Updating Your Samsung Smart TV: 3 Simple Methods

Samsung Television is one of the best televisions you would see around. New functionalities and features are being released on several occasions on the television and the only way a user can utilize the feature is by updating the system of the television. A system update is a very crucial activity that every proud owner of Samsung Smart TV must do at intervals.

Some of the benefits of updating the Samsung Smart TV are new features will be added to the television and some common technical problems would be automatically fixed when the system is updated.

Regardless of the model of Samsung Smart TV that you use, it is highly important to keep the television software up to date at all times. This will not only allow you to enjoy new features, but it also ensures that the long use of the television is guaranteed.

Samsung Smart TV can be updated in two different ways. It can be done automatically and it can be achieved manually.

The Television allows users who are not tech-savvy to update the system automatically. This option will update the television and upgrade the software without a conscious effort from its user. All that is expected from a user is to grant permission to the television to upgrade itself as at when due.

Manual upgrade requires deliberate efforts from the user to update the television. The manual upgrade can be done using two different methods which include:

  • Internet
  • USB Flash Drive

Whichever option you want to do use, all will be explained in this article.

1. How To Update Samsung TV Automatically

To update the Samsung Smart TV, a user must activate the option in the television settings. To activate this, follow the simple steps explained below:

Step One

Ensure that your television is connected to the internet.

Step Two

Open the television Settings, click on Support. When the information comes up, select Software update, select Auto update.

Support on Samsung smart TV
Software Update on Samsung smart TV
Auto Update on Samsung smart TV

Note: The Television no longer needs your permission to update software. If you turn on your television and it detects a new soft, without your consent it will commence installation of the software. The downside of this is that you will not be able to operate the TV while this is going on.

Also, if the new update was detected while you are seeing a movie or when an activity is going on, the system will download the update in the background without disrupting the ongoing activities.

2. Update Samsung TV With Internet

Step One

Connect your television to a stable network connection

Network on Samsung smart TV
Network settings on Samsung smart TV
Network connection on Samsung smart TV

Step Two

Scroll to phone Settings, select Support, after this, select Software update. Two options will be displayed after this, Update now and Auto Update, click on Update now.

Step Three

If there is an update, the system will commence download and installation of the upgraded software immediately. You must ensure that the network connection you are using is stable and efficient. When the system is downloading the software, you will be hindered from performing other activities on the television. You will have to wait until the system has been fully upgraded.

If there is no new update, you can exit the process by clicking on OK after this, you can exit the settings menu with your television remote.

3. Update Samsung TV Using USB

Update Samsung TV Using USB
Image by Love Patel

If you don’t have an internet connection to update your Samsung TV, or you just prefer to download new software using local means, follow these simple steps listed below:

Step One

Visit Samsung online support enter your television mobile number in the Search Support Box. This will take you directly to the support page of your television model.

Step Two

Once the page has come up, click on Information Page, wait for the next option to come up. Click on downloads. If you can’t find that scroll down and click on Manuals and Download. This will allow you to download the software updates on your PC.

Step Three

After the download, plug the USB drive into your computer and launch the downloaded software. The system will ask where you want the file to be unzipped, select the USB drive option. Ensure the USB flash have enough space. Once the downloaded file has been unzipped on your USB, plug the USB drive into the television.

Step Four

Grab the television remote, click the Home button, alternatively, you can select the Smart Hub icon. Once the information comes up, click on Settings.

Smart Hub button on Samsung smart TV remote

Step Five

Wait for the settings to bring out its options. Navigate down the options and click Support. After that, click on Software Update after this, click on Update Now. Once this is done, select the USB option on the screen. You will be notified that the system is scanning the USB.

Step Six

You have to exercise a little patience for the system to complete the scanning of the USB. Follow other instructions given by the system. Once the process is completed, the Television will automatically go off and turn on again. When the television is back on, the system will notify you that the software update has been completed.

Update Samsung TV Using USB

Step Seven

To confirm that the system is updated, scroll to Settings on your television. Click on Software Update, after that, click on Update Now. It will show that the system has been updated.

Update on Samsung smart TV

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