10 Ways to Fix Spotify On Ps4 Not Working

10 Ways to Fix Spotify Not Working on PS4

Like any other app, Spotify isn’t perfect and occasionally won’t work on your PS4. There are numerous reasons for this, and we’ve put together several potential solutions to fix Spotify if it isn’t working on your PS4 console. Reasons why Spotify is not working on PS4 If Spotify stops working … Read more


10 Fixes For PS4 That Won’t Turn On

You shouldn’t panic if you find out that your PS4 won’t turn on. It is not news that the PS4 game console experiences issues that won’t let it come on.


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3 Ways To Connect Unsupported Bluetooth To PS4

You have just bought a new PS4 and there is this rush of excitement to connect it to your favourite Bluetooth headphone for quality audio while gaming.

Ways To Sync Ps4 Controller Without Cable

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3 Ways To Connect Hotspot to PS4

If you’re looking for ways to connect your hotspot to PS4, then, this guide is for you. PS4 was released in 2013. Since then it’s … Read more