How to Update Firmware on Samsung TV

Firmware is series of programmed pieces of information stored on the Samsung television that provides instructions on how the television will operate. It is a systematic modus operandi that tells the tv what to do and how to do them. Manufacturers of Samsung television develop the firmware of tv to improve and maintain consumer satisfaction.

One of the importance of updating the firmware of your Samsung television is to allow easy access to new online services. There are times that some online services like YouTube, Netflix, or any other review the requirements for accessing their services. This firmware is updated to give proud users of Samsung television a profound user experience.

Updating the firmware of a Samsung television is relatively easy to do. You can do it without moving an inch from your couch, provided you have the television remote with you. To achieve this, there are two ways to it.

You can either do it with an internet connection or through a USB drive.

If your Samsung television is connected to the internet, you can search for a new update through the television settings. Also, you can download new updates on a USB drive through the support section of the Samsung website.

How Update Firmware on Samsung TV with Internet

The most thing about this method is ensuring that your television is connected to the internet. Also, ensure that the internet connection is stable to avoid slow download.

Once you are satisfied that the television is connected to a stable internet network, follow these simple steps to update firmware:

Step One

Grab the television remote and click on the Menu button. Once the options are displayed on your screen, locate Settings and click on its icon.

Step Two

Locate the Cloud icon on your television screen. It always has a question mark around it. A click on this will bring the Support Tab. Once this is open, click on Software Update.

Step Three

Once you click on the Software Update option, another option will pop up showing Update Now. Click on it.

Step Four

The television will begin to search for new updates. If there are any new updates for your Samsung television, the system will request if you want to update it. Click on Yes to continue.

Step Five

The update will begin to download on your television. You will have to wait a few minutes for this to be completed. Once the download and installation have been completed, the television will reboot immediately.

How to Update Firmware On Samsung By Downloading On USB Drive

Step One

Locate the Support section of the Samsung website to find the Manuals and Software Downloads section. Once you find the Manuals and Software Download section, click on it to search for your television model code.

Step Two

Download the upgrade file USB type and have it saved on your desktop. Once the file has been downloaded, extract the downloaded file. However, you must be careful not to change the name of the file to avoid any hindrance when you want to unzip the file.

Step Three

Save the extracted file on your USB drive. Once you have saved the file on your USB flash drive, switch on the television and plug the USB drive on the USB port of your Samsung television.

Step Four

Once you insert the USB flash drive into your Samsung television, the firmware update will commence automatically.

You must ensure that you don’t remove the flash drive from the television during this process. Also, try as much as you can to ensure that the television doesn’t go off during this time, as it can cause firmware errors.

If you have a problem with your Samsung television staying on and don’t know why the tv keeps going off, you might need to read this. It will give you the information that is required to stop your Samsung television from going off when you need it to stay on, especially during the time you are updating firmware.