5 Troubleshooting Tips for Roku TV Loading Screen Freeze

You are here because your TCL Roku TV is stuck on the loading screen. Learn how to fix this annoying TV issue with the simple and straightforward solutions presented below. It is best to start with the simplest and most direct approach to solving the problem in such a situation.

Roku TV Loading Screen

How to Fix Roku TV Stuck on Loading Screen

Try the solutions below if you are experiencing Roku TV stuck on the Loading Screen:

1. Restart Your Internet Connection

Your Roku TV may be stuck on the loading screen because of a slow or no internet connection. The TV will not load and move to the home page without an internet connection.

Check your internet connection to see if all the connection lights on the WiFi router are on. And if the lights are not on, restart the router by putting it off and on. Then, the router will regain its internet connection, and your Roku TV will load and show pictures.

You may check your internet connection with other devices. However, restarting the router to rectify it is the solution to ensure that it is not from the ISP.

If restarting the router does not solve this problem, try wireless connections to fix the TV stuck on the loading screen

2. Reconnecting Cables and Input on Your Roku TV

A loose cable connection or input will affect the loading of your Roku TV. In most cases, we may be unable to trace the lost connections or input. In this case, you should remove all inputs after switching off the power.

Put back all inputs, cable and connection and restart your Roku TV. This action will rectify any form of loose or wrong connections. Removing all the cables connecting to the Roku TV and putting them back on is advisable because it will be faster than tracing the loose connections.

3. Removing and Replacing Corrupted SD Card

For those that use an SD card on their Roku TV, it may prevent the screen from loading. Additionally, if the card is corrupt or inserted wrongly, it may prevent the screen from loading.

A simple solution to this is to remove the SD card. You can do this by switching off the TV and removing the card. If it turns on after removing the card, you have found your problem.

You can reinsert a new SD card or format the previous one if they are corrupted.

4. Soft Resetting Your Roku TV

If the problem persists, you may have to take more drastic action, like resetting your TV. First, however, you should consider soft resetting to retain your data.

You can soft reset your Roku TV using your remote through the steps below:

  • First, press the home button five times.
  • Followed by the up button once.
  • Then the rewind button twice.
  • And finally, the fast forward button two times.

Another option is from the home button on your screen. Go to settings from the menu, and navigate power, and you should click on the restart button.

These processes will save your data, such as passwords, login details, applications, installed apps and other settings.

5. Hard Resetting Your Roku TV

The hard reset should be the last option if the above solutions do not work. Note that you will lose your data, such as login details, password, applications, settings and other information. It will restart your Tv in its factory setting state, which will fix most issues you have on your smart TV.

Hard resetting your device is not as complicated as people think. You do not require a technician but locate the rest pin or button at the back of your Roku TV device.

Hard Reset Your Roku TV with the steps below :

  • First, locate your reset button or pin.
  • If it is a button, press and hold for thirty seconds. While if you have a reset pin, insert a pin or sharp object through the hole and hold for 30 seconds.
  • You will notice the LED light blinking rapidly. This is a normal process as the hard reset process takes place.
  • Your Roku TV will restart automatically, and your TV should work properly now.