Sceptre Monitor Review

Sceptre Monitor Review – 165Hz, 144Hz, and 75Hz

Sceptre has constantly produced advanced monitors that offer an array of unique features. Their high-quality multi-purpose monitors ensure the best gaming and movie streaming experience for their users. Simply put, they offer some of the best monitors you can find in the market and at affordable prices. Sceptre monitors include:  … Read more

4k TV vs. Monitor


4k TV vs Monitor

TVs and monitors are pretty similar as they are both video output devices, but they also have different uses. If you are into entertainment, gaming … Read more

Best 4K Curved Monitors


7 Best 4K Curved Monitors

In addition to looking great on a desk, curved monitors have many features that make them a must-have. For one, the one-of-a-kind design enhances the … Read more


7 Best 165hz Monitors

In the grand world of gaming, speed is everything. The last thing you want while deep in an intense video game is your screen stuttering … Read more