How To Update Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV, like Apple TV, lets users view their favorite shows on Netflix and HBO, watch YouTube videos, and, most notably, shop on Amazon.

Like any other internet-enabled gadget produced in recent years, the Fire Stick should be updated regularly to ensure that the device functions smoothly; this ensures your device would hardly encounter any software glitch as it stays up to date.

Here’s how to update your Amazon Fire TV manually:

  1. Connect your Amazon Fire TV to a power source and your television. Then, choose the Fire TV icon on your TV so that your Fire Stick appears.
  2. After connecting your Amazon Fire TV, use your remote to scroll up twice until your cursor highlights the “Home” tab.
  3. Next, select “Settings.”
  4. Scroll to the right in “Settings” and select the “My Fire TV” tab.
  5. Click “About” in “My Fire TV.” To check if your device is up to date, go down to “About” and select “Check for Updates.” If you see “Install Update,” it signifies that an update for your device is available, and you should click it.

How to Update Apps on a Fire TV Automatically

  • Select “Settings” (gear icon) from your Fire TV’s Home screen menu.
  • Choose Appstore from the “Apps” option on the Fire TV’s settings menu.
  • Activate automatic updates.

How to Update Fire TV Sideloaded Apps

Apps you downloaded from sources other than Amazon’s Appstore are sideloaded apps. You can’t update them as quickly as official apps because they’re not available through Amazon, but you can work around this by using a third-party program on your PC.

First, double-check that your Fire TV’s settings are correct.

  • Select “Settings” from the Home screen’s menu.
  • In the Fire TV menu, go to Settings (Gear icon).
  • Choose My Fire TV from the list.
  • In the Fire TV Settings menu, highlight “My Fire TV.” Select “Developer Options.”
  • Enable “ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.”
  • Press the back arrow button on your Fire TV remote.

Select the About option.

  • A section is highlighted in My Fire TV’s settings. Choose Network.
  • Write down your IP address in the “My Fire TV” menu.
  • Go to the adbLink web page to connect your Fire TV to your computer.
  • Scroll down the page to download and install the adbLink for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Open adbLink and select “New” after installation.

  • On the ADBLink web page, the words “Address” and “Save” are highlighted.
    Select the Fire TV you just added from the “Select Device” section, then click “Connect.”
  • Your connected device and connection status will appear in the boxes on top of the successful connection notification.
  • Next, click “Save” after entering a description such as “Fire TV” and your IP address in the Address field.
  • The APK file for the app you wish to update is available for download.
  • Select the APK file from your computer by clicking Install APK, then “Yes” to install it.
  • The next time you use your Fire TV to access your app, it will be updated.

How to Update the Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote or Game Controller Software

Software updates are available for both the Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote and Game Controller. These updates are bundled with the main Fire TV software update, so you won’t have to download them separately.

Because remote and controller updates are not deployed automatically when your Fire TV upgrades, it’s important to check if a remote or controller update is available. In this post, you’ll learn how to check for and install a remote or controller update if one is available.

  • Scroll down to Settings from the Home screen.
  • Right-click on Controllers and choose it.
  • Select either Amazon Fire TV Remotes or Bluetooth Game Controllers as the type of controller you want to check/update.

If an update is available, it will say on the right side, “A software update is available.”

If you’re updating the Voice Remote, click on “Select.” If you’re updating the Game Controller, press “A.”

To begin the update, make sure your remote or controller has fresh batteries and is within 10 feet of your Fire TV, then click “Continue.”

Wait for the remote or controller to receive the update, and that’s all.