8 Fixes for Spectrum Remote not Working

Get the best DIY fixes for your Spectrum Remote not Working.

Spectrum TV offers some of the best cable and digital streaming services available today.

Boasting a variety of packages that cover live stream shows and events, news, sports, fashion, science, discovery, and entertainment channels, all from the best top-tier networks, you most certainly get the best value for money.

I find the Spectrum TV Choice package a great offer. It allows subscribers access to about 40 channels of their ‘choice’ for only $25, with no additional commitments.

What’s more, the offer is for their internet subscribers, so it’s cheaper and advisable to select the bundle package, combining the internet with TV.

While the market share of Spectrum TV and Spectrum streaming services in the entertainment business only keeps getting bigger, there have been a lot of complaints about issues relating to the remote control not working.

In this post, I’ll be walking you through the best fixes for your Spectrum Remote, not Working.

But before that, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly reported issues.

Common Signs of Spectrum Remote Problems

  1. Remote not changing channels
  2. Remote functions working, except volume control
  3. Remote red LED light won’t stop blinking
  4. Remote LED light won’t blink at all
  5. Remote response lags
  6. Video source not working
  7. Remote stops working completely

Science experts and researchers would tell you all about the inevitable laws of diminishing returns and how value depreciates with time, bla bla bla.

More often than not, we can trace how these faults develop in our home and office gadgets and possibly fix them.

Let’s look at some of the causes of Spectrum remote not working.

Causes of Spectrum Remote not Working

  1. Faulty or damaged remote
  2. Battery faults
  3. Remote not paired to control TV
  4. Spectrum box connection errors
  5. Corrupted remote data
  6. Remote not paired with Spectrum box
  7. Faulty Spectrum box

How to Fix Spectrum Remote not Working

1. Troubleshooting

Just as we always encourage our readers and online followers, troubleshooting your entire setup is the best approach to begin fixing any fault in electronic gadgets.

  • Check the condition of your entire setup connection. Also, confirm that your HDMI, power cables, and speaker/audio output connections are in place.
  • Check your TV input. Sometimes, your TV input might be wrongly selected. You should confirm the HDMI port your Spectrum box is connected to, and set your TV input to the same. 
  • Ensure your remote sensor and Spectrum box sensor have a direct exposure line, with no object interfering in-between. Remove any clog, fragment or dust that may have settled around the sensors. Accumulated sediments and particles on the sensors can weaken signal transmission from both ends.

2. Power cycle your entire setup

This means hard restarting your Spectrum box, and other peripheral gadgets attached to your connections.

  • Please turn off your TV, Spectrum DVR box, and all peripheral gadgets such as your sound bar including your Xbox console.
  • Now unplug everything from it’s electrical socket and disconnect the HDMI cable and audio outputs for 30 seconds.
  • You can now reconnect everything back together.
  • Insert the power cables into the socket and turn your devices back on.

3. Ensure no Physical Damage on the Remote

Check for any physical damage on your remote and Spectrum box. Someone may have accidentally ‘stepped on the little guy’ while movie night was on yesterday.

Take a good look at the buttons and be sure none is stuck-in. Also, confirm that your Spectrum Remote is working.

Set your mobile phone camera at the remote sensor and see if there is any LED light feedback when you press a button. No LED implies either the remote batteries are dead, or the remote itself is faulty.

If you notice any physical damage on your remote, you may need to request a replacement. Visit the Spectrum TV Support page to learn more about getting a replacement remote/box.

4. Check the Remote batteries

Just before racing to the phone to shop for a new remote, be sure that the batteries in the current one are in good working condition.

Ensure the batteries are fitted in properly, minding the right terminals. You may also need to get new batteries, just to be certain.

5. Pair your Spectrum Remote for TV Control

You have to enable ‘TV Control Mode’ through the remote in order to access remote control functions for your TV.

To enable TV control on your remote, 

  • Hit the ‘menu’ button on your remote.
  • Go to ‘Settings & support’ and navigate to ‘remote control option’
  • From the list of options, go to ‘Connect Remote to TV’ and choose your TV brand from the list of options that appear next.
  • Now you can operate your TV directly from the Spectrum remote.

6. Fix Spectrum Remote not changing channels

  • This may be a distance issue. Reduce the distance between the remote and the Spectrum DVR box by moving closer.
  • Point the remote directly to the sensor of the Spectrum box
  • Remove every object in between the Spectrum box and the remote.
  • Restart the Spectrum DVR box.

7. Pair your Spectrum Remote with Spectrum DVR box

Your Spectrum Remote cannot ‘understand’ the Spectrum box, except they’re paired together.

This can be done in 2 ways.

Pairing using a radio Frequency

  1. Hit the ‘Menu’ on TV and go to ‘Settings & Support.’
  2. Navigate to ‘support’ and go to ‘Remote control.’
  3. Next, select ‘RF Pair new Remote’ from the Menu, and follow the onscreen notification to complete the setup.

Pairing using the Spectrum Remote code

You can also pair your Spectrum Remote with the Spectrum DVR box using the remote code. 

Go to this Spectrum webpage to find your remote code.

After that, hit the ‘device’ button in your remote and hold down the ‘setup’ button until it blinks twice.

Now enter the five-digit code from the webpage earlier and press the ‘power’ button once. With the remote facing the Spectrum box, the TV should turn off.

Your remote is now paired with the box.

8. Reset your Spectrum Remote to Factory setting

You may need to reset your Spectrum Remote to clear any corrupted memory data affecting its performance.

This setup is a bit technical and requires some concentration.

Now, on your Spectrum remote, press and hold the ‘TV’ button for 2 seconds 

While in the hold position, also tap the ‘OK’ button, then release both buttons simultaneously.

You should see the ‘aux,’ ‘TV’ and ‘DVD’ buttons all flashing, and the ‘TV’ button lights up.

Now press and hold the ‘delete’ button until the ‘TV’ button blinks for a second and then goes off.

This confirms the reset was successful.

Please note that after the factory reset, you’ll have to pair the remote with the TV/Spectrum DVR box again.

Spectrum remote not working with cable box?

Another peculiar case is the Spectrum remote not working with your cable box. Some of the fixes already highlighted above might work but if not, try these:

  • Replace your remote batteries.
  • Ensure that your Spectrum Receiver (cable box) is turned on.
  • If available, try changing the channels by pressing the buttons on your receiver.
  • Remove any objects around your receiver that could be hindering connection including furniture or large equipment.
  • Try positioning your receiver at a different angle to see if it detects your remote. You might need to try several positions to make sure.
  • A common mistake owners of multiple recivers make is using the wrong remote. If you have more than one receiver, you must ensure that you’re using the right remote.
  • Finally, reboot your receiver by unplugging it for 60 seconds and plugging it back in.

This completes the most plausible fixes for your Spectrum Remote not working. You can contact Spectrum Support for more professional help if none of these options worked for you.

Other Quick Fixes

My Spectrum RC122 remote doesn’t pair with the Vizio soundbar SB 2920-C6

Solution: pairing Vizio soundbars require the correct code. For this model, use code 134 with the ‘aux’ button.

I got a new Spectrum Arris box with a new remote, but the play/pause button doesn’t work.

Solution: request for an older remote. New remote models don’t work with the Arris box.

Spectrum remote page up/down button is not working.

Solution: This is likely a bad pairing with the Spectrum box, and it would help if you did a reset and pair all over again.