & Diagnostic Menu
  • Then click on System Information to get your TV model number and other information about your TV

On the system information page, you can also get details about your TV’s software version and have the option to run system diagnostic.

Updating a Sony TV Software

Updating your Sony TV is upgrading the programming of your device. Most TV updates are done automatically. However, there are alternative means you can use to do TV updates, such a using a digital cable or antenna. If your TV has not been pre-set to update automatically, you can follow the steps below to initiate a TV update:

  • Press the Home Button on the TV remote control
  • Select the Apps option
  • Click on Help or Settings depending on your TV model
  • Proceed to the Customer Support menu or Setup or Product support
  • Then click on Software Update
  • You will see Automatic software download or Automatically Check for Update menu
  • Turn on the option above if it is not on
  • Then save the changes you have made and press the Enter button
  • Once a software update is available, it takes about 15 minutes for the update to complete.

How to Update Apps on Sony TV

Sony TVs come with some pre-installed apps. After a while, most of these apps will need updating. Fortunately, users can use a couple of options to update the apps on their Sony TV. Below are two methods you can use to update apps on Sony TVs:

1. Automatic App Update

Updating apps automatically is a hassle-free process that requires less effort from you. Your TV does all the work. Below are steps on how to update the Apps on your TV automatically:

  • Press the Home button on your remote control
  • Navigate to Apps
  • Then click on the Google Play Store option
  • Select Settings
  • Then scroll down to the Auto-Update Apps feature and click on it
  • Select the option – Auto-Update Apps at any time
  • Press Ok to save your selections

Once a new update to an app is available, the App automatically updates itself with the process above. However, note that you do not control your TV’s memory; all the available updates will be done automatically.

2. Manual Update

Alternatively, you can use a manual method to update the Apps on your Sony TV. This method preserves your TV memory as you have access to update apps individually. Below is a guide on how to carry out a manual update on apps on your Sony TV:

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote control
  • Navigate to the App menu
  • Click on Google Play Store from the App
  • Select the My Apps option,
  • A list of all available apps downloaded on the Google Play Store on the TV will pop up
  • Click on the App you want to update
  • Alternatively, you can click on the update all feature to update all the apps with newer versions on Google Store


Regardless of the Sony TV model you are using, there are usually regular updates. These updates cut across both software and applications on the TV. Most updates can be automatically done with just a few clicks of buttons on the TV remote control.

Alternatively, you can initiate updates manually on your TV. Keep in mind that updating your TV software and apps as at when due will keep your TV from being exposed to malware. Also, it will integrate new features and stop apps from lagging.