How To Use Switch Pro Controller On PC

Switch Pro Controller is one of the best gaming devices you will find in the market; although customized for Nintendo Consoles, you can also use it for your PC games. This console is a delight to use, it is one of the best you can see, and you’ll typically want to use it in as many places as possible.

The good news is the Switch Pro Controller is now very easy to use on your PC devices; players can enjoy all Nintendo games on a PC using wireless Bluetooth and a USB-C cable.

Although the Switch Pro Controller may not have all the advanced options that you will enjoy when using the DualSence controller on your PC, when it comes to stamina and comfort, Switch Pro Controller remains the best. Switch Pro Controller also stands out for its long battery life.

How To Connect a Switch Pro Controller On PC Through Wired Connection

This connection is straightforward; all you have to do is get a USB-C cable, connect the smaller end to your Switch Pro controller, and the bigger end into your PC.

Once you have used a wired connection to connect the controller, the Window will detect and notify you that the Switch Pro controller is connected. The notification is going to appear on the taskbar.

How To Connect a Switch Pro Controller On PC Through Wireless Connection

You can connect the Pro Controller wirelessly through Bluetooth; it has to either have an inbuilt Bluetooth or a Bluetooth dongle to connect to your PC. Once you are sure that the PC can seamlessly connect, here’s how you can connect the Switch Pro controller:

  1. Press your controller’s “Start” button, then press the “Settings” button.
  2. You will see a new window on your PC; select “Devices,” which will appear second on the top row.
  3. Ensure that your Bluetooth toggle is on next; click on “Add Bluetooth or another device.” 
  4. After step three, you can now choose the device you want to connect to – You will see the Xbox controller at the bottom, don’t worry, ignore it, and press “Bluetooth” at the top. 
  5. Make sure your Switch Pro controller is on and ready to pair by picking it up and checking for a small button on the left side close to the charging port. Press and hold the button down for a few seconds; you will see a set of lights just under the controller.
  6. You will see a list of Bluetooth devices that you can connect to your PC. From the list of devices, choose your Pro Controller. Spotting your controller is easy; your device is the Bluetooth with the caption “Pro Controller.”
  7. If you carefully follow all the instructions listed above, you will get a confirmation message stating that the controller is connected.

Why Switch Pro Controller? 

Nintendo also produces the Switch Pro Controller for the Switch Console, and they are an alternative to the Joy-Con controller boxed with the Switch Console by default.

Nintendo designed the Switch Pro controllers to look like its traditional consoles; this feature and the comfort it brings makes it a great choice.

If you want to enjoy a traditional gaming experience, then the Switch Pro Controller might be what you want.

Connecting Switch Pro Controller to your PC device for gaming is an easy and manageable process. The only difficulty you will face is when you want to use it for multiple games.

There are two categories of PC games: either Steam or Non-Steam games. For both PC games, you need a client that will help you project the controller configurations to all your games. 

For Steam games, the Steam client will serve as an all-in-one configuration outlet where players can set up their Switch Pro Controller, and it comes with built-in compatibility in Steam. That’s not all; these settings will also reflect across any other Steam game you try to play.

You can configure it yourself and for each game on the Steam engine. On the other hand, for Non-Steam games, you can use the x360ce controller emulator to configure your controller to fit each game at a time. You don’t have anything to worry about with the solutions listed above.


Nintendo Switch is a masterpiece from Nintendo that allows players to play their favorite games from any place, no matter where they go. Users can play at their homes, in packs, or on the go.

Nintendo allows users to transform from their home console to a portable handheld device in a few seconds; you can also use this controller to play on your PC. This article contains all you need to know about connecting your Switch Controller to your PC.