10 Best TVs with HDMI 2.1

There are many types of TVs out there on the market, but do you find that you need a high-quality TV with HDMI 2.1? You might have spent tons of hours on online stores and still can’t choose.

If that’s the case, here are 10 high-quality TVs that have HDMI 2.1, but also are exceptional TVs with the best features for their prices in the market.

Best HDMI 2.1 TVs in The Market

1. Samsung Flat 32” TV – BESTSELLER & BEST PRICE

Pros: 4K resolution, low price compared to competitors, Smart features.

Cons: Could be too small for some users.

The bestseller on the list is Samsung’s 32 inch flatscreen TV. This is a 4K QLED TV, meaning that all images that come onto the screen will be crystal clear and look super clean.

This TV also has a 4K UHD processor which will optimize anything that comes onto the screen to look perfect for the screen. As a smart TV, this TV will be able to use all your favorite streaming services and live shows all from one screen.

With a 100% Color Volume, this TV has over a billion shades of colors meaning you can see what the creator wanted looking just like real life.

This is one of the best TVs at its price point, offering a beautiful screen and beautiful colors.

2. Toshiba 55 Inch C350 Series – SAVERS’ CHOICE

Pros: 4K resolution, smart features, one of the cheapest 4K TV’s.

Cons: Have been issues regarding its software capabilities not working with other apps.

The next TV on our list is Toshiba’s C350. This TV features a 4K 55 inch display, giving large yet clear images. With its Regza Engine 4K, it will give some of the best pictures in 4K that are sure to take you back. It also features Dolby Vision HDR bringing the cinema experience to your home.

With Dolby Vision, you’ll see and hear the scenes as if you were there, immersing you into the viewing experience. This TV is by far one of the cheapest on the list and gives some of the best features at the price.

3. Samsung 75 Inch Class Neo QLED 8k Series – Best for the Money!

Pros: 8K resolution, UHD, Quantum HDR, Smart Features.

Cons: Not everyone will need an 8K display, and for its huge price tag, it won’t be worth it for most users.

The next TV on our list is one of the best available. The Samsung 75 inch Class Series is by far one of the best TVs out there, with an 8K display.

To put this into perspective, 4K is what most TVs have now, and it already looks crystal clear, and with 8K, it takes it to a new level.

Along with an 8K screen, it also has UHD and Quantum HDR, meaning every image that comes on the screen will be super accurate to what the creator wanted.

With Samsung Neo Quantum Processor 8K, it can easily scale every picture up to 8K, meaning any image that comes on will look just how it should.

With an infinity screen, almost the entire screen will be used, giving an immersive viewing experience.

Although this TV has some of the best features possible right now, it does come at a hefty cost, making it very inaccessible and not worth it for a lot of people. But for those that are looking for the best possible TV out there, this would be the one.

4. Samsung 82 Inch Class Crystal UHD TV

Pros: Clear resolution, upscales any image to 4K, many smart features.

Cons: High price for a 4K TV

On our list is Samsung’s 82 inch Crystal TV. This TV has by far one of the largest displays that you’ll find on a TV, rocking an 82 inch LED screen.

This screen, although big, has a resolution of 4K so anything that comes onto the screen will look crystal clear.

Along with that, this TV also has a Crystal Processor 4K, which means that anything that you put onto the screen, even if it is not natively 4K resolution, will show up in 4K.

This TV also has many smart features provided by Tizen, making your viewing experience even better.

This smart TV allows you to use multiple different apps, has super easy-to-use controls, and has a variety of enhancements that boost your viewing experience.

Finally, this TV comes in HDR, so everything you see on the screen will look super clean in terms of colors. This TV may seem expensive, however, you are getting an 82 inch TV with multiple smart features, making it well worth the price.

5. Samsung 40 Inch Class Led Smart FHD Tv

Pros: Great screen for most consumers, low price, smart features

Cons: Only 1080p Screen

The next TV on our list is Samsung’s 40 inch Smart TV. This TV comes with a 40 inch display and a full HD 1080p resolution, so anything you see on your screen will look super clear.

It also features PurColor and Micro Dimming Pro, so all the colors you see on the screen will look like what the creator wanted, and it can dim its brightness depending on the setting for optimal viewing.

This TV is also a smart TV so you can go to your favorite streaming services and other stuff with just a push of a button. It can also be synced to your smartphone, meaning you can screen-cast your content onto it.

This TV is definitely a bang for your buck, and it will deliver one of the best viewing experiences for that price range.

6. Vizio 70 Inch Tv Series Smart Tv

Pros: 4K resolution, upscales any image to 4K, Dolby Vision, many smart features. Relatively cheap compared to other TVs

Cons: Have been issues with it coming damaged or the firmware not working well.

Next on our list is VIZIO’s 70 inch V-Series Smart TV. This TV is a 4K Ultra HD TV, meaning that every image that appears on the screen will look crystal clear with tons of details.

This TV also features Dolby Vision HDR, so you can watch all your favorite shows and movies with breathtaking colors and lighting.

As a smart TV, this TV can be used to access all your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Youtube, and many more. It can also be used to screencast from your smartphone so you can watch your phone from the big screen.

This TV also features VIZIO Voice, so you can control it with just your voice by using push-to-talk. This makes your TV easier to use, enhancing the viewing experience.

Finally, this TV has a VIZIO IQ Active 4K HDR Processor, meaning that any content you have, even if it is not in 4K, will quickly be transformed into 4k, making the viewing experience even more fantastic.

This TV is one of the best for its price. You’re getting a 70 inch TV that comes in 4K UHD HDR, and offers one of the best viewing experiences on the market.

7. Sony X80J 65 Inch TV

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Pros: 4K resolution, UHD LED, smart features, Dolby vision.

Cons: More expensive than some of its competitors with similar specs.

Next on our list is the Sony X80J 65 Inch TV. This TV comes in 4K UHD HD, meaning that anything you see on the screen will look crystal clear, and all the colors will look just like what the creator wanted.

This TV has a 4K HDR Processor X1, meaning it can easily process anything that comes onto the screen and produce clear and colorful images that pop.

This TV also features Triluminos Pro, meaning it will be able to reproduce any color thrown at it with the utmost accuracy, making it seem just like real life.

There is also Motionflow XR, so anything on the TV, especially action-packed movies will look super smooth and clear.

This TV offers some of the best features that make it well worth the price. Motionflow and its processor mean that all the images that come on the screen will look clean and beautiful.

8. Samsung 55 Inch Class NEO TV

Pros: 4K resolution, Neo QLED, UHD, Smart features

Cons: Significantly higher price than other 4K TVs

Next is the Samsung 55 inch class Neo QLED Series. This TV features a 4k UHD quantum HDR screen meaning any image that is on the screen will be some of the best available.

With its quantum matrix technology, all the pictures are shown with tiny light cells, giving the best image possible. It also has a Samsung neo quantum processor 4k, upscaling any image to 4k quickly to give the best image.

It also has motion Xcelerator turbo+, enhancing all videos to 4k 120Hz, making it look smooth and clear.

Finally, it has Object Tracing Sound, which, similar to surround sound allows you to hear a scene as if you were in it. With this, you can hear where an object is on the TV while watching.

This is one of the more expensive TV’s on the list, but for all the features it offers and the beautiful screen, you won’t regret it.

9. INSIGNIA 32 Inch Smart TV

Pros: Super cheap price, perfect for the everyday consumer, lots of smart features.

Cons: For anyone looking for a super clear viewing experience, this TV is not it as it only offers 720p resolution.

The next TV on our list is the Insignia 32 inch smart TV. This TV comes in a native resolution of 720p. Although not the best on the list, it still outputs great images.

This TV has Fire TV, giving you many smart features such as the ability to use Amazon Alexa and your favorite streaming apps such as Netflix and Disney+. As a smart TV, you can easily switch channels and launch apps with Alexa just by asking her.

For the price, you are getting quite a steal as it offers a resolution that will look very good for most people, and the ability to use Amazon’s smart features.

10. TCL 32 Inch Smart Tv

Pros: Great screen for the average consumer, Roku smart features, great budget option.

Cons: Only a 1080p screen

The final TV on our list is the TCL 32 inch TV. This TV features a 1080p screen giving you great visuals.

With Roku, you can use your favorite voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to help you switch channels just with your voice.

With its smart features, you have access to thousands of channels, movies, and TV shows all at the push of a button.

This TV is very competitive for its price, and definitely, one to look at if you are looking for a cheaper TV that still offers many smart features.

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