Who Has The Cheapest TVs in 2022?

There are a lot of TV brands out there today, and you can already guess the big names. Most popular brands make expensive TVs with outstanding and unique features. Nonetheless, there are also cheap TVs from some brands that offer value with exceptional features. 

In today’s technology sphere, many brands are setting the pace with budget-friendly TVs of good quality. If you are looking to buy a cheap TV or compare brands, you are at the right place.

At the end of this article, you will know who has the cheapest TVs by brand and some of the best TVs at pocket-friendly prices.

Buying a Cheap TV

If you want to get a cheap TV, you should be looking out for smaller TVs as they are usually cheaper. Larger TVs are more expensive.

However, you don’t want to miss out on quality just because you want a cheap TV. A TV in this age should have basic features that allow you to have a great viewing experience. 

Cheap TV deals can be pretty tempting; however, if you’re not careful, you could buy a lemon. Some cheap TVs come with tons of inferior and limited features in reality.

So, it is essential to carefully review different TV brands and models to get the best tv for your budget and viewing pleasure.

When buying a cheap TV, it is important to factor in which brand is the most accepted and features like HDR compatibility, Smart Feature, 4K resolution, etc.

There are different cheap TV brands to buy from, and we have narrowed it down, so you know just where to look.

Best Time to Buy Cheap TVs

The best periods to get cheap deals on TVs are Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc. Most retail stores make seasonal sales yearly. Alternatively, you can check out Black Friday and Prime Day sales events.

Brands with the Cheapest TVs

As stated earlier, the famous and big TV brands usually offer high quality for money, so you may not be familiar with brands that offer great quality at super affordable prices. 

Fortunately, cheap TV deals are available at all big retailing stores all year round. There are always sales and weekly deals on TV, available on Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon platforms.

Below are three brands that have the cheapest TVs with the latest technology as well as unique features.

1. Hisense

This TV brand is also known as the ‘budget TV brand’, and it has very well earned that title. Hisense is a Chinese-owned brand with affordable TVs in different sizes and technologies like QLED, ULED, OLED, and even LASER TV technology.

They also have TVs with high resolutions like HDR and 4K. Their prices are competitive and the cheapest in the market. Also, Hisense’s consistency with affordable pricing has earned them the top spot on this list. Below is one of Hisense’s cheapest yet great value TVs.



The 40-inch Andriod TV from Hisense combines affordability with quality and the latest technology for a great viewing experience. It features a high definition of 1080p full HD resolution.

It delivers a sharp and precise picture quality. Users can access multiple streaming services and control the TV using a vice remote as a smart TV.

It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and Chromecast technology. In addition, it features a 120 Motion rate that helps reduces the lag of images during fast-moving scenes.

Users can also use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to a compatible soundbar, headphone or stereo component to their TV.

Never run out of port as this TV set comes with multiple connection ports – 2 HDMI Ports, 1 Ethernet Port, 2 USB Ports and 1 Digital Audio Output.


  • Product Dimension: 35.6 x 8 x 22.4 inches

● In-built Google Assistant 

● HD resolution 

● Bluetooth Audio 

● In-built voice remote

● Motion Rate 120

● In-built Chromecast


● Smart TV

● Very affordable 

● Great picture quality

● Easy to use

● In-built voice-control remote 


● It does not support Dolby Vision.

2. TCL

TCL is another Chinese-owned TV brand, and it is a prominent, budget-friendly TV brand that has created a niche for itself in the TV market.

TCL focuses on low-cost TVs while still incorporating the latest technology. TCL has one of the cheapest 8K TVs this year. 

However, most of their TV models with the best technology are reserved for their customers in China, their home base.

But this shouldn’t deter you from giving the brand a trial as they have some awesome TVs in the US and other countries where they are licensed to sell. Here’s one of their cheapest TVs. 

Recommended: TLC 43-INCH ROKU TV


The 43-INCH ROKU TV from TLC is a smart TV with a 4k resolution. It features HDR+10 technology that delivers a bright and precise colour for a real-time viewing experience.

With this TV’s personalised and straightforward home screen, users can access tons of streaming channels hassle-free.

It comes with Roku TV software and a simple remote control alongside a built-in tuner that allows users to watch over-the-air HD content.

Features of TLC 43-INCH ROKU TV

● Product Dimensions: ‎38.2 x 7.6 x 24.5 inches

● Google Assistant 

● 4K resolution 

● Roku TV integration

● HDMI Ports: 3

● USB Port: 1

● Smart remote control


● Smart TV

● Very affordable 

● Great resolution 

● Easy to use 

● Simple, intuitive interface for easy navigation

● Good remote control 


● It does not support Dolby Vision.

● Not compatible with HDMI 2.1

3. Vizio TV

Our list of the cheapest TVs in the market will be incomplete without Vizio. The Vizio brand is an independent company founded in 2002 and situated in Califonia. And it has gradually become a household name in the TV industry as it offers users quality TV for less price.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest TVs in the market, Vizio always comes through. The brand combines new technologies with low prices. Vizio is one of the TV brands with leading HD TVs.

Their TV sizes range from 24 inches to the latest Cinemawide TV, which is about 58 inches. Below is our top pick for Vizio TV.

Recommended: Vizio OLED TV


The 55-inch Vizio OLED TV is currently one of the cheapest TVs. This TV series is packed with tons of premium features. Aside from being a 4k OLED display TV, it is a smart TV, and as a smart TV, users can access tons of online content.

In addition, it features some app integration like Netflix. The Vizio OLED TV comes with an improved remote control design and excellent sound. Also, with its inbuilt Google cast and Airplay support, users can cast directly to their TV.

Features of Vizio OLED TV

  • Product Dimensions: 48.9 x 9.84 x 30.75 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • HDMI ports: 4
  • USB ports: 1
  • Supports Airplay
  • Google cast integration
  • Smart TV remote
  • 4k resolution

Pros of Vizio OLED TV

  • Affordable
  • Excellent picture quality
  • smartCast integration
  • Great audio quality

Cons of Vizio OLED TV

  • Average gaming experience

4. LG

The LG TV brand has become a household name as it offers cheap TVs with its unique OLED technology and smart WebOS platforms.

The brand’s primary focus isn’t on technology as their TVs don’t support HDR+10 like most big brands’ TVs. However, a considerable percentage of their TVs support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

LG focuses on having a wide variety of budget TVs in different sizes to suit different consumer needs. The TV below is one of the cheapest TVs from LG.

Recommended: LG 24-INCH SMART TV


Although it is small in size and not of the same features as others listed above, the LG 24-inch TV is a smart TV with the WebOS feature. It features HD technology that delivers precise images with excellent contrast, vibrant colours and resolution.

As a smart TV with a WEB operating system, this TV comes with a streaming capacity. Also, it comes with streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Prime Video, etc. Hence, users can access a ton of content in the comfort of their homes.

Mounting this TV is easy as it comes with the necessary tools compatible with any industry-standard VESA mount. In the connection department, this TV set features both HDMI and USB connectivity technology.

Features of LG 24-INCH SMART TV

● Product Dimensions: ‎5.9 x 22.2 x 15.5 inches

● WebOS platform 

● HD resolution 

● Built-in speaker

● Magic Remote 


● Smart TV

● Very affordable

● Easy connection

● Wide viewing angle.

● Simple, intuitive interface for easy navigation


● It does support Dolby Vision. 

● Not compatible with HDR10


With our recommendation above, you should be able to navigate through some of the cheapest TV available in the market. Remember to not compromise on quality and compare prices and features to get the best deals possible.