How To Turn Off Audio Descriptions on HBO Max

Around March 2021, HBO Max launched another accessibility feature called Audio Descriptions. It’s mainly for blind or visually impaired people as it helps them “watch” a movie by describing what’s happening on-screen.

There’s an option to turn it off to not disturb others. However, there have been many complaints stating that the setting doesn’t work and the audio description won’t go off.

How To Turn Off Audio Description On HBO Max

Despite not being sure of why the audio description won’t turn off, there are a couple of tips and tricks to solving the issue on your phone, PC, or TV:

  • Experimental Fixes
  • Update the app
  • Reinstall the app
  • Turn off the TV
  • Sign out and sign back in
  • Contact HBO

Experimental Fixes

Let’s start with some experimental fixes recommended by various users

  1. If you’re watching Raised by Wolves or Lovecraft Country or any other content and the audio description suddenly comes up in Episode 6, you have to change your TVs audio track to Korean and it will stop. This is caused by a bug that causes audio description to come on when a shows switches from English to a foreign langauge. OR
  2. Hit * on your remote control. Under the audio track there are two English versions. One has * mark on it. Select the English option without * and see if it works.

If that didn’t work try this:

  1. Click on “Caption Settings.” Under “Audio” – “English – Original” should be highlighted. Click “English-Audio Descriptive” (which is what is actually playing). Then click back on “English-Original.”

Other recommended fixes:

1. Update The App

It’s not uncommon for apps to have bugs or not work properly from time to time, and it occurs even more when you use the outdated version of it. So, just like you would for any other app, update the HBO Max application and check to see whether the audio description has finally turned off.

If it has, it’s best to keep track of every single app update to prevent it from again if it hasn’t, try out the next option.

2. Reinstall The App

If updating doesn’t work out, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. We’re pretty sure you must have tried this at some point in life. Well, you might want to try it again because it could be the solution to turning off audio descriptions on HBO for good. Or at least until you want it on again.

With a good internet or Wi-Fi connection, the process will be a lot faster. Once you’ve reinstalled it, sign in and try again.

3. Turn Off The TV

This step is for those of you who are streaming on TV; perhaps your TV is the faulty one. Like reinstalling the app, all you have to do is switch off your TV. Unplug it from its power supply and wait for about two minutes before plugging it back in. Turn it back on and turn off the audio descriptions.

4. Sign Out And Sign Back In

Again, make sure you have an excellent or fairly decent internet/Wi-Fi connection, then sign out and back in. This should solve the issue then.

5. Contact HBO Max

If none of the listed steps above work for you, the next best solution is to send a message to HBO Max directly. They’re the only ones who can accurately help you out, and you can do this by making a complaint in the app review section on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

You can also try to contact them through the mail on their website. To make things faster, your message should contain a full explanation of the fault along with your TV model number (if you’re streaming on TV), OS version (for TVs, phones, and laptops), and the HBO Max version number. If you use a Roku TV, you may be interested in fixing HBO Max not working on Roku.

Hopefully, these steps work for you so that you get to keep streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

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