How to Turn Off Closed Captioning on Netflix

Closed captioning and subtitles are features that make Netflix quite popular among streaming service providers. When you stream video content on Netflix, the closed caption helps you follow the dialogue in the video.

This feature is most helpful for retention purposes as you may miss out on the dialogue. With a closed captioning or subtitle, you will understand the dialogue in every scene displayed on the screen. 

This feature doesn’t just interpret the dialogue audio; it also interprets the sound and mood of the characters in the movie or TV show you are streaming on Netflix.

Unfortunately, as great as this feature is, not every Netflix user fancies it. Some users have complained of its invasive approach. It sometimes covers up some part of the screen, affecting visual display.

It makes it difficult sometimes to see pictures correctly. If you are one of the Netflix users that don’t fancy the use of closed captioning or subtitles when streaming, you may want to know how you can turn this feature off. 

When Should I Turn Off The Closed Captioning Feature on Netflix

The closed captioning feature just like the audio description on Netflix is included for the sole aim of giving you the best experience when seeing your favourite movie or TV show.

It ensures that you don’t miss out on any detail from every scene in the movie. While the closed captioning interprets sound and mood in every scene, the subtitles translate dialogue into another language for the viewer’s understanding. 

Interestingly, Netflix has designed this feature with an option for users to enable or disable it. To save you the stress of trying, we will explain how you can turn it off when you find it annoying.

Regardless of the device you for streaming, you can enable or disable the closed captioning and subtitle feature on Netflix. This blog will explain how you can turn on the feature and turn it off if you are using a PC, web, or App. 

How To Turn off Closed Netflix Captioning on Android and iOS Device

You can turn off the closed captioning feature on your Netflix app using your Android device following these steps:

Step One

Launch the Netflix app on your device, search for a movie or show you want to turn off the closed captioning feature.

Play the movie or TV show. When the content starts playing, click on the Audio & subtitle option, it is always located at the bottom of the screen. 

Step Two

Once you click on the Audio and Subtitles option, scroll to the subtitles section, click Off to disable the closed captioning feature for the current show or movie you are seeing. 

Step Three

After this, click on the apply icon to effect these changes. 

Note: You don’t need to pause the video first, as the system will automatically pause it when you start another activity on the App while streaming. 

How To Turn Closed Captioning/Subtitles On Smart TV

When using the Netflix streaming service provider on your smart TV, the process to turn off the closed captioning/subtitles is quite similar to that of the web. Follow this process to turn it off.

Step One

Open the Netflix app on your smart TV. Search for a movie or TV show and click on play.

Step Two

Click on the Audio and Subtitles icon on the screen. From there, you can switch it on or off. Once you are done, click on back to return to the movie or TV show you are streaming.

How To Turn Closed Captioning/Subtitles Off on Netflix Windows and web

While it is equally easy to use Netflix on windows as much as it is using the App, it adopts a slightly different method to turn off the closed caption feature. Follow these simple steps to turn off this feature on your windows device. 

Step One

Open the Netflix portal, search for the movie or TV show you want to remove the closed captioning feature, and play the video. When playing, click on pause because the video will not pause automatically, unlike the mobile App. 

Step Two

Once you pause the video, tap the conversation icon at the top right corner of the screen. Click on Off on the subtitles section to disable this feature. 


The closed captioning feature on Netflix is a great deal, especially if you are a movie enthusiast that likes details. With closed captioning, you will not miss out on any details on your favourite shows or movie. 

However, if you find this feature not too pleasant, you can turn it off. You can use any of the methods explained above, depending on the type of device you use. Conclusively, if you want the closed captioning enabled again, you can repeat the same process to enable it again. 

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