20 Best Table Top TV Stands

Table top TV stands offer the best hassle-free mounting solutions for your flat-screen TV. They are compatible with many TV sizes and models.

Our selections come with swivelling capacities and various height adjustments so you can have an upgraded TV experience.

In this article, we explore 20 of the best tabletop TV stands. We’ve also provided a guide to aid your buying decision.

Table Top TV Stands Buying Guide

The following factors should be considered when buying a table top TV stand:


Ensure you measure your TV before buying a TV stand. This helps you in making the right choice.

Though some stands may have broad compatibility, their specifications may not suit your TV type.

Never assume, be sure your TV model and size fits the TV stand.


Table top TV stands are mostly built from wood or metal. For a more traditional look and feel, choose a wooden TV stand.

Metallic ones are quite durable and can withstand rust and corrosion. Choose wisely.


If you want a great viewing experience, it’s best you go for the ones with several features.

Some of these features include a cable management system for nifty appearance and padded feet to prevent scratches.

Most TV stands come with an installation manual and an all-inclusive package for easy assembly.


Choose TV stands that complement your home decor. You can even decide to select products with shelves for an added element.


The functionality of the TV stand depends on various features. A swivel mount allows rotation of your television with wide viewing angles.

With the height adjustment option, you can position the TV at the right eye-level for normal viewing. Some TV stands are equipped with a safety lock screw to fit and hold the TV in place.

1. FITUEYES Universal Table Top TV Stand for 27-55 Inch TVs

FITUEYES Universal TV Stand

An ideal solution for your flat-screen Tvs, FITUEYES Universal Table Top TV Stand enables you adjust your TV height to 6 different positions.

With this stand, you’ll save yourself the hassle of drilling holes in walls. Supporting weights of 88lbs, this stand has 4 corner non-slip rubbers for stability.

The pole is built with heavy-duty steel for durability and enhanced strength. It comes with two curved hanging bars that work with various televisions.


  • Tempered glass base
  • Height adjustable option
  • VESA mounting patterns

2. ECHOGEAR TV Swivel Stand for 32- 60 Inch TVs

ECHOGEAR TV Swivel Stand

This universal TV stand promotes fun and functionality. Thanks to the 75-degree swivel, you can get the sweetest view from any seating position.

The 4 level height adjustable feature create an upgraded TV viewing experience. For an added element to your living room, place a soundbar beneath your TV.

Suitable for most televisions, this stand includes a ton of screws for the right fitting.


  • Easy assembly within 15 minutes
  • 75 degrees swivel
  • 4 level adjustable height

3. Atlantic Table Top TV Stand for 40-70 Inch TVs

Atlantic Table Top TV Stand

Looking for a more secure solution for your flat-panel TV? This is your best choice. The table top TV stand can be placed on a dresser, console, desk or sideboard.

Atlantic Table Top TV Stand is constructed with felt pads for protecting furniture while preventing scratches.

Do you want to maximize your entertainment space without causing damage to your walls? This TV stand is the perfect one for you.


  • Durable sleek design
  • Felt pads for furniture protection
  • Built from heavy-duty steel with coated finish

4. VIVO Black Universal TV Stand for 32 to 65 Inch TVs

VIVO Black Universal TV Stand

Featuring 3-point height adjustability and durable sleek design, this ideal TV stand solution is a great addition to any home entertainment system.

Having VESA patterns that fit most TVs back, this black universal table top stand has a glass base for stability and balance.

It has four rubber pads under the base’s corners, which prevents the stand from sliding or damaging furniture beneath it.


  • Protective rubber padding
  • Anti-tipping cables
  • Tempered glass base

5. HUANUO Table Top Swivel TV Stand for 32 to 60-inch Television

HUANUO Table Top Swivel TV Stand

Save more on decoration by purchasing this tabletop TV stand. You don’t even need to drill holes in your walls.

It has several mounting holes that support various VESA patterns. For better viewing angle, swivel from -35° to +35°.

Having 4 adjustable heights, you can position your television according to your preference.

Equipped with hanging bar that comes with three hooks, you can slightly adjust your TV’s height from the bracket.


  • Adjustable hanging strips
  • Easy assembly
  • VESA mounting holes

6. WALI Table Top TV Stand for 32 to 47 Inch TVs

WALI Table Top TV Stand

This stand should be a new muse for your TV. Get high or low with up to 16 inch height adjustment.

You need not worry about your TV tipping over as it’s supported by a glass base that enhanced stability.

It comes with a TV mounting hardware pack that’s compatible with most TV types and brands. Do you own a curved TV? Don’t fret! You’re covered.


  • Safety lock screw
  • Anti-tip cable
  • TV mounting hardware

7. TAVR Universal Swivel TV Stand for 27-55 Inch TVs

TAVR Universal Swivel TV Stand

Looking for one of the best table top TV stand swivel on the market? This is it!

Offering 30-degree rotatable viewing angles, this stand improves your TV viewing experience. The swivel function enables you to access the back of your TV unit.

It’s fully packed with all the necessary accessories and a graphical installation manual for easy installation.


  • Swivel mount
  • Cable management system
  • Graphical installation manual

8. Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand for 19 to 39 Inch TVs

Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand

Enhance your TV viewing experience with Hemudu swivel table top tv stand! Tilt your television to 100 degrees for a great viewing session.

Suitable for TVs with VESA patterns from 50mmx50mm to 100mmx100mm, this stand is constructed from heavy-duty steel elliptical panel and tempered glass base.

The stand supports weight up to 99lbs and can be easily set up within 15 minutes.


  • Heavy-duty steel elliptical panel
  • 8mm tempered glass base
  • VESA compatibility

9. VIVO Universal TV Stand for 22 to 65 Inch Flat Screen TV

VIVO Universal TV Stand

For an upgraded visual experience, choose VIVO table top TV stand. With all the necessary hardware and guide, you can assemble your stand in no time.

Crafted from high-grade steel, this TV stand is padded on each feet to prevent scratches and provide balance to television.

Each leg of the stand allows for flexibility to suit your desired layout and fit various entertainment centres.


  • Sleek steel design
  • Heavy-duty mount
  • Easy assembly

10. Rentliv Wooden Base TV stand for 37 to 55 Inch TVs

Rentliv Wooden Base TV stand

If you’re worried that your TV might break due to the fragility of the glass base, then Rentliv TV stand with wooden base is your best choice!

Made from eco-friendly material, this TV stand is easy to clean.

Designed to promote your TV’s safety and stability, this stand has a 4-inch adjustable feature that provides enough room to fit in your soundbars under the TV.


  • 3 level adjustable height option
  • Mounting brackets
  • Wooden base

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11. AM alphamount Universal TV Stand for 26-55 Inch Flat Screen TVs

AM alphamount Universal TV Stand

Suitable for compact space, Alphamount TV stand is the perfect replacement stand for your original TV’s base.

Featuring safety wire for tip-over protection, this stand firmly holds the television in place.

With an easy-to-follow manual and necessary tools, you can easily set up your TV components without expertise.

You can customize your viewing height to about 6 positions.


  • Sturdy base
  • Non-slip pads
  • Anti-drop design

12. PERLESMITH Swivel TV Stand for 32 to 65 Inch TVs


This TV stand has it all from 15-minute installation, 2 options of mounting bracket to 12 mounting height options.

If you’re looking for a stand that offers extra safety and security, PERLESMITH swivel TV stand is the right one. Watch television from any position by swivelling 35° right or left.


  • 12 level height adjustment
  • 70° swivel
  • Anti-tip cable

13. 5Rcom Table Top TV Swivel for 27-55 Inch TVs

5R Universal TV Stand

The cable management system is specially designed to hide all wires. Integrated cable clip routes will keep your cables organized and tidy.

Optimize your visual experience with 5Rcom table top TV swivel!


  • Easy assembly
  • 3 level height adjustment
  • Sturdy steel pole

14. FITUEYES Universal Table Top TV Stand for 50 to 85 Inch Flat Screen TVs

FITUEYES Universal Table Top TV Stand

Elevate your decor with this TV stand. It fits seamlessly with your living space.

Matte metal and smooth tempered glass perfectly combine to create a modern and stylish minimalist design.


  • Metal pole stand
  • Installation manual
  • Tempered glass base

15. TVON Table Top TV Stand Base for 20-43 Inch TVs

TVON Table Top TV Stand Base

Are you worried about your messy cable? TVON TV stand to the rescue!

This table top stand has a cable management system that helps arrange the cables in neat order. The swivel feature allows you to view TV in different positions.


  • Mount swivel
  • Integrated cable management
  • Supports weight up to 88lbs

16. FORGING MOUNT TV Stand Base for 32 to 55 Inch TVs

FORGING MOUNT Universal TV Stand

This table top has 6 different mounting options to suit different television sizes and view angles.

Made from eco-friendly material with a powdered finish, FORGING MOUNT is backed by a 5-year warranty so you need not fret about the quality of the stand.


  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Durable steel construction
  • 6 levels height adjustable option

17. YOMT Table Top TV Stand for 27-55 Inch TVs

YOMT Table Top TV Stand

Fit for different viewing height or TV sizes, YOMT table top TV stand add a relaxed and pleasant element to your home.

With mounting hardware, you can conveniently mount and secure your TV.


  • Safety tempered glass
  • Cord holder
  • Safety lock

18. HUVIBE TV Stand Base for 32-65 Inch Flat Screen TV

HUVIBE TV Stand Base

Uniquely built, this black TV stand blends with your home decor while providing security and stability to your television.

To meet your viewing angle, you can swivel from -25 degree to +25 degree and tilt from -5 degree to +5 degree.


  • Protective plastic cover
  • Tilt and swivel option
  • 8mm thick black tempered glass base

19. Kanto TTS100 Table Top TV Stand for 37 to 60 Inch TVs

Kanto TTS100 Table top TV Stand

This TV stand swivel 30° to the left or right and tilts 5° backwards to reduce glare.

With the cable management system, you can hide wires by passing them through the center of the support column.


  • Supports TVs up to 88 lb (40 kg)
  • Safety tether
  • Fits most flat-panel TVs from 37″ to 60″

20. Mounting Dream Universal TV Stand for 42-60 Inch TVs

Mounting Dream Universal TV Stand

Viewing flexibility reduces neck and eye strain. You can either attach TV stand to table, concrete or wood stud wall. For larger viewing angle, swivel from -25° to +25°.


  • Anti-tip strap
  • Elevation angle design
  • 4 level height adjustments

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