10 Best TV Floor Stand for Your Space

Do you want to give your TV a new look? Are you just looking to replace your TV stand? A TV floor stand will be an ideal solution for your television.

Having a seamless design that harmonizes your TV screen with other media equipment, a TV floor stand is a lovely fixture you should have in your home.

Give your entertainment center a unified look with a sleek and portable TV stand. Looking for the best TV floor stand for your television? This article gives an overview of the best TV floor stands on the market.

Best TV Floor Stands

1. Easel Tripod TV Floor Stand for 45 to 65 Inch TVs

This sturdy TV stand is incredibly stable due to its tripod function. Compatible with most 45″ to 65″ flat screens, Easel Tripod TV stand gives your home an artistic look.

Enjoy watching TV from a convenient angle with a mounting bracket that allows 360-degree screen rotation.

Suitable for home theaters, apartment studios, modern offices, and trade shows, this TV floor stand can be elevated to an adjustable height so that you can enjoy watching TV from a vantage point.

The mounting bracket possesses a snap-lock design for quick assembly and an anti-tip strap for extra safety.

Backed by a 3-year warranty, this tripod stand features a wire management solution for keeping your equipment and accessories organized and neat.

Having a flexible swiveling ability, the TV mount enables you to enjoy your TV viewing experience to the fullest.


  • Portable tripod stand
  • VESA patterns
  • Cable management system

2. TechOrbits Portable TV Floor Stand for 55″ and 65″ Samsung TVs

TechOrbits Portable TV Floor Stand for 55" and 65" Samsung

Experience a perfect balance of style and strength with TechOrbits portable TV floor stand.

Whether you want to move your sophisticated TV from the living room to the bedroom, patio, or near the fireplace on cold winter nights, the Samsung TV floor stand is quite versatile and can be moved anywhere.

Built with heavy-duty steel, aluminum, and smooth, fine-grained beech, this model is the perfect stand to display your flat-screen TV.

For an immersive viewing experience, move the TV stand to any spot in a room, or relocate it to any area indoors or outdoors.

If you want to leave the tripod stand in a spot, just attach the security wires from the back of the TV to two metal pieces.

Organize your TV cables and wires by running them along the hind leg of the tripod mount to keep them hidden.

For a clean and nifty appearance, have them clipped. Add an elegant, artistic flair to your living space with this minimalist design.


  • Non-slip furniture pads
  • Tripod mount
  • Load-bearing capacity of 66lbs

3. VIVO TV Floor Stand for 13 to 42 inch TVs

Suitable for flat-screen TVs from 13” to 42”, this sturdy TV stand can support weight up to 44lbs.

Supporting VESA patterns 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, and 200x200mm, the TV floor stand features a mounting bracket with a 30-degree tilt for desirable viewing angles.

Assembly is quite simple with the necessary tools and hardware. The 1.5” thick center pole has 12 height adjustment options for ideal viewing positions.

Equipped with adjustable feet for stability, this sleek steel design blends with any environment and harmonised flat screen with its sharp angles and black matte finish.

Its portable frame makes for easy transport thus it seems perfect for home, office, classroom, or trade show use.

When thoughtfulness combines with creativity, an ergonomic design is created. The sturdy model is backed by a 3-year warranty so you’re covered!


  • Stable base
  • Portable frame
  • Maximum center screen height of 49”

4. TAVR Universal Floor TV Stand for 32-65 Inch Tvs

TAVR Universal Floor TV Stand for 32-65 Inch Tvs

Featuring a black base that holds essential entertainment accessories like A/V components, DVD player, and gaming systems; this universal TV stand allows you to adjust the height of your mount before installing a TV.

It has 3 level height options to choose from for an optimum viewing experience. With the wire management solution, you can easily organize and hide wires at the back of the TV unit.

Swivel your TV from -30° to +30° for wide-range viewing. The storage area provides ample space for storing DVD players, DVRs, HD recorders, Cable TV Boxes among others.

Built with thickly tempered glass, the base ensures the stand’s stability. The floor TV stand comes with 4 non-slip mats for the safety and protection of the floor from scratches.

Alongside the features is a good after-sales service which provides you with all the help you need with your TV stand.


  • Wire management system
  • Height adjustment option
  • Thickly tempered glass base

5. FITUEYES Iron Base Floor TV Stand for 26″-55″ TVs

FITUEYES Iron Base Floor TV Stand for 26"-55" TVs 

FITUEYES offers the best highest quality products at affordable prices. It has a thickened mount which enables you to hang your TV more stably and securely.

The sleek decorative stripe gives the stand a modern and fashionable look. When mounting your TV, be sure your TV’s VESA mounting holes fall between 100(w)x100(h) to 400(w)x400(h) mm.

The pure-metal texture can enhance the decoration effect of any room. Unlike tempered glass, the TIRON base ensures stability.

For a comfortable viewing angle, swivel 30 degrees (max angle) left or right. The portable TV stand takes less space and fits anywhere, whether living room, lobby, or bedroom.

Fully packed with an installation manual, tools, and hardware, you can easily assemble this TV stand within a short time without having to drill your beautiful wall.


  • Metal base with cool strip
  • 30° swivel mount
  • Space saving

6. 5Rcom Universal TV Floor Stand for 27 Inch to 55 Inch TVs

5Rcom Universal TV Floor Stand for 27 Inch to 55 Inch TVs

The honeycomb hole design on the shelf helps the TV stand dissipate heat.

Made of a sturdy metal pole and 10mm thick tempered glass base, the adjustable TV floor stand enhances the safety and stability of your television set.

Based on your TV size and viewing preference, you can choose to adjust your TV stand to 6 different heights from 39″ to 51″.

Irrespective of where you’re seated, you can swivel for a better view. The metal shelf can be adjusted from a height of 5″ to 20″.

Bearing a load up to 11lbs, the shelf provides storage space for CDs, DVDs, and any other media.


  • Shelf and swivel mount
  • Adjustable metal shelf
  • Cable management

7. Hemudu Universal Floor TV Stand for 19 to 42 inch Flat Screen TVs

Hemudu Universal Floor TV Stand with Mount

Crafted from heavy-duty steel and tempered glass, this functional design is compatible with TV brands like Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, and others.

The unique swivel feature enables you to watch television from any position in the house. For increased stability, lock the steel panel with a screw.

Maximize your TV viewing experience without having to bore holes in your walls.

A great solution for your TV, Hemudu Universal TV Floor Stand possesses features that make for a lovely visual experience.


  • 16 level height adjustable option
  • Plate heat dissipation function
  • Safety screw system

8. YOMT TV Floor Stand with Mount for 27 to 55 Inch TVs

YOMT Floor TV Stand with Mount for 27 to 55 Inch TVs 

Suitable for most 32″ to 55″ screens with VESA patterns up to 400 x 400mm, YOMT Floor TV Stand has a sturdy frame that supports weight up to 77 lbs.

The solid sleek design enhances durability. Having different height adjustments, you can position your TV at eye level.

Assemble your entertainment stand within 15 minutes. The TV stand comes with a ton of screws for the right fitting of the TV.

With non-slip pads on the feet, the stand helps to keep your TV in place while preventing floor damage.


  • Integrated cable Management
  • Extensive non-slip pad for increased safety and stability
  • Sturdy steel construction

9. AVF FSL700LEB-A Lesina TV Floor Stand for 32-65 Inch TVs

AVF FSL700LEB-A Lesina TV Floor Stand for 32-65 Inch TVs 

Having a gloss black finish with black tempered glass shelving that matches any decor, this sleek solution is one of the best TV floor stands on the market.

This model has been rigorously tested for safety and quality. Available in black, black/silver, or black/white, the Lesina TV stand is built to accommodate flat-panel TVs up to 65-inch and 88 lbs.

It can be either placed against a wall or in a corner for great viewing angles. Constructed with upper and lower shelves for holding various entertainment components such as Blu-ray, gaming consoles, speakers, and many more.

The product offers three TV placement options. It can be placed in a corner to maximize space, on a combination stand, or mounted on a wall.

While mounting the TV on a stand with an integrated solution need no drilling and running of wires, mounting the TV on the wall saves space and least affects room decor. It also reduces glaring.


  • VESA mounting patterns
  • Bottom black tempered glass shelves
  • Sleek, elegant design

10. Elitech Portable TV Floor Stand for 32″ to 55″ TVs

Elitech TV Portable Floor Stand with Middle Shelf

Supporting VESA patterns up to 400 x 400 mm, Elitech Portable TV Stand can be assembled within a few minutes provided all the necessary tools and hardware are available.

Having a stable solid base measuring 15.7” x 20”, this TV floor stand can be used singly or fastened to the floor as a fixed stand.

Looking for a TV stand that provides height adjustability options and viewing angles? This is your best choice.


  • Metal Middle shelf
  • Telescoping height adjustment
  • Stable solid base

You’ve probably made your choice by now. Ensure you study product specifications and reviews before purchasing your TV floor stand. You’ll be glad you did.

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