5 Best TV Screen Protectors

These days it’s not uncommon to spend thousands of dollars on a TV. The more expensive they are, the more valuable they should be to you. That’s why you need the right protection for your TV screen.

There is nothing worse than getting home only to find out that there’s been a scratch or some damage to your expensive TV screen. Sure these things happen, but you can also prevent them.

With the protection from TV screen protectors, you can preserve the look and feel of your TV and avoid spending additional money on repairs. These screen protectors also have anti-glare and anti-blue light features to help you with eyestrain and other blue light emission-related problems.

Here are our top recommendations of the best TV screen protectors that you can rely on to protect your screen – and your eyes.

Best TV Screen Protectors

1. 55 inch Vizomax TV Screen Protector for LCD, LED, OLED & QLED 4K HDTV

With reliable protection from a Vizomax TV screen protector, you can enjoy your TV in comfort. You won’t have to worry about your TV screen getting scratched or damaged, especially if you have children around.

This screen protector maintains your TV’s high-definition picture with its unique design that makes it almost unnoticeable. This will also help preserve the beautiful feel and design of your TV.

Vizomax is compatible with Samsung, Vizio, Sony, Sharp, and more. Best of all, it’s easy to install without leaving any residue when removed.

The glass’ edge-to-edge design makes it the perfect TV protector as it leaves no gaps between your screen and the glass. This helps provide the best protection possible.

The glass is designed for LED, LCD, OLED, QLED, 4K, and plasma TVs measuring between 19-inches to 80-inches. It is easy to install as well as remove, making it a convenient choice.

2. VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light TV Screen Protector

VizoBlueX TV screen protector has an anti-blue light feature that reduces the amount of blue light emitted from your TV. This would help reduce eye strain and fatigue, as well as improve sleep quality.

This screen protector also has an anti-glare feature to help you avoid eye fatigue when watching TV in a dark room or from bright lights.

It’s no fluke that the VizoBlueX TV screen protector has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon after 210 ratings. All those people can’t be wrong about this item. You’d be getting a great product if you decide on this protector. 

Features and Benefits

  • Optical grade protection against blue light. Prevents scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints. For families with children, this is a must-have item.
  • Heavy Duty – Prevents damage to your TV / Display and enhances sleeping patterns.
  • Blocks dangerous blue light between 380nm and 495nm and offers 100 percent UV protection.
  • Prevents eye strain, CVS, chronic eye injuries, eye tiredness, pain, and other significant eye problems.
  • 100% Multi-Layer Protection – Blocks harmful HEV radiation and eliminates hazardous UV spectrum.

3. EZ-Pro Screen Protector Anti Blue Light Screen Protector Panel

This EZ-Pro screen filter panel fits only 40inch TVs. It comes with ultra-clear acrylic to ensure your TV’s HD quality.

This screen protector is equipped with anti-blue light technology that would help protect your eyes from blue lights emitted from your TV screen.

The protector is easy to install and remove by just hanging this Screen Filter over the TV. You can easily remove or replace it in case you need a new one.

Key Features:

  • This Blue Light Screen Filter Panel matches a 40-inch television. The Screen Filter has a width of 36.1 inches and a height of 20.8 inches. Before you buy, be sure to check that your TV meets these specs.
  • To ensure that your TV’s HD quality is maintained, this protector uses ultra-clear acrylic.
  • Filters off Blue Light (wavelength 380nm-490nm) to reduce eye strain and help you sleep better.
  • This Screen Filter is simple to install and remove
  • Protects your screen from scratches and fingerprints

4. LILIONGTH 32″ TV Blue Light Screen Protector

The LILIONGTH TV screen protector is designed to fit 32-inch TVs. It has tempered glass made of Polyethylene Terephthalate that prevents scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints from damaging your TV screen.

The protector is easy to install as you only need to place it on the top or bottom of your TV.

This protector reduces blue light and protects your eyes from any physical strain from long hours of watching the television screen.

This screen protector is waterproof and oilproof – it’s safe for you to clean your TV screen with water or wipe away dirty fingerprints.

Features and Benefits

  • 32-inch laptop with 16:9 aspect ratio, (W x H): 27 x 15 inches. Please measure the size of your computer screen before purchasing to avoid making a mistake
  • Water and oil do not reflect on the 99 percent high-definition clear screen coating. Water and oil can be wiped away quickly, providing you with an optimal and natural viewing experience.
  • The surface of the Screen Protector has a hardness of 9H, which means it cannot be affected by sharp items such as knives, keys, or other hard materials.
  • Its adhesive design simplifies installation. Remove the tape from the back of the product and put it anywhere you like; there’s no need to be worried about bubbles appearing on your screen.

5. KELUNIS 32-75 Inch TV Screen Protector

KELUNIS TV screen protector is designed to fit any 32-75″ inch TV and provides the best protection. It also has an anti-fingerprint and anti-oil feature that will help you maintain the look of your TV.

This screen protector also has an anti-glare function to reduce bright lights and blue light emissions from TVs, helping protect your eyes at night when watching TV or in dark rooms.

The anti-blue light feature would also help prevent eye fatigue and help you sleep better at night, even when you watch TV late into the night.

The protector is easy to install and reusable, making it convenient for anyone who wants more time before replacing their screen.

The Hydrophobic and oleophobic transparent layers keep your device from getting damaged from fingerprints, scratches, and daily wear.

Features and Benefits

  • Anti-UV: Blocks UV rays and protects your eyes.
  • Oleophobic & Hydrophobic: Clean, Protect and Reduce Friction for all your devices.
  • Bubble adsorption design that helps to remove small bubbles during installation
  • Anti-Scratch: Resistant to scrapes and scratches.
  • Fire Retardant & Heat Resistance: Fire resistance meets US flammability tests.
  • Anti-Fingerprint: Oleophobic coating reduces the appearance of fingerprints and smudges without affecting touch screen responsiveness.

Do I need a TV screen protector?

People who want to protect their television screens should consider buying a TV screen protector.

First of all, they are easy to install and remove if necessary. People who want to replace them can easily remove their old ones and put a new protector in its place, without any hassles or problems.

Secondly, they are affordable compared to other TV accessories such as wall mounts and stands. You would save money by investing only once on these screen protectors.

And finally, screen protectors are an investment that will go a long way. If properly maintained and taken care of, they can last for years on end, so you won’t have to purchase another one soon.

Therefore, people who want to protect their TV’s screen should consider buying TV screen protector panels or filters. This would be worth its price as it would provide better protection for your television screen.

How Do I Choose the Best TV Screen Protector? 

There are many things to consider when choosing the best TV screen protector. First of all, you should check if your television can fit on it. It shouldn’t be too small or big for it to protect your television.

You should also check if the protector can effectively filter out blue light and prevent eye strain if you’re going to watch TV in a dark room at night before sleeping. You wouldn’t want dirty fingerprints on your screen, so make sure that the protector is easy to clean and maintain.

Also, note that a thicker TV screen protector can withstand more impact, but it may impair the picture quality. Glare-reducing screen protectors may cause visuals to become slightly fuzzier, but they are often helpful in rooms with a lot of natural light.

Thin protective screens are less likely to degrade a TV’s image quality, but they also give less protection against harm. If you don’t have any children or pets in your home or workplace, you might be better off with a thinner TV screen protector.


In conclusion, TV screen protectors are affordable and effective. They provide better protection for your television’s screen as well as filtering out blue light and preventing eye strain.

It is crucial to choose the right screen protector for your television and make sure it fits well with your TV before purchasing.

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