How to Uninstall and Reinstall Kodi

Firestick is a suitable entertainment application in many homes, and Kodi is one the best applications for Firestick. It was released in 2004 and is an open-source and free media player application.

Kodi has photos, games, T.V. shows, movies, and music displaying various things in a simple-to-use and little package. Many people install Kodi because of its endless features and its add-ons which are very popular.

Users may break their Kodi app or install their add-ons successfully. This post tells you how to install and reinstall Kodi.

Before we dive into that, here are reasons to install and reinstall Kodi:

  • To install a new version of Kodi, Kodi has multiple versions available. Since third parties develop many Kodi add-ons and maintain them using various paces, changes from the Kodi version can influence the performance of such add-ons. When users find bugs and other issues with their favorite add-ons on a particular Kodi version, they may have to install the Kodi app of their Firestick and install a different one from scratch.
  • To remove any extra add-ons, many people install many add-ons on Kodi; this leads to low performance since there is no optimization for each add-on. If users are not willing to manually install add-ons, they will have to reinstall and install them. To reset and unbrick Kodi. Technology can get bricked when it has no function, and this can be the case with Kodi because of its open-source nature. Not all people know how to reset Kodi to default or unbrick Kodi, and this is why many users prefer to reinstall and uninstall the app.

Steps to uninstall Kodi with Firestick

1) Go to the home screen of your Firestick device choose the “view all apps button,” which you will see on the right.

2) Find and scroll to Kodi, and do not choose it. Note: If you do not see it on your screen, you can choose the last tile, “App Library,” which displays a complete list of apps.

3) Tap the “three-dash” button on the remote of your Firestick, which brings the menu to the right.

4) Scroll down and choose “uninstall.”

5) A pop-up will display. Choose “Uninstall” again to confirm.

6) Tap “OK” to confirm it for the last time.

How to uninstall Kodi Builds by erasing Kodi Data Folder

Before using this method, you should have access to your device’s Kodi folder to reset and uninstall Kodi on systems like Windows U.W.P., Windows Portable, Windows, TVOS, Mac, OSMC, Linux, LibreELEC, iOS, and Android.

Step one

Head to your user data folder. Every device has a different path, and they are below:

Note that the path differs on some devices. When the streaming device users discover that this does not match your device and navigation becomes troublesome, more straightforward methods are provided.

Step two

Erase all the Kodi folders that save your Kodi associated files, user data, cache, media, and add-ons.

Step Three

Reboot Kodi to reboot the system.

How to uninstall Kodi by clearing cache

Step one

Move to the “Settings” tab from your FireTV home screen or Firestick.

Step two
Scroll across the options and choose “Applications.”

Step three
Choose “Manage installed applications.”

Step four
Scroll down and choose Kodi.

Step five
Choose “Force Stop.”

Step six
Choose “Clear data.”

Step seven
Then choose “Clear cache.”

Step eight
Tap your remote control’s home button to return to Firestick/T.V. and then reboot Kodi.

How to reset Kodi

If you are using Kodi on Fire T.V. Stick or Fire T.V.,  below is how to reset it:

1) Move to “Settings” on the device.

2) Next, tap on “Applications.”

3) Tap on “Manage Installed Applications.”

4) Choose Kodi from that list.

5) Next, choose “Clear data” from that option.

6) You can get prompted on a similar screen, choose “Clear data” again.

7) Set up the application and move through the set-up prompts again.

How to remove a Kodi Build

1) Go to Fusion and open it.

2) After installing Fusion, move to “System,” “Settings,” “Add-ons,” and choose “Install from zipping.” If the Fusion is included in your Kodi installation, it will display the other list of repos. Tap on it.

3) On your next screen, choose “Start here” and head over to “” X.X.X. stands for the last version of that zip file.

4) After installing it, move to the home screen, tap “Programs,” “Add-ons”>”Fresh start,” tap OK, and it will ask you to install Kodi when it reboots, it will restore the factory settings.

Before moving into Kodi to set or deactivate builds or add-ons, activate “Unknown Sources.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VPN necessary with Kodi?

Yes, it is. Kodi stands for open software that has unofficial add-ons developers create. Note that when you are using it as an official app, VPN is irrelevant. However, VPN is necessary to install all add-ons in H.D., and free VPN protects from any malicious files in the third-party applications you download.

Yes, it is legal to use and download.

Is Kodi officially available on Amazon Store?

No, the application is not officially available on the Amazon App Store. You can set up Kodi on Firestick by sideloading it.

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