5 Reasons Your Samsung TV is so Dark and Fixes

Samsung has been dominating the tech industry for quite a while now. And one of the greatest focuses of Samsung is their cutting-edge TV. As one of the leading companies in the tech industry, they are responsible for making a new model of TV every year.

But if you are a Samsung TV user who is dealing with the problem of the dark screen, you are not the only one. Many users have reported this problem in recent years. However, the great news is, with the right information in hand, the problem is easily fixable.

So, without any further ado, let us dive right in and find out 5 fixes for your Dark screen on Samsung TV.

Why is your Samsung TV Dark and What is the Solution?

1. Picture mode

One of the main reasons your Samsung TV might look so dark is due to the picture mode. Not all picture mode is the same or has the same purpose. So, you have to find the right model to get the best TV experience.

Some of the available options in a Samsung TV are,

  1. Standard: This is the picture mode that is set by default. It is optimal for most of the view environment. But if your room is too bright, this might result in a slightly darker viewing experience.
  2. Dynamic: This is a bight picture mode. So, in case you are dealing with a dark screen, you can opt for this option.
  3. Movie: This picture mode is designed to watch movies in the dark. But will look immensely dark in bright lights and regular use.
  4. Natural: This is designed to offer you a comfortable experience if you plan on watching the TV for a long time.

2. Backlight settings

By default, the backlight setting is set to somewhere in the middle. But if that is not enough for your environment, the screen may look relatively dark,

You can easily fix this problem by going to the backlight setting and crank it up until you are satisfied with the result. Depending on your model, the backlight setting might be labeled as brightness.

3. Watch in SDR

Contrary to popular belief when it comes to HDR vs SDR, opting for HDR is not always a good course of action. Even though things might look special in the HDR setting, there is no shame in swapping to SDR for a brighter viewing experience.

As HDR picture tends to look darker, this option is always viable for any user.

4. Changing Gamma

Every Samsung TV has a dedicated Gamma setting. In most cases, the gamma is preset to 2.2. But in case your screen looks darker than you want it to be, you can lower the gamma setting by a few points to make the picture look brighter.

5. Energy-saving mode

Many Samsung TV has a built-in energy-saving mode, that saves energy. But on the downside, you get less brightness and quality of the picture.

If you see the energy start logo on your screen, go to the picture mode and set it to standard instead of energy saving to brighten up your screen.

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