4 Ways to Stream on Multiple TVs Using One Source

If you have more than one television in your living space, you may want to use the same source to stream on multiple TVs in your home. Well, advances in technology have made it possible!

Connecting multiple televisions to the same source is fast becoming popular in the modern world. When you take a visit to the hospital or banking hall, you might discover that more than one screen displays the same content.

With very little effort, you can enjoy or see the same movie or program that is showing on the television in your living room on TVs anywhere else in your home or even office space.

If you want to know how to connect TVs together, read this piece to the end because we will discuss four ways to get it done.

1. Use HDMI Cable To Stream on Multiple TVs

Stream to Multiple TVs using HDMI Cable

You can use the HDMI cable to stream on multiple TVs simultaneously. We recommend the Amazon Basics Nylon-Braided 4K, 18Gbps HDMI to HDMI Cable. To achieve multiple streaming, follow these steps.

Step One

Get a long HDMI cable. At least long enough to connect the two television to the media source comfortably.

Step Two

The next thing you should do is create spots for HDMI cable on the media source depending on the number of TVs you want to connect. You can connect an HDMI splitter to the media source to achieve this.

Step Three

Once you have connected the HDMI splitter to the media source, plug the HDMI cables into the available ports on the splitter.

Step Three

Try to see content on the screens simultaneously. If this works, that means the connection was successful. Meanwhile, you must ensure that the connected televisions have the same functionality to ensure a hassle-free connection.

2. Use the S-Video Input or RCA

Streaming to multiple TVs using S-video input or RCA can be done by using an HDMI Distribution Amplifier. The function of the HDMI Distribution Amplifier is to split one source signal into multiple copies of the same content, which you can share across different outputs.

Stream to Multiple TVs using HDMI Distribution Amplifier
Crestron Distribution Amplifier
Image by Nura Nunu Rajabi

To stream on multiple TV using RCA, follow these steps.

Step One

First, you must confirm the two TVs you want to link together have the same s-video inputs or RCA. An HD television will give you better connectivity.

Step Two

Connect the Video Distribution Amplifier to the media source. The video output of the media source is linked to the input of the distribution amplifier.

Step Three

Link the cables from the VDA into the port on the Televisions. Select the correct video inputs with the television remote or through the TV screen.

3. Use BroadLink

BroadLink is another excellent way to stream to multiple Televisions using one source. It is mainly used for a large display like the cinema type. For movie and game enthusiasts, the screen can’t be big enough. You can connect multiple screens with BroadLink.

BroadLink is a bright loT remote control that you can use to operate different home entertainment devices. With this remote, you can link your media source to display content on multiple screens.

For this to be effectively done, you have to connect televisions in even numbers. You can link two, four, six, or eight televisions at the same time. You can use a video wall controller or daisy chain style with HDMI cables to link the televisions.

When you connect with either wall controller or daisy chain style, the system is automatically configured into a 2×2 setting. After the configuration has been completed successfully, the media source is connected. With this, the connected TVs will display the same content.

4. Use Chromecast To Stream on Multiple TVs

Stream to Multiple TVs using Chromecast
Image by Matthew Grosvenor

You can get Chromecast on Amazon at a very affordable cost. The Chromecast option is no doubt the most modern style of streaming on multiple TVs using one source. Chromecast doesn’t need a wire connection, it uses a more sophisticated means of connection, and it is by far the best method when streaming directly from the internet. Follow these steps to connect to use Chromecast:

Step One

Get Chromecast. After you have acquired it, install a Chromecast extension.

Step Two

After the installation has been completed, find the two TVs connected at the top right corner of the control panel.

Step Three

Look for a media you want to cast to the Televisions. After this, you will have to select the TV you want the content to be displayed. Connect and voila!