How to Set TV Timer

Binge-watching your favorite shows is a perfect way to relax. Surprisingly, many people sleep off a few minutes or hours into a show. Well, this happens to the best of us. Sometimes there’s the zeal to see the movie’s end and ignore mother nature, while other times, we’re just plain tired.

TV Timer

Regardless of your reason for dozing off, your TV does not have to keep running while you are not watching. Most Smart TVs feature an auto-powering off option that sleeps the TV after a while. We will be explaining how to set TV timers on different brands.

What is a TV Timer?

A TV timer is a time regulatory feature that comes in handy when you project that you will either be available or not available to watch the TV. A TV timer can be an ON or Sleep timer. The On timer automatically puts on the TV at a pre-set time, while the sleep timer automatically puts the TV to sleep.

When a sleep timer is on, the TV automatically goes into sleep mode after a pre-set period. The On timer can be set to automatically turn on your TV when your favourite show comes on.

Generally, you can set the Time to any period. For instance, you can set your timer for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5hours, 2 hours, 3 hours, etc.

How to Set Timer on Sony TV

The Sony TV has an ON and Sleep timer. To enable the ON timer on a Sony TV, follow the guide below:

  • Using the TV remote, press the Home button
  • From the TV menu options, navigate to Timers
  • Select Timers and press the Enter button
  • Press and hold the Up Arrow button for about three seconds
  • Then press and hold the Right Arrow button for about two seconds
  • Proceed to press the Left Arrow button once
  • Then select the Timers icon and press Enter

With the On timer, you can select a day/Time of the week for the TV to come on automatically. Note that multiple settings are not available for the On-timer function.

Setting Sleep Timer on Sony TV

You can pre-set your Sony TV to turn off. To do this:

  • Press the Home button on the Remote control
  • Click on Setting
  • Select System Settings, then press the arrows buttons
  • Click on the Clock/Timers option using the Up and Down button
  • Using the Up and Down arrows, select the periods until the TV turns off
  • Then press the Enter button

Remember that the sleep timer automatically turns off when you power off the TV and power it on again.

How to Set Roku TV Sleep/Power-Saving Timer

Unlike the Sony TV, the Roku TV only has a sleep timer and a power-saving timer. The auto power savings features allow you to pre-set your Tv to power off after inactivity automatically.

Unlike the Sleep timer, the auto power savings options are not applicable when streaming live content. For instance, you can set power saving to turn on after 4 hours of inactivity. To set up this feature:

  • Go to the Setting Menu on the TV
  • Click on System
  • Select Power Auto power settings
  • Click on turn off after 4 hours

Setting Sleep Timer on Roku TV using the Setting Menu

To set the sleep timer on Roku TV:

  • Go to the Settings Menu
  • Click on System
  • Then Time
  • Select Sleep Timer
  • Input pre-set time intervals
  • Then save the settings.

Setting Sleep Timer on Roku TV using Voice Command

Using the Roku voice remote or the Roku app, you can use a voice command to set a sleep timer on your Roku TV. To do this:

  • Press and hold the Microphone button on your Roku voice remote
  • Alternatively, you can tap the Microphone icon on the Roku Mobile app
  • Then say your voice command

For instance, you can specify a time or interval you want the TV to sleep for.

How to Add Sleep Timer on Roku using an App

If you are unable to use the process above, you can try installing the Ro to Sleep app. This app allows you to power off your Roku device after a specific interval by adding a sleep timer to your Roku device.

Unfortunately, the Ro to Sleep app is not available for Andriod users. Using this app is pretty easy; below is a guide on how to install and set up the app:

  • Install the Ro to Sleep app from the Apple store
  • Open the app and click on A Roku Sleep Timer
  • Select the standby time before your Roku device shuts down
  • Click on Set Timer
  • Then click on done to save your settings

The Ro to Sleep app work in the background, so you do not have to leave the app open. Note that the app has a limit of three timers. To access the unlimited timer, you will need to make an in-app purchase.

How to Set Sleep Timer on Samsung TV

Below is a simple guide on how to set a sleep timer on Samsung TV:

  • Using your Tvremote control, go to Settings
  • Navigate to General, then System Manager
  • Click on Time, then Sleep Timer
  • Then select the standby time before the TV will power itself

Note that the maximum sleep timer is 3 hours, after which the TV will power off.


Generally, an auto timer is a seamless way to save cost and energy. While the On timer ensures that you do not mix out on your favourite shows, the sleep timer automatically turns off your TV while not in use for an extended time.

With the steps above, you should be able to navigate through setting your TV timer without hassle.