8 Fixes for Youtube Not Working on Fire Stick

YouTube is one of the best online streaming services available, and we can stream our favorite YouTube videos and upload content for our online audience. On the other hand, the Amazon Fire Stick allows you to stream your favorite videos on your TV screen, mind-blowing.

Now, imagine having YouTube and the Amazon Fire TV Stick where you can download right from its apps menu. Having a smart TV, YouTube’s high speed and high-quality videos, and Alexa’s AI intelligence on Fire Stick turn your home into a cinema. Folks, it’s time to invite friends over.

But then, YouTube suddenly stops working on Fire Stick; either the YouTube app keeps crashing, or it just won’t work; it’s a frustrating episode, and we understand.

This article will guide you through the causes and fixes for the YouTube app not working on your Fire Stick. Let’s get started.

Why is YouTube not Working on my Fire Stick?

One mistake YouTubers keep making is using the app on too many devices, and it’s not entirely their fault. Anyone would love to enjoy YouTube’s services as often as possible.

YouTube has error messages for identifying specific problems which you can efficiently resolve, although YouTube can still malfunction with no apparent cause.

The following reasons can make YouTube not work on Fire Stick:

Causes of Youtube Not Working on Fire Stick
  • Poor Internet connection
  • Broken YouTube server
  • Uncleared YouTube cache
  • Software issues
  • Outdated Fire Stick or YouTube

How to Fix YouTube TV not Working on Fire Stick?

Fix YouTube Not Working on Fire Stick

Now let’s take an in-depth look at the various methods to fix the issue of YouTube not working on your Fire Stick. We’ve compiled multiple troubleshooting methods collected from hours of research in different communities and after a series of tests.

Method 1

Check internet connection

Using an inconsistent internet connection can keep videos loading forever. We recommend a high-speed internet connection for an optimal viewing experience.

How to check your internet connection with your Fire TV remote:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, select Network.
  • Next, tap the Play/Pause button on your remote.

The connection status will pop up on your TV screen.

Method 2

Restart the router

As simple as this step is, it works. Please try it out; follow the steps below to restart your router.

  • Unplug the router.
  • Wait for at least one minute before you plug in the router.
  • Wait for it to restart and check if the problem is fixed.

Method 3

Restart YouTube TV

Force-stopping YouTube stops all activity in the app, including all features or malfunction in the background.

Here’s how to force stop YouTube:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Applications.
  • Select Managed Installed Applications.
  • Select YouTube TV and click Force Stop.

Method 4

Restart the Fire Stick

You can restart your fire stick in different ways, with or without the remote.

Restart the Fire TV with a button combination:

  • Press and hold the Select and Play/Pause button.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the Fire Stick to restart.

You can also unplug the Fire Stick from your TV’s HDMI port and the power outlet. Wait for one or two minutes before plugging it back in.

Method 5

Clear YouTube app cache

Clearing cache on your apps helps them to perform better. It’s important to regularly clear cache because it gets rid of unnecessary information. It gets harder for your YouTube and Fire Stick to work because they process useless information.

To save your apps and device from crashing:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Applications.
  • Select Managed Installed Applications.
  • Scroll down and click on YouTube TV.
  • Clear Cache and Clear Data. Check if this troubleshooting step worked.

Method 6

Check YouTube server

If YouTube servers are down, there’s practically nothing you can do about it, and all you should do is wait it out. Consult Downdetector to check if your YouTube (or any other app) has a problem from their end.

Method 7

Update the YouTube app

Update your YouTube app, check for updates as often as possible to get rid of bugs and glitches.

  • Open Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • Click on Menu.
  • Select My Apps and Games.
  • Search for the YouTube icon, which resembles a magnifying glass.
  • Select Update.

You can also uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app.

Method 8

Factory Reset Fire Stick

Resetting your Fire Stick comes as the last option in our collection of fixes for you because it deletes all personalized information and customized settings. Now you have to download all apps again and customize your settings over again.

Follow the outlined steps below to reset your Fire Stick to default settings:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select My Fire TV.
  • Click on Reset To Factory Default. After this, a pop-up message appears on the screen to confirm if you want to reset the TV Fire Stick.
  • Select Confirm.

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How to Download YouTube on the Amazon Fire Stick

Dear reader, we’ve decided to add extra info that’ll guide you on how to download YouTube on your Amazon Fire Stick.

  1. Access the Menu at the top of the homepage with your remote.
  2. Navigate to Social Media.
  3. Next, look out for the YouTube app in the available options.
  4. Select Download.
  5. After downloading, open it right there or go back to the homepage to start YouTube.

Wait a minute! You can’t have access to YouTube and personalize videos almost immediately.

There’s one more step:

  •  Sign in using your Google account to YouTube.

For a better and faster experience, you can use Alexa to find YouTube as fast as possible, say “YouTube,” and Alexa does all the work. Also, YouTube is free on Fire Stick.


How can I uninstall and install YouTube on Fire TV?

  • Open Settings on Fire TV.
  • Navigate to Applications.
  • Select Manage Installed Applications.
  • Scroll downwards to find YouTube click on Uninstall.
  • Then download the original version again from the Play Store or the App Store.

Why should I clear cache on my device and app?

Restarting your device prevents the cache from storing on your device. Appliances connected to the internet all day inadvertently use up more storage. Your Fire Stick can get slower with memory being taken up continuously.

Restarting your device and clearing the cache can help your device and apps function better.

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