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YouTube has allowed video creators to reach a potential audience of 2 billion active users. The platform has also changed how we consume video content in the 21st century, giving users access to everything– from retro songs to the latest fitness video tutorials.

How to Fix This Video is Unavailable on This Device

This Video Is Unavailable on This Device

As great as YouTube is, you might run into the occasional error while using the platform; these are the possible causes and how to fix the “This video is unavailable on this device” error.

1. Outdated or Unsupported Web Browser

Sometimes, when you try to open a video on YouTube and see the error, This video is unavailable on this device error your browser might be outdated. This error mostly happens if the creator posted the video you’re trying to watch recently, and your browser is a very old. 

In the case of an outdated browser, the simple solution would be to update the browser to the latest available version. Updating your browser is not a solution to be considered only for PC users; it can also cause errors on other devices.

You might also be using a web browser not supported by YouTube, leading to the error. Switch to a more recent, supported browser; your best bet would be Google Chrome since Google also owns YouTube.

2. Modded Or Outdated App

As with other popular apps, there are a variety of mods for the YouTube app, especially on Android devices. These mods offer some perks that the official YouTube version of the app might not.

However, several glitches can come with using these mods; if you see the error on a modded app, try switching to the official YouTube app.

Also, if the version of the YouTube app you’re using is outdated, you might run into this error. Go to the app store on your device and update the app to fix this.

3. Videos With Restrictions On Mobile Devices

Some videos have restrictions from the uploader that prevent them from being played on mobile devices. In such instances, you can try two solutions to eliminate the error:

  • Use an updated Google Chrome browser on your mobile device, open Options, select Desktop Site, then refresh the page.
  • Alternatively, you can switch to watching the video on a computer.

4. Clear Corrupted Cache Data

When you use an app for a long time, there’s a possibility that the cache can get corrupted, and this can lead to an error. Issues with corrupted cache also happen when you’re using a web browser; here’s how to fix it:

  • On an Android device, open Settings >> Apps >> YouTube >> Clear Cache.
  • If you use an iPhone, open Settings >> General >> Storage & iCloud Usage >> Manage Storage >> YouTube >> Offload App.
  • On the Google Chrome browser, open Settings >> search for cache >> change the time range to All time >> select Clear data

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5. Javascript Disabled

The programming language that runs most of the world wide web is Javascript, which is the language that YouTube depends on for a smooth user experience.

If Javascript is disabled on your browser, it could lead to the error that says This video is unavailable on this device. To enable Javascript on Google Chrome, do the following: 

  • Click the three tiny dots at the top-right corner of Chrome and select Settings.
  • Select Security and Privacy >> Site Settings >> Javascript >> select Sites can use Javascript.
  • If you find that YouTube doesn’t have access to Javascript in the Customized behaviors section, remove it from the list.

6. Outdated GPU Drivers

If you have the error, This video is unavailable on this device, it might be an issue with an outdated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Whenever the GPU on your device is outdated, it affects the performance of applications on your system that involve graphics like gaming and playing videos. To update the GPU on your device, do the following:

  • Open the Start menu and search for Device Manager; open the program.
  • Open the Display adapters dropdown, right-click the device(s) you see, and select Update Driver Software. Windows would automatically check online for an update to your GPU, download, and install it.
  • Restart your PC after installing the new driver.

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