Cast netflix to TV

11 Ways To Cast Netflix To TV

Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular video streaming service, with a wide range of original content at affordable subscription plans. So, do you want to conveniently watch Netflix on your TV from a smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, or game console? Please don’t bother; we’ll help you take your viewing experience … Read more

tivo stream 4k


Is the TiVo Stream 4k Worth It?

Don’t have a smart TV? That doesn’t mean you can’t stream your favorite media content with your regular TV. Thanks to the TiVo Stream 4k, … Read more

13 Ways To Stream To TV

How To, Streaming, TV How-Tos

13 Ways To Stream To TV

Screen mirroring is the only way to stream content to your TV. Screen mirroring transforms your phone, tablet, or computer into a mini-TV station, broadcasting … Read more

What is discovery plus?


What is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is one of the newest streaming service entrants launched in January 2021 with a mix of episodes, movies, and exclusive original content. After … Read more