How to Fix YouTube TV Audio Out of Sync

Many people often complain about the audio out-of-sync issue when watching YouTube TV. As a result, people believe they are not getting their money’s worth.

YouTube TV is compatible with many streaming media devices, including Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku players and TVs, and Amazon Fire TV. Smart TVs and game consoles can also use the YouTube TV app.

YouTube TV is entertaining until the video loses its ability to keep up with the audio. When the audio on YouTube is out of sync, it’s pretty unsettling.


Many factors can cause audio out of sync on YouTube videos or TV.

If YouTube TV audio out of sync is driving you crazy, stay tuned to find out how to fix the problem.

So please take a deep breath and relax as I inform you that it’s a general problem with a few remedies. We’ve also aligned everything for your convenience; look at these and see which one works best for you.

4 Easiest Possible Ways to fix Audio Out of Sync

To make your Watch-time more relaxing, we’ve compiled a list of four effective solutions for fixing YouTube audio video out of sync:

1. Connection Problem

This could be a significant cause of your YouTube audio being out of sync with the video.

Maybe it’s just a problem with your internet server’s connection. So, before moving further, give it a shot and see if the speed of your internet connection is comparable to what you’re used to.

If that isn’t the case, keep reading to find out the following option for your situation.

2. Restart the device

If you want to view YouTube TV on a smart device such as a smartphone or television, you should give this simple hack a shot. Reboot the device; this will aid in the removal of any transient bugs, cookies, or errors. It will also resolve the audio-video out-of-sync issue in a matter of seconds.

Because our Smart devices continue to gather and accept cookies and bugs from Chrome, this is often the case. As a result, audio and visuals are not synchronized during watch time.

If you’re not having problems with this, perhaps the third fix is the one you’re looking for; take a look:

3. Search for updates on YouTube, Your TV or Device

Audio out of sync can also be caused by an older version of YouTube that you may have forgotten to update to the most recent version.

If this is your issue and you’re on a PC, go to your device’s app store and see if there are any updates available. You can also reinstall YouTube to improve its performance on your device.

You should also check for updates on your TV or on any device you’re experiencing the issue.

Are your video and audio still out of sync? Don’t give up yet; this fourth option might be the best fit for you. Keep an eye out!

4. Check out other videos or shows on YouTube

We can become so focused on finding answers that we lose sight of the problem. The very video you’re watching could be the problem! To check, change to a different video, show, or movie for a while.

This will confirm that the content you were viewing before was not defective or causing the audio to be out of sync. The duration of the video is sometimes longer than the tempo of the audio; thus, the content we watch is frequently wrong; this throws off the audio-video balance.

If that’s the case, click on your profile image > send feedback to make a complaint about erroneous content.

That concludes our discussion.

Why is my YouTube audio messed up?

The Web browser you’re using could be to blame for any sound problems you’re having. An easy fix for the sound problem is restarting your browser and reloading the YouTube video. However, if the audio problems remain, deleting your browsing history and cache may help.

If none of the other methods work, deleting and reinstalling the YouTube app may be your only option; this will clear any potentially damaging data linked with the app and give it a fresh start.

If your YouTube video is loading but not playing, you can check out our guide on how to fix it.

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