7 Ways To Turn On Subtitles on HBO Max

There is never a dull moment for HBO Max subscribers. Users can access hundreds of TV shows, movies, HBO Max exclusives, and more, as well as services from The Criterion Collection, CNN, Cartoon Network, and others, for as little as $10 per month.

There are numerous advantages to using subtitles when watching HBO Max movies and series. It can be used to expand your vocabulary or practice another language in addition to assisting individuals with accessibility needs.

The best part is that enabling Max subtitles on all available streaming devices is the same. Turning on subtitles on a mobile app vs. a computer appears to be nearly identical. Changing your subtitle preferences, on the other hand, will be dependent on your device.

Subtitles are extremely useful when watching TV episodes and movies for a variety of reasons. We’ll show you how to turn on subtitles on HBO Max.

How to turn on Subtitles on Major streaming Devices

There are many devices you can use to access HBO max. And no matter which device you use, it will be addressed in this article, because I’m going to explain how you can access subtitles on;

  • Amazon FireStick
  • Roku device
  • Android Phone
  • iPhone
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Smart TVs like Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Vizio, Sony

How to turn on Subtitles on HBO Max using Amazon FireStick

HBO Max was only recently added on Amazon’s FireStick. But, thankfully, it already includes complete subtitle functionality. It’s simple to enable subtitles on HBO Max.
All you have to do now is press play on the movie you want to watch.

  • On your FireStick remote, press the Menu button, which looks like three horizontal stripes.
  • After that, select Subtitles and Audio.
  • Finally, choose the language in which you want the subtitles to appear.

How to turn on Subtitles on HBO Max using Roku

Another new device to HBO Max is the Roku, which, of course, still has the option of subtitles.

Activating the subtitles for your favorite HBO Max series on Roku is similar to the procedures above for the Firestick.

  • Press the * button on the Roku remote after pressing play on the title you want to view.
  • Now, select Closed captioning and enable subtitles.
  • To return to your show, press the back button on your remote in the upper left corner.

How to turn on Subtitles on HBO max using Android or iPhone

The ability to carry your favorite shows with you is one of the best features of mobile devices. You must, of course, first, download and install the app on your mobile device. It’s smooth sailing from there on out once you’ve installed the software. 

When you’ve discovered the movie or show you want to see, press the Play button and follow these steps: 

  • During playback, tap anywhere on the screen (it doesn’t matter) and then select the CC icon that appears. 
  • This action switches the subtitles on or off in a moment. It’s important to note that they’re turned off by default.
  • When your subtitles are turned on, the CC icon in the lower left-hand corner will change from black and white to purple and black.

How to turn on Subtitles on HBO Max using PC or Mac

  • Open your favorite browser, log in to the streaming platform, and look for the content you want to watch.
  • Hover your cursor over the video while it is playing to bring up the basic menu.
  • Turn the subtitle on or off by clicking the CC icon.
  • If you wish to adjust the font size or style, you can access more subtitle settings from this section too.

How to turn on Subtitles on TVs

  • Click Select on your remote while watching a movie on HBO Max.
  • Now select Audio and Subtitles from the drop-down menus
  • Select English CC from the options for closed captioning.


Are there subtitles on HBO Max?

There is, indeed. Simply select the Audio and Subtitles option. It’s the top-right corner’s speech bubble icon. Choose the language you want in the subtitles under Subtitles. And boom! You’re good to go.

Why do captions not work on HBO Max?

On HBO Max, the captions work. Simply pause the video, use your remote to navigate to the CC icon, and turn the subtitles on or off. Now that you’ve got that out of the way, double-check that the TV’s subtitles are turned on.

Can I Change the Subtitle Language?

To be clear, the availability of HBO Max subtitles is contingent on the content’s original language. Subtitles in two or more languages are offered in some cases.

The language input should be selectable from the CC menu, and the same should be applied to the audio. English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages are commonly available.


HBO Max is still one of the most exciting streaming services today, despite its accessibility issues. It’s as simple as drinking water to use subtitles when viewing HBO Max on your device. 

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