What Kind Of Cable Uses BNC Connector?

Cables are essential for transmitting electric signals, and they require connectors to be able to carry out this function effectively. The BNC connector is one such connector.

This article will be reviewing the kind of cable that uses a BNC connector, its features and the functions of the cable.

What are BNC Connectors?

BNC, an acronym for Bayonet Neill- Concelman (the names of the inventors), is the name assigned to miniature fast connect/disconnect radio frequency connectors. They are used for coaxial cables and are attached to the ends of these cables.

BNC connectors were initially designed for military use. They were used for early computer networks, ethernet networks. In addition, they are designed to match the specific impedance (the measure of opposition to the flow of an alternating current) of cables at either 50 ohms or 75 ohms.

This means that you can find two versions of BNC connectors. Also, they are applied for frequencies (television, radio and video) below 4 GHz and below 500 volts.

What Are BNC Connectors Used For?

BNC connectors are used to collect signals in;

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Radio-frequency electronic equipments
  • Test instruments
  • Video signals
  • Avionics
  • Recording studios (digital recording equipments)

What Kind Cable Uses BNC Connectors?

It can be deduced from the above that coaxial cables are the cables that use BNC connectors. However, coaxial cables use other connectors with different frequency limits and applications. They include;

  • TNC connectors (Threaded- Neil Concelman connectors; they operate at a frequency of up to 12 GHz)
  • SMA connectors (SubMiniature version A; they operate at a frequency of 18 GHz)
  • SMB connectors ( SubMiniature version B; used in telecommunications hardware)
  • QMA connectors (quick-locking variants of SMA and are used in industrial and communication hardware)
  • RCA connectors ( Radio Corporation of America connectors also known as A/V Jacks; are used in older televisions)
  • F connectors ( also called F-types and are used indicated digital and cable TVs)

What are Coaxial Cables?

Coaxial cables are copper cables designed uniquely as a metal shield to hinder interference from electrical noise. These cables are called coaxial cables because they have two physical channels (inner and outer channels) that run along the same axis.

Types of Coaxial Cables

There are four types of coaxial cables;

  • Hard-line coaxial cables

These cables are commonly used to connect transmitters to antennas and combine different metals to form its shield (to block signal interference), e.g. aluminum.

  • Triaxial coaxial cables

They are called triaxial because they consist of an extra (third) layer of shielding to protect signals transmitted down the cable.

  • Rigid-line coaxial cables

These types contain twin copper tubes and are designed for indoor use between light power radio frequency transmissions.

  • Radiating coaxial cables

These cables have components that are similar to that of hard-line coaxial cables. However, these are different because they have tuned slots in the metal shield that are designed to match the radio frequency wavelength at which the cable operates. They are commonly used in elevators, underground tunnels and military equipment.

Uses of Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables are used in a lot of electrical equipment for domestic and industrial purposes. They were commonly used as Ethernet connectivity media in data centres and organizations but replaced by twisted pair cabling. The following are some of the uses of coaxial cables;

  • Short coaxial cables are used in; cable TVs, home video equipment.
  • They are used in amateur radio equipments
  • They are also used in measuring devices.
  • Coaxial cables are used in cable broadband internet.
  • They are used to connect satellite dishes, radio and television antennas to their respective receivers.
  • They are also used in automobiles and aircraft.
  • They are used in military equipment as well as medical equipment.
  • Telephone companies sometimes use them to connect their central offices to telephone poles near their customers.


Coaxial cables are the cables that make use of BNC connectors. BNC connectors are radio frequency connectors usually applied for frequencies below 4 GHz and voltages below 500 volts.

They are numerous connectors used for coaxial cables that transmit signals and radio frequencies in a different home and industrial equipment mentioned above.