4 Ways to Power On a Samsung TV Without a Remote

Samsung smart televisions, like every other smart tv, are designed with high technological features to allow curious users to have the best experience.

With a Samsung smart TV comes many possibilities. If you own one, you’d agree with us that this brand makes top-notch TVs. Little wonder their TVs (and other gadgets) are mostly priced on the high side.

That being said, if you lose your Samsung TV remote, you won’t be able to access all the benefits your Samsung TV has to offer. You’d be left with a blank screen.

But of course, there are different solutions or ways to control your TV or turn it back on if your remote gets missing. We have identified four ways to do this in this article, and they are in no particular order. Try the easiest method for you and get back to enjoying your Samsung TV.

Let’s get started!

Ways to Turn on Your Samsung TV Without a Remote

1. Use the Samsung TV Controller

Samsung TVs come with a TV controller and is helpful if the remote is lost or the batteries need to be replaced. The TV controller is a group of buttons that allows you to turn on/off the television, adjust the volume, and toggle between inputs. 

The Menu, Settings, and Smart Hub functionalities are also available on most models. However, because the location of the TV controller varies by model, it can be difficult to locate. 

Usually, the TV controller is located behind the TV or bottom right side of the TV. You will have to briefly wear a detective hat to find it at either of these locations. No worries, it won’t be an ultimate search.

Once you’ve found the TV controller, you can now turn on your Samsung TV. It has a control stick that allows you to toggle vertically or horizontally. When the stick is pressed, the control menu shows on the TV screen. Turn the TV on with a long press on the stick.

TV stick on the back of Samsung smart TV

2. Use the SmartThings App

Another alternative is to download the Samsung SmartThings app on your smartphone or tablet if you don’t want to use the TV controller. Samsung Smart TV owners can use the SmartThings app as a remote control.

But for this app to work, you should have already configured it with the TV remote. So, if you didn’t do this before misplacing your remote, this method will not work for you. You can try the first method or skip to the next one. If you pre-configure the app with your remote, use the following steps to turn your TV back on.

  • Open your Android or iOS app store and search for the SmartThings app. Or download here for Android, and for iOS click here.
  • Install and launch the app, then click on the plus icon on the screen.
  • The app will show you a few options; choose the “add device” option to see what devices are available for pairing.
  • You should see your TV among other connectable devices; click on the TV icon.
  • Give the selected TV a name and choose a location (home, work,…)
  • The app will display a code on your TV; enter the same on the app.
  • The pairing is now complete, and you should see functions to control your TV, including turning it on/off.

3. Use Chromecast

Through a technology known as CEC or Consumer Electronics Control, a Chromecast can turn on your TV on its own. Enabling this option on your TV lets you control it using a variety of HDMI devices.

Your Xbox, PlayStation, or Blu-ray player, for example, can control the power of your television, and Chromecast can turn it on and change input sources.

Also, because CEC isn’t always represented with the same initials on all brands, you may find it difficult to locate it. No worries, the CEC trade name on Samsung is Anynet+.

The majority of new HD televisions feature HDMI-CEC. Older models, on the other hand, may not have the feature. Setup is simple if your television’s settings include any mention of Anynet+.


  • Locate the CEC option in the settings menu on your television.
  • Enable the option and connect Chromecast to an available HDMI port.
  • Select a video or music to stream from your phone when the TV is turned off.
  • Select the Chromecast linked to your television by tapping the Cast button.
  • Your television should turn on and switch to the Chromecast’s input source automatically.

What might differ is how the Chromecast is powered. Although most televisions include at least one USB port on the back, they occasionally cycle power with the TV.

When the television is turned off, some USB ports lose power. When the TV is turned off, watch for the status light on Chromecast to see if this is the case. If the status light is off, you’ll need to use an AC adapter to keep the Chromecast powered while it’s not connected to the TV.

HDMI-CEC is enabled by default on the Chromecast, so you won’t have to reach for the remote the next time you want to watch something on your TV.

4. Use a Universal Remote

You can also turn on your TV with a Universal Remote.

To get started, make sure to

  • Replace the batteries in the Universal Remote Control.
  • Point the Universal Remote at the TV you want to control. If this “link” is broken, the programming process will have to be restarted.
  • Enter the Samsung code while holding down the device button on the remote. Start with the first code if your TV has more than one. The power button on the remote will turn off as you enter the code.
  • Continue to hold down the device button after inputting a code. You’ve input the correct code if the power button on the remote lights up and stays lit.
  • The code you entered is incorrect if the power button blinks many times. If you fail the first time, repeat the code entry process for each code until one of them works.
  • Check to determine if the universal remote controls the basic features of your device after programming. You should be able to switch your TV on and off and alter the volume, channel, and source input.

Auto Code Search

If you don’t know the actual code for the brand or type of device you want to control, you can try Auto Code Search. The Universal Remote will go through the whole list of codes in its database, testing multiple codes at once.

Here’s an illustration of what to expect:

  • Turn on your television or another device that you want to control.
  • On your remote, press and hold the DEVICE button that corresponds to the TV. 
  • Press the Device Button and the POWER button simultaneously once more. The power button will turn off and on.
  • Release both buttons at the same time.
  • Wait a few seconds after pressing and releasing the PLAY button on the remote to see if the device you’re trying to control turns off. If this is the case, the remote has discovered the proper code.
  • If your device is still on, press the play button again and follow the on-screen instructions to wait and switch it off. Carry on like this until your gadget shuts off. Then, after a few seconds, press and release the REVERSE button on your remote until your device turns back on. The remote has successfully searched for the correct code when it eventually does.
  • To save the code, press the STOP button.
  • Check a few of the remote’s functionalities to determine if they work with your device.

When you successfully connect the universal remote to your TV, you can now use it as an alternative whenever your Samsung remote goes AWOL or gets damaged.

NOTE: Your universal remote manual might include a list of TV codes for popular manufacturers and models. If you have access to this list, try the codes provided for Samsung TVs. And yes, follow the same steps above.

How to Control Your Samsung TV Without a Remote

Now that you have successfully turned on your television, what’s next? You can gain control of your television without a remote using the following methods:

1. Use a USB Keyboard

The good news is, most Samsung television support the use of USB keyboards. This can be used to perform any task or enjoy any feature on the television.

If you have an external USB keyboard, you can use it to control your Samsung television with your operational remote.

Just connect the USB cable to the port on your television for the keyboard and television to connect.

USB port on back of Samsung smart TV

2. Wireless Keyboard

If you want a controller that’s quite similar to your television remote, use a wireless keyboard. The wireless keyboard works with a Bluetooth dongle. You can connect with your Samsung television without any serious settings or configuration.

You just need to plug the dongle into the USB port on your television to connect the two devices. Once a connection has been established between the duo, you can use the keyboard to access any feature on the television without stress.

3. Samsung Smart Things or Third-party Apps

Smart Things is the most popular way to control your Samsung smart TV without a remote. The Samsung Smart Things app allows you to control your Samsung television with your smartphone.

One downside of this is that you must have used the Smart Things app before on your devices; else, you might not be able to access your television with your smartphone.

While this may appear to be a setback, worry not. You can use the external keyboard to establish a connection between the television and the smartphone. If you want to learn how to use the Smart Things app, Read This.

Once you have connected your smartphone and Samsung television, the rest is familiar history.

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung TV Remote

How long do Samsung TV remotes last?

Samsung TV remotes last for as long as the batteries stay fresh. Under normal conditions, replacement is necessary once a year as a result of battery wear.

Why does my remote battery drain so fast?

Some users have experienced their remotes go through batteries fast. This can be due to a faulty battery, and it’s usually best to replace it.

Where can I find my TV’s remote code?

You can find one that works for you here or use the auto code search described above. Alternatively, if your universal remote features a list of codes on its manual, that’s probably the easiest way to locate your TV’s code.

What can I do if I lose my Samsung TV remote?

You can purchase a replacement from the manufacturer or use your universal remote or SmartThings app until you either get a new official remote or get used to the universal one.

What is the best universal TV remote?

Any universal remote will do the job of turning on your TV. But if you prefer your remote to match your TV, a TV remote that works with all Samsung TVs is a good buy.