How to Turn on a Samsung Television Without a Remote

Samsung smart televisions, like every other smart tvs, are designed with high technological features to allow curious users to have the best experience.

This television comes in different sizes, shapes, different functionalities, and features. Regardless of this, Samsung television remains one of the television you will find around.

Samsung television comes with a remote. The remote puts users in charge. With this, you can control the tv, tell it what to do while you enjoy all its features and functionalities.

So what happens when you lost your television remote? or you never thought you could misplace the television remote? There are instances when you will have to turn on the television without a remote.

Sometimes the remote could be faulty, or its battery is down. When any of these happens, you would want to know how you can operate your Samsung television without a remote.

If this is a thing of concern for you, fret not. We have reviewed some of the best ways you can still operate your Samsung television without a remote.

How To Turn On Samsung TV Without Remote

1. Use the TV Power Button

Like most television, Samsung television allows users to turn it on without a remote. You might not know this because you don’t have a reason to be curious as you have your remote. However, when you no longer have the remote, you become interested to know you can turn it on without a remote.

The television is built with a power button on it. This button is sometimes called Control Stick or Jog Controller. The Control Stick or Jog Controller can be found in different places on the television, depending on the television model.

It can be found on the back, front, center, or side of the television. With this button, you can turn on the television and access some other features without stress. To turn on the tv using this button, follow these simple steps:

Step One:

Locate the control stick on your television. Find a small red light on your television when it is turn on. That’s where the control stick is located.
If you can’t find it, get your television manual to find it.

Step Two:

Once you locate the button, a long press will turn on the Samsung television without the remote.

Note: You can use the control stick to navigate the television to select some functions on it. However, this is a native method, and it is a bit restricted. There is little to what you can do with it.

Now that you have successfully turned on your television, what next? You can gain control your television without a remote using the following methods:

  • USB Keyboard
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Samsung Smart Things App
  • Universal Remote

2. Use USB Keyboard

The good news is, most Samsung television supports the use of a USB keyboard. This can be used to perform any task or enjoy any feature on the television.

If you have an external USB keyboard, you can use it to control your Samsung television with your operational remote.

Just connect the USB cable to the port on your television for the keyboard and television to connect.

3. Wireless Keyboard

If you want a controller that’s quite similar to your television remote, use a wireless keyboard. The wireless keyboard works with a Bluetooth dongle. You can connect with your Samsung television without any serious settings or configuration.

You just need to plug the dongle into the USB port on your television to connect the two devices. Once a connection has been established between the duo, you can use the keyboard to access any feature on the television without stress.

4. Samsung Smart Things App

Without a doubt, this is the most popular way you can control your Samsung smart TV without a remote. The Samsung Smart Things app allows you to control your Samsung television with your smartphone.

One downside of this is that you must have used the Smart Things app before on your devices; else, you might not be able to access your television with your smartphone.

While this may appear to be a setback, worry not. You can use the external keyboard to establish a connection between the television and the smartphone. If you want to learn how to use the Smart Things app, Read This.

Once you have connected your smartphone and Samsung television, the rest is familiar history.

5. Use Universal Remote

Most Samsung televisions support the use of a universal remote. You just need to confirm if your Samsung television also supports the use of a universal remote. If it does, you can simply use it to do anything on the television.

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