7 Best Soundbar Mounts

The soundbar is one of the greatest inventions for a great entertainment center. The sound they provide enhances the enjoyment when watching your favorite content on TV. They change the whole experience of watching your favorite movies and shows.

Unfortunately, they sometimes take up space on the dresser, or maybe you have nowhere to put it next to your wall-mounted TV. Luckily, soundbar mounts are super easy to install into the wall as well as directly onto the back of the TV.  

There are many soundbars mounts that are compatible with various sizes as well as various of soundbars. They will make your entertainment look Thankfully soundbar mounts are not expensive and it’s easy to get your hands on one. Here are the 7 best soundbar mounts that we recommend.

  1. Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount MD5420
  2. VIVO Universal Soundbar Steel Bracket Mount-SPSB2
  3. Mount-It! Soundbar Mount
  4. Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount MD5425
  5. Excel Life universal Soundbar Mount
  6. ECHOGEAR Universal Soundbar Wall Mount
  7. WIDEPLORE Sound Bar Mount

7 Best Soundbar Mounts

1. Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount MD5420

The soundbar mount by Mounting Dream comes with various pieces to make sure you get the perfect and most secure fit for your soundbar.

It comes with 2 main bars that attach to the TV (13.9”), 2 long attachment arms (10.3”), 2 shorter attachment arms (6.4”) and 2 L-shaped brackets that hold up the soundbar (2.5” x 4.3”). The 2 main bars can be hooked up straight to the back of your TV and is compatible with VESA mounting holes.

The long and short attachments are adjustable and can swivel up to 180 degrees for flexibility and convenience for your setup. The max weight this soundbar can carry is 22 pounds and can fit with most Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Bose and Yamaha speakers.

It is also compatible with most wall mounts whether they are fixed, tilt or full motion mounts. Thanks to its sturdy and functional design, this soundbar mount makes it easy to place the soundbar under the TV as well as above.

2. VIVO Universal Soundbar Steel Bracket Mount-SPSB2

This mount by VIVO has a similar look compared to the one mentioned above. The difference is that this one doesn’t come with as many pieces but as a bonus, it can carry more weight.

This soundbar fits behind 23” TVs and up to 65” TVs. You can avoid making holes in the wall because this soundbar mount attaches directly onto the VESA holes that are on the back of the TV.

It is compatible with most Sony, Sonos and Vizio soundbars. The sturdy steel keeps the soundbar secure and in place.

Additionally, this soundbar is adjustable and has various configurations so that you can find the best fit for your TV and soundbar. This sleek matte black soundbar mount will look great on your TV and will help the entertainment center look more put together.

3. Mount-It! Soundbar Mount

Mount-It! gives us this mount that has a unique look that is similar to a “J” and is compatible with most 32” to 70” TVs. It can carry up to 33 pounds and easily attaches to the back of the TV and soundbar.

This soundbar mount is made with 2.5mm thick high-strength steel that will keep the soundbar in its place.

There are adjustable bolt slots that make it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your TV. Plus, it’ll fit virtually all TV brands and models thanks to the VESA bolt holes.

Since the sound bar moves with the TV, you will get improved sound quality. Thankfully, this soundbar connects to all type of TV wall mounts including fixed, tilted, full motion, articulating and interactive.  

4. Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount MD5425

This mounting bar comes in a very sturdy design. The bas holder can carry a sound bar that measure 3.44” to 6.06” in width and a max of 13 pounds. It isn’t the strongest soundbar mount on this list but it is still compatible with most Samsung, Yamaha and Vizio soundbars.

Additionally, the base holder has non-slip grip strips to keep the soundbar in place. It is not necessary to bolt down your soundbar onto this mount, it will stay in place even if it is simply resting on top. The base holders also have safety bolts to ensure that they lock in place.

5. Excel Life Universal Soundbar Mount

This soundbar mount is a little different than the ones listed above. If you aren’t interested in a mount that screws right onto your TV, this mount might be your pick. Instead, you screw this mount directly onto the wall. Each arm can extend from 2.4” to 5.5” and has a “clamp” design to secure the soundbar in place and provide a vibration-free sound.

With rubber padding on each clamp, you won’t need to worry about and scratches on the soundbar. These types of soundbar mounts tend to provide more safety because they are screwed into the wall instead of hanging from a TV.

This particular mount can carry up to 33 pounds and is perfect to use in various settings, such as the entertainment and office as well. This high quality and elegant soundbar mount will improve your entertainment center.

6. ECHOGEAR Universal Soundbar Wall Mount

ECHOGEAR gives us this wall mount that is very simple and easy to install. It is very discrete and will practically hide behind the soundbar. These low profile soundbar mounts can carry up to 20 pounds and can mount to drywall or wood studs for placement flexibility.

The arms can extend to be 6” long to fit most LG, Samsung, Vizio and Bose soundbar mounts. You can screw your soundbar into the mounts for extra security, or you can let it rest directly on top on the soundbar mounts and it will hold it in place.

7. WIDEPLORE Soundbar Mount

Made tough metal materials, this soundbar mount will keep your soundbar in place. Apart from the great material, each mount bracket has a sticky anti-slip strip to secure the soundbar in place.

This mount is very minimalistic and simple. It is easy to set up: simply screw the two mount brackets into the wall. Since they are not attached to each other, you can virtually extend them to any length to carry your soundbar.

Each bracket is 3.5” long and can extend up to 5.12” to fit most Samsung, Sony, LG, JBL, Polk Audio, Vizio and Roku soundbar. It can hold a max of 30 pounds and will give your entertainment a nice clean look since they are very discrete. Additionally, these brackets can be mounted onto any wall for quick and easy installment.

With the various different styles and designs for soundbar mounts, it is incredibly easy to find one that is perfect for your living space. The ones that attach to the back of the TV are super convenient and are the best option for TVs that are attached to a mount that can tilt and swivel.

In this case, the sound will move along with the TV. Another benefit to these soundbar mounts is that you won’t need to worry about creating any holes in the walls in order to perfect the entertainment center.

On the other hand, soundbars mounts that attach directly onto the wall can provide more security and safety. You won’t have to worry so much about your soundbar falling over since the wall itself is very sturdy. No matter the style, the soundbar mount will be the finishing touch in bringing together your entertainment center.

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