Quickly Turn Off Narrators on Your TV: 5 Simple Methods

I only started to experience the narrator’s voice interrupting my TV viewing experience after I switched to the newer smart TVs and few things irk me as much. A Smart TV can be a fantastic source of entertainment, but the narrator feature can be a nuisance. Don’t let it ruin your TV time any longer.

If you are experiencing this problem, don’t worry as I’ve tested multiple methods to turn the narrator’s voice off on most smart TVs. After reading this article, you will learn how to turn off the narrator on your TV too.

Important Note: Audio descriptions might be turned off on your TV but not on your streaming app! If you hear the narrator only when you stream on an app, let’s say Apple TV, then you have to turn the narrator off on Apple TV.

How to turn off the Narrator on Apple TV?

You first need to find out what generation your Apple TV is and then follow the steps.

Turn off the Narrator on Apple TV (3rd Generation)

  • Turn on your TV and find the Apple TV remote.
  • Select the “Menu” button on the remote and press it until you hear ‘stop.’.
  • Then, press the “Down” button once.
  • Afterwards, press the “Right” button over and over until you hear the loud ” Stop ” sound again.
  • Then press the “Select” button twice.
  • Then again, press the “Down” button until you hear the “Stop” sound.
  • Count and press the “Up button” four times.
  • To finish, press the “Select” button twice.  

Turn off the Narrator on Apple HD TV

Apple 4th Generation TV has three options to turn off the Narrator’s voice with a remote.


Hold your Apple 4th generation TV remote and press the SIRI button. Instruct her to “Turn Voiceover off,” and that’s it.

Menu Button:

Hold the remote and push the “Menu” button three times.


  • Go to settings.
  • Then Accessibility.
  • Accessibility > to VoiceOver.
  • Turn it off.

How to Turn Off Narrator on Amazon Prime

To turn off the narrator on Prime, you must do it while watching the movie or episode.

  1. While watching a video on Prime, hover your remote at the bottom or swipe down for a menu if you’re using a touch screen device, a speech bubble should come up and expand.
  2. Highlight and click on “Audio & Languages”, move down to Language options, highlight “English (U.S)” without the AD tag, and select; that should turn it off.
  3. If your settings were already set to “English (US)”, try setting them to “English (UK)” or any other English option without the AD tag.

How to Turn Off Narrator on HBO Max

The narrator function on HBO max can come up for a number of reasons. Asides from users having their audio description turned on, the app also seems to have a bug that causes the narrator to come on when they watch movies in foreign languages.

Here are some ways to fix the narrator on HBO Max

  1. Update you HBO Max device. Yes, updating your device could be all you need to fix the problem. If this doesn’t work try the next solution.

2. While watching a show or movie, click on “Caption Settings.” On the “Audio” option ensure that “English – Original” is highlighted. Next, click on “English-Audio Descriptive”. Then click again on “English-Original.” Next click X to close. 

How to Turn Off Narrator on Xfinity

The easiest way to turn off the audio description on your Xfinity is by using the voice control function on your remote control if you have it.

While watching a video, press and hold the voice control button on your Xfinity Voice Remote and say “audio description” to turn the audio description off.

Turn Off Xfinity Audio Description Using the Transport Bar

  1. Press the down arrow on your Xfinity remote while watching full-screen video.
  1. The transport bar will pop up on the lower third of your TV screen.
  2. Press the left arrow twice to go to the audio description option.
  1. Press OK to turn the audio description on or off.

Turn Xfinity Audio Description Off From the Accessibility Settings Menu

  1. Grab your remote and press the xfinity button. The X1 main menu will come up.
  2. Using the xfinity button or the up/down arrow buttons, go to the Settings menu.
  3. Press the OK button to enter the menu.
  4. Once in the Settings menu, use the arrow buttons to navigate to the Accessibility Settings. Press OK to select it.
  5. From Accessibility Settings, use the arrow buttons to go to Audio Description. Press OK to turn audio description Off.
  6. Simply press Exit to return to viewing your program.

How to turn off the Narrator on a Samsung TV?

  • Open your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Go to Settings.
  • After that, you’ll see many options on the screen, select “Smart Feature.”
  • Then search for the “Voice recognition” option in the Smart feature Menu.
  • After finding “Voice Recognition,” select it and Go to the “voice recognition setting.”
  • The last step is to turn it off.

If you want to turn it on, follow the same procedure to turn on the “Voice Recognition Setting.”

How to turn off the Narrator on Sony TV?

Some Sony TVs are equipped with the Accessibility feature while others are not. If you are hearing a narrator on your Sony TV, an accessibility function has been turned on.

  • Turn on your Sony Smart TV, Go to settings.
  • Click on the Accessibility option.
  • Open the Accessibility menu, then>Services.
  • In the Services Menu, you would see two options, “Talkback” and “Screen Reader.”
  • Turn off both options by unselecting them.
  • Then again, go back to the Accessibility menu.
  • Find the Accessibility Shortcut and turn it off.

Do the same procedure again if you want to turn it on (turn on the Talkback, Screen Reader, and Accessibility shortcut setting).

How to turn off the Narrator on LG TV?                       

  • Turn on your LG TV.
  • To deactivate the voice narrator goes to the Settings.
  • Select General > then Accessibility.
  • Then Accessibility > to Audio Description.
  • Turn off the Audio Description.

To turn on the Narrator on LG TV, enable the (Audio Description).

How to turn off the Narrator on ROKU TV?

Wondering why your Roku is talking to you? It’s probably because you have the narrator on. Follow these steps to turn it off:

  • Turn on your ROKU Smart TV using your Roku remote.
  • Find and select the Settings Menu.
  • Then go to the Accessibility option.
  • Select Audio Guide in Accessibility Menu.
  • Turn off Audio Guide and enjoy using ROKU TV without any voice.  

Follow the same process to turn on the narrator on ROKU TV (but turn on the Audio Guide setting).

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  1. THANKYOU!!! Finally I have worked out how to turn off the audio description on my Samsung TV. That was driving me insane as it kept coming back on! Just saved me from throwing my TV off the deck.

      • NBC turn off the fn hearing impsred feature! I’ll never watch NBC again!!! I’ve tried everything to turn it if but it keeps coming back on! Missing the season finale of Ned Fire and PD!!!! Ggggrrrrrr! Wont be back next season.

      • Audio descriptions might be turned off on your TV but not on your streaming app. If you hear the narrator only when you stream on an app, you have to turn off the audio description on the app. We’ve added an option for Prime. Let me know if this helps.

  2. Comcast Xfinity, wth,,, suddenly I’m being explained that” a woman behind the tree puts on her scarf”,,huh?
    Please shut this person up, thank you very much!

    • Sorry to hear about your ordeal. We’ve added some options on how to turn off the audio description on your Xfinity. Let us know if this helps!

  3. What is the way to have the narrating taken off the xfinity programs fast before I throw the dang tv and clicker out the window. I was told you can take it off from your location,,, I knew I showed have gone with DISH

    • Sorry to hear about your ordeal. We’ve added some options on how to turn off the audio description on your Xfinity. Let us know if this helps!

  4. I have a Sony TV. You say go to Settings and then to Accessibility. But this option “Accessibility” is NOT available in Settings!!!!!!!

  5. Please can you help. My friend has the same problem but he’s not sure if it is caused by the Sony TV or by Apple TV. Tried everything including your suggestions, but nothing seems to work. He gets the annoying voice when he changes the volume. The voice says the volume number, Music Accessibility 65% etc.

    Here is the Sony TV screenshot. The voice seems to be off, according to the photo…..

    /Volumes/HDD/Documents Correct File/Work/Wishingbrook France/2021-12-21 11.03.34.pdf

  6. Followed your instructions how to turn off the narrative on an LG TV did not work The audio guidance has already been off but we still hear the voice going how do we get that ignoring voice not to talk during Hallmark shows

    • While watching a show or movie, click on “Caption Settings.” On the “Audio” option ensure that “English – Original” is highlighted. Next, click on “English-Audio Descriptive”. Then click again on “English-Original.” Next click X to close. 

      If the problem continues, try updating your HBO Max app. Let us know if this helped!

  7. This article seems to confuse narration settings and audio descriptions. These are two different things. The screen reader or narrator reads out all the menu options. The audio descriptions setting provides an additional audio track for the show that is being played which can describe the content in the scenes. There are separate settings to turn on and off each of these accessibility features.

  8. I did not see the answer for my 8-10 year old Panasonic. Not an option in CC menu for narrator. Finally figured out it’s the SAP button that turns it off.

  9. Go through each documented detail for what TV you have or which streaming service and follow as directed. So like mine
    is Prime Fire Stick. I went to Options and chose Audio. I switched from English to English UK version and the narration was off!

    The instructions were very perfect for each situation and it worked precisely as indicated for my Fire Stick!
    I really appreciate this! Thank you,,, Deb

  10. CBS Video Description: On Youtube TV, how do I turn it off. When switched to over the air antenna, I don’t have it. Don’t get this on any other channel that I am aware of. Your assistance is appreciated.

  11. My Samsung Qled has an audio description on most channels even though my “audio description function not available”. How do I get the most annoying voice to stop reading the narratives?

  12. I was never even aware of Descriptive Audio until a few days ago when NBC started embedding it in all their evening programs. Our provider is You Tube TV and they have been unable to help. I’ve reached out to NBC and they have not offered any help (have not even responded). I did find info on how to turn it off for Prime Video (of course, it was automatically turned OFF in the settings, which is why I didn’t even realize until I looked for it) but it did not solve the problem with NBC programs. After reading your article above, I thought to go to my TV settings. Alas, it was naturally turned off in my settings. But just for kicks, I was able to turn it on, then adjust the volume and tone (which I set to LOW), then played back one of my NBC recordings — it did not affect it at all; so I just turned it back to OFF. So far, NOTHING IS WORKING.
    It is a wonderful benefit to those with visual disabilities. But are the other 95% of us doomed to hear an extra voice in our heads on NBC shows, or will we just have to quit watching NBC?

    • Same. I have tried every single setting for my LG Smart TV and YouTube TV. I can’t get the annoying voice narration for this show (This is Us) to stop. I switched over to CBS and no narration.

    • It’s making me so mad. We paid to watch tv, so let us watch it without a more human version of Alexa telling us what’s happening!!

  13. Hi none of these worked to turn off narrater on a Kogan tv
    It’s on with everything , not just one app
    Please help

  14. I am having the same issue, Descriptive Audio (or scene narration) on NBC shows only. Ive read numerous posts and tried them with no results. I’ve contacted Youtubetv chat and they don’t have a solution, said they will have to escalate to engineering. They also said this was the 3rd complaint for same issue in one day. On the recorded replay, it is on the local channel version but not the network version. I’ve come to the conclusion that NBC put this on the broadcast and Youtubetv doesn’t have a way to turn it off.

    • I have spent hours trying everything on my shield and Mitv before I found the answer for me. It was under Device Preferences, Accessibility, but I found APKPure Auto Install was turned on. I turned it off and now all is working as before.

  15. I am using a Dell laptop streaming Peaqcock and there is no clear direction to turn off audio description, so annoying with no easy way to turn it off or uninstall it. I hate it. Help/Support focues on Apple.

  16. I have an rca tv, yes I know it’s old but ive had it for five years, I can’t turn off the descriptive voice ,it’s driving me crazy, please help


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