How to Turn on LG TV without a Remote

With the LG TV remote, you can turn the TV on or off, change the channels, adjust the volume, switch the input source, and perform other functions. However, you might find yourself in a position where you have to turn on your LG TV without the remote control. Let’s say the remote was lost or got damaged.

Irrespective of the reason, there is a solution to operating your LG TV without a remote. Read on to discover how to turn on and run your LG TV without a remote.

Easy Methods to Turn ON an LG TV Without Remote

Turn ON an LG TV Without Remote

There are several ways to turn on your LG TV without using the remote. You can use the power button on the TV set, LG ThinQ App, or a mouse. Keep reading to discover the different ways to turn on your LG TV.

Power Button

LG TV power button

The power buttons on the TV panel are an option to operate the TV. Using the button on the TV is the quickest and easiest option. The majority of the company’s TVs come with a power button. You can find the button in the device’s bottom-center position, directly below the LG logo. In other models, the buttons could be on the bottom right. 

To turn on your LG TV, hold down the power button. Your TV may have buttons for adjusting the volume, switching channels, navigating the menu, and switching the input source for the TV display.

Nevertheless, you can only use the power button to turn the TV on and off. Some models do not allow you to control additional features with the Power button, but some do let you do so.

LG ThinQ App

The LG ThinQ app, available for mobile devices running iOS or Android, is a solution for managing the LG smart appliances. This app provides a system that allows you to operate all of your LG smart devices. With the LG ThinQ app, the following are some of the functions that you can perform on your TV:

  • Switch channels on the television.
  • Adjust volume. 
  • Change the input source.
  • Adjust the brightness on your LG TV.
  • Turn off subtitles. 
  • Navigate the settings menu, among other features.

To turn your LG TV on or off, you will need to sync the app with your TV. Adhere to the instructions below to establish a connection between the and your TV: 

Step 1

Turn on your LG TV. Ensure that your TV and the LG TV have the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2

Launch the app. 

Step 3

Navigate to the top of the screen and tap the + sign.

Step 4

Read all the information presented on the screen before clicking the OK button.

Step 5

Navigate to the TV under the Home Appliances section.

Step 6

The app will look for other devices in the area. Choose your LG TV.

Step 7

A verification code should appear on the screen of your TV. Enter the code into your TV, then press the OK button.

Step 8

Choose the LINK option to link your email address or the SKIP option otherwise.

Step 9

Click the MOVE TO HOME button.

Step 10

Now, press the power button provided in the app to switch your TV on or off

You will not need a remote to operate your LG TV when you use the LG ThinQ app because it has simple control buttons. You can also set up your LG television to connect to a new Wi-Fi network by using the LG ThinQ app. The possibility exists that more older models of LG Smart TVs will not be compatible with this approach.

LG TV Plus App

Accessing the settings of Your LG TV without using the remote is also possible with the LG TV plus app. You will have to download the app onto your mobile device to access your LG TV settings without using a remote.

It is downloadable for use on mobile devices operating Android and iOS. After installing the application, proceed with the instructions below to access the settings of your LG TV:

  • Launch the app on your device, then check to see that it has the same Wi-Fi network as the TV.
  • Pair the devices when the app detects the TV.
  • Enter the PIN displayed on the TV screen.
  • On the app, press the button labelled “Smart Home.”
  • The TV menu will pop out. Select settings from the list and perform any function you wish.


You can operate your LG TV with the help of a wireless mouse. If you happen to have a mouse handy, here is how to turn on your TV:

  • Connect the mouse’s sensor to the USB port on the TV. The port is usually at the back of the TV, close to the HDMI ports.
  • To turn the television on using your mouse, press the button at the rear or bottom of the device.

What to Do If LG TV Doesn’t Turn On

Due to some reasons, your LG TV might not respond if you try turning on the TV set. If you experience this, try the tips below to fix this issue:

Examine the Connections

You need to make sure that there is a proper connection between devices. It requires checking not only the cables behind the TV but also everything else that has a connection with the TV. When you are checking the cables, ensure to look out for the spoilt cables. You are responsible for repairing any visible or exposed wires when you notice any.

LG TV connections

Also, look out for any unplugged cables. Anything could have dislodged the wires. Ensure that you firmly insert the cable connections into the socket. After ensuring that the wires are plugged in correctly, you should conduct an electrical test on the main outlet.

Disconnect your TV’s connection and test it with another electrical device. By doing so, you will be confident that there is no issue with the main power outlet.

Unplug the TV

Removing the plug on your television and then re-plugging it will give it the jolt of electricity it needs to snap out of its slumber and function normally again. On the back panel of some LG televisions is a port that allows the power cord to be removed. Try the following steps on your LG TV if it supports it:

  • Remove the power cord and leave it out of its socket for about ten seconds.
  • Replace the power cord in the TV.
  • Using the power button, see if you can get the TV to turn on.

Examine the Remote’s Infrared Sensor

LG TV remote

The upper section contains the infrared (IR) sensor, the component in charge of transmitting signals from the remote control to the television. The LG TV will not turn on if the smart TV’s power indicator is blinking, yet it is not turning on even when you press the power button on the remote.

The television won’t be able to read the signals if dust or other particles prevent the infrared sensor from functioning correctly. If you see this, it indicates that the TV cannot receive signals from the smart TV. In this case, you will have to wipe the upper part of the TV remote. To properly clean the remote, you should use a microfiber cloth.

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