Screen mirror iPhone to Samsung TV

4 Ways to Screen Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV

Do you want to spend movie night with friends indoors? Are you having second thoughts about going to the cinema? Do you want to share content on your iPhone with an audience? There are different ways to watch that exciting content on your iPhone on a Samsung TV. You can … Read more

Roku AirPlay

Roku TVs

How to Fix Roku AirPlay Not Working

you have noticed that your Roku AirPlay is not working, don’t panic. It isn’t because the product is not durable, nor have you purchased an adulterated version of the product. 


Apple TV, Smart TVs

3 Ways To Cast HBO To TV

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airplay to roku

Roku TVs

How to AirPlay on Roku

Apple products are among the best globally, and their technology and features make them stand out. One such technology is the Apple AirPlay. AirPlay is … Read more