How Tall Should a TV Stand Be? Size Guide

The size of a tv stand is very important, it can mean the difference between great aesthetics and tight and uncomfortable space. The last thing you want to buy is an expensive, oversized tv stand that makes your home look bad.

Our homes are safe spaces where we live our lives, create memories with friends and family, relax after a hard day at work and so much more. We decorate our homes to make us feel happy and comfortable. Each room is special for its own purpose and has a different meaning to each individual.

No matter the room, the TV has the power to bring everyone together. It is usually the main focus of the room that it is in because it allows us to enjoy our favourite movies and shows and have a good time.

Since it is such an important part of a home, it is also important to create a great setup for the TV. A TV stand is not only great to hold the TV, but it is also great for storage and style as well.

There are many different options and styles for TV stands, but before we can choose a TV stand for our living space we must first have an idea in mind of what size and style we want for our TV stand.

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How to Find the Perfect TV Stand Size

Where do we start in choosing a TV stand? Here are a few tips on how to measure and decide on the perfect TV stand for your living space.

Measure Your TV

In order to choose a TV stand that is the perfect fit for your TV, we first need to measure your TV. Unfortunately, the size of TVs that is advertised is not the actual measurement of your TV.

No matter the size of the TV that you have (50”, 60”, 48”), the measurement is actually the length from corner to corner diagonally. This measurement does not help when deciding how big of a TV stand you want, so instead, we need to measure the TV.

Grab a measuring tape and measure the width of your TV from the left bezel (frame) to the right bezel. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can go online to the manufacturer’s website and look up your TV model to find the width. If for any reason it isn’t available, calling the manufacturer is another option.

Measuring your TV is important because if the TV is too big for the TV stand, it can be a safety risk. It can easily fall off of the stand, ruin other furniture and possibly even hurt someone.

Height of TV Stand

For maximum comfort, the center of the TV screen should be at eye level or slightly below. To do this, start off by measuring the distance from the floor to eye level (you may need some extra help).

It is recommended to measure based on where you will be facing the TV, for example sitting on the couch. Next, measure the height of the TV and subtract half of it from the measurement of the floor to eye level.

The number you are left with is the perfect height for your TV stand, and a one or two-inch difference is great as well.

You also want to measure for a safe viewing distance. Here’s a visual guide:

Safe TV Viewing distance

Width of TV Stand

The next step is determining the width of the TV stand that would best suit your TV and living space. In step 1, we measured the width of the TV by measuring from left corner to right corner horizontally.

Be sure to measure the bezel as well, not just the actual TV screen. As mentioned before, having a TV stand that is smaller than the actual TV is a safety risk.

When choosing a TV stand, be sure that it is at least 2-3 inches wider than the TV itself. Additionally, if you are thinking about adding decorations on the TV stand such as picture frames, vases or books, be sure to keep that in mind and more inches to the width of your desired TV stand.

Choosing a Style and Design

This last step is probably the most exciting step because it is where the image in your head will come to life. There are so many different designs to choose from when it comes to TV stands.

There are open shelves, hutch, consoles, entertainment and so many more. Each has its own style and is fairly different from the rest. Think about what style you want your living space to have and go from there.

One great option is an adjustable TV stand. They are great because you will be able to adjust the height of the TV to make sure it is at perfect eye level when viewing.

TV Stand Size Product Recommendations

The Perlesmith Universal Floor TV Stand is unlike any other TV stand. It has a base that is made out of solid tempered glass. The base is 15.8” x 23.6” so it doesn’t take up that much space.

A steel pillar is attached to the base and at the top of the pillar, there are brackets that will hold up your TV. The base and pillar are strong and sturdy and will provide stable support since they can hold up to 99 pounds.

It is universal and can accommodate TVs that are 32” up to 65”. The base has non-slip feet to keep the whole TV stand in place. This design is very minimal and saves up a lot of space.

This stand has 6 different mounting height options and can swivel up to 25° to either side for maximum comfort no matter where you are watching. The only downside is that it does not have any storage space for consoles and decorations.

Another great option is a floating TV stand. These save up a lot of space and make rooms look neat due to the cleared-up space. This floating wall-mounted shelf by Perlesmith holds up to 16.5 pounds (each shelf) since it is intended to carry TV accessories instead of the actual TV.

It is great for storing a DVD player, TV box, game console or cable box. The large black strengthened tempered glass shelf is 4mm thick and is 13.78” x 11”.

It is compatible with wood and concrete walls and has a nice sleek look. Install the bracket to the wall, place each shelf in the position to your liking and easily adjust the height of each shelf. Additionally, this will help keep everything out of reach for kids to ensure their safety.

Lastly, we have full motion wall mounts, another TV stands for saving space. TV mounts are great because they are pretty much invisible since they go behind the TV and make it look as if your TV is floating.

This full-motion TV mount by Pipishell Isabel holds a TV that is 37” up to 70”. It has an ultra-strong TV wall bracket that is made out of high-quality steel materials and can hold up to 132 pounds! It is compatible with most tvs such as Vizio, LG, TLC, Sony, Samsung, Hisense and more.

A safety lock is used to prevent the TV from sliding down and keeps it in its place. The best thing about this TV stand is that it can tilt and swivel. No matter where you are sitting in the room, you can accommodate the TV to face you and prevent neck or back pain.

It can tilt +/- 10° forward and back as well as swivel +/- 60° left to right (depending on the size of the TV). When in the “home” position, the brackets hold the TV 3 inches away from the wall and can extend up to 15.4 inches away from the wall. This is another great option for minimal furniture in the room which will make the room look neat and put together.

Luckily, it is a very simple process to find a TV stand that is perfect for your TV and living space.

In fact, most TV stands these days have dimensions listed and outline what TV sizes they’re suitable for. All you need is to know the size of your tv!

It may seem overwhelming since there are so many different designs and styles, but these steps will help make it an easier process for you.