10 Best VESA Mount Adapters

When setting up an entertainment center or a desk setup, the TV or desktop monitor can take up a lot of space. They aren’t a small piece of technology to begin with, and most people like to invest in large screens for improved image quality and better viewing.

Nevertheless, a TV or desktop mount will come in handy in all scenarios. They allow you to clear up space to make room for other items. There are various types of mounts: fixed, tilt, full-motion, ceiling, etc. The main issue people run into with mounts is whether it is a perfect fit for the screen or not.

Most mount and TV or desktop companies use VESA as a mutual understanding of dimensions and measurements. The VESA standards refer to the four-hole attachment interface that is on the back of the displays and the screws that are used to fit them, as well as the placement of the hole pattern.

For the most part, these VESA hole placements are found in the center of the back of the display. The downside is that not all TVs and desktops have the compatible VESA hole placements needed which makes it difficult for people to mount up their screens.

Therefore, mount adapters come in handy and are very useful. They are affordable and thankfully they are not hard to get ahold of. Simply attach the mount adapter to the mount, and the attach the TV to the adapter.

It is a simple process and much more affordable than buying a whole new mount or display. Something to keep in mind, we recommend that you don’t rely on the maximum weight capacity of the mount adapter.

It is best to rely on the maximum weight capacity of the actual mount. Within the large variety of mounts, here are the ten that we recommend for TVs and computer monitors.

  1. Mount It! VESA Mount Adapter Plate
  2. Mount Plus 201P Adapter Bracket
  3. VIVO Steel VESA Mount Adapter Plate Brackets
  4. Mount Plus 1056 VESA Universal Adapter Plate
  5. VideoSecu Mount Adapter Plate
  6. Mount It! VESA Mount Adapter Kit
  7. VIVO Adapter VESA Mount
  8. Husky Mounts VESA Adapters
  9. HUANUO Universal VESA Mount Adapter
  10. WALI VESA Mount Bracket Adapter

Mount Adapters for TVs

1. Mount It! VESA Mount Adapter Plate

This mount adapter is a simple plate that is made out of solid heavy-gauge steel and can hold a maximum weight 66 pounds which is great compared to a lot of mount adapters.

It fits most 32” to 55” flat panel LED and LCD TVs. The mount adapter plate measures 16.5” x 8.75” and has several different mounting patterns. It converts 200×200, 200×100, 100×100, 75×75 and 50×50 mounting patterns to VESA 400×200, 300×200, 200×200, 200×100, 100×100. This mount adapter is actually great for TVs and monitors as well.

2. Mount Plus 201P Adapter Bracket

This mount is a bit different than the last because it comes in four different brackets rather than one plate. They fit most 23” to 42” TVs and are simple to attach to the wall mount.

These brackets only work with mount plates that are 4” x 4”, 75mm x 75mm, or 100mm x 100mm. The design of these brackets creates the perfect fit with no gaps between the TV holes and the mount. With these brackets, you will be able to upsize the VESA 200×100, 100×200, 200×150, 100×150 and 200×200.

3. VIVO Steel VESA Mount Adapter Plate Brackets

VIVO gives us these sturdy brackets that are very similar to the ones mentioned above. A great feature about these is that they support up to 99 pounds!

That is a great amount of weight in terms of mount adapters and it gives the buyer confidence that their TV will be safe and secure. These brackets make it possible for any screen to fit standard VESA mounts, even a larger LCD screen.

They have a solid steel design with a powder coat finish that will allow the brackets to have long-lasting quality. Each bracket is 10.5” in length. Secure, durable and scratch resistant: you can’t go wrong with these mount adapter brackets by VIVO.

4. Mount Plus 1056 VESA Universal Adapter Plate

If you are interested in converting your VESA dimensions 75×75 or 100×100 to fit 200×100 or 200×200, this plate will do the trick. It is a very simple and basic plate but it does the job.

It is very simple and easy to attach. It measures 9.5” x 8.9” and is low profile so it won’t be noticeable. With this solid construction, your TV will be set in place and you won’t need to worry about it falling and getting damaged.

5. VideoSecu Mount Adapter Plates

The mount adapter plates by VideoSecu are versatile in the way that it converts various VESA dimensions. There are four plates that attach to each corner of the VESA hole placements.

These plates have a loading capacity of 180 pounds! It is made of heavy gauge steel that’ll give your TV and mount amazing support. These plates will convert your VESA 200 wall mount to VESA 300/400/400×200.

Additionally, it extends VESA 400 to 600, 600 to 700 or 800, and 800 to 1000. As you can see, there are so many options for these plates which makes them great for use on most mounts.

6. Mount It! VESA Mount Adapter Kit

This VESA mount adapter kit comes with four brackets to convert VESA patterns in order to get compatibility between the mount and the TV. Made out of solid heavy steel, together they have the maximum loading capacity of 66pounds.

They are perfect for TVs that measure 32” and up to 55” TVs. These brackets will let you convert 200×200 VESA patterns to 400×200 and 400×400.

Additionally, they will convert 100×100 to 200×200 and 300×300. There are various different ways that you can set up these brackets to fit perfectly into your entertainment center.

7. VIVO STAND-VAD2 Adapter VESA Mount

This adapter is different than any of the mount adapters on this list. It comes with two parts, one bracket that attaches to the mount and a plate that attaches to the back of the screen.

Once attached, the screen portion can slide one the bracket and the two pieces click and lock into place. This design simplifies the whole process of attaching the adapter to the mount and then worrying about leveling the TV to the adapter.

It can carry a maximum of 22 pounds and is compatible with VESA dimensions 75×75 and 100×100. Once locked in, the TV is secure and you will be able to tilt and rotate it anyway you want. To detach, simply press the quick release lever and slide the TV out of the bracket.

8. Husky Mounts VESA Adapters

In a way, this adapter is a mix between a plate and brackets. The plate is a square-like shape and has one bracket attached to each corner. The entire mount adapter is made from heavy-duty steel to keep your TV secure and in place.

It’ll convert your 100×100 VESA to 200×200 and 200×100. This adapter would be great even for larger TVs. There are a few different ways that you can attach the adapter so that the brackets face the direction that best fit your TV.

Mount Adapters for Monitors

9. HUANUO Universal VESA Mount Adapter Kit

HUANUO gives us this amazing adapter for monitors that truly makes it easy to fit to your monitor. It has four “arms” that extend to accommodate the size of your monitor!

It easily converts and makes a non-VESA monitor fit a 75×75 and 100×100 VESA mount. it is perfect for monitors that are 17” to 32” and 1.18” to 2/95” in thickness.

It is made of powder-coated steel. This adapter is durable and well made to give you the reassurance of the safety of your monitor. With easy and simple assembly, you can enjoy your monitor and mount in no time.

10. WALI VESA Mount Bracket Adapter

If you have a monitor that is 13”to 27”, this mount adapter would work great! It converts non-VESA compatible monitors into 75×75 or 100×100 so that they can be attached to a mount.

This adapter supports 17.6 pounds or less and can fit a monitor with 1” to 2.75” of thickness. Thankfully, this mount adapter is built of high quality steel and will hold up your monitor securely without an issue.

With a sleek matte black finish and soft paddings to prevent scratches, your monitor and entire setup will be looking sharp.

Mount adapters have the power to enhance your entertainment center as well as your desktop area. They are excellent in clearing up space and providing a comfortable viewing position for the buyer.

Thankfully, they are not hard to find, nor are they expensive. Easily make your TV or monitor compatible with a mount by purchasing a mount adapter and enjoy the comfort.

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