How to Fix YouTube TV Not Working on Samsung TV

The YouTube TV app not working is commonly experienced by users of Samsung TVs. Several factors could be responsible for this problem. In this article, we will be looking at why this problem happens and what can be done to fix it.

Why does YouTube TV not work on my Samsung TV?

YouTube TV Not Working Causes

1. Unsupported tv model

When using YouTube TV on Samsung TV models that aren’t supported, problems may appear. You won’t use the YouTube TV app if your model isn’t supported, such as the EH5300 or FH6200. Don’t forget to double-check your model’s compatibility. It’s possible that YouTube won’t work on Samsung TV due to this.

2. Hardware and Memory problems

Your TV’s overlay memory or a botched hardware update could be the blame. Most people know that Samsung Smart TVs feature a top-of-the-line Smart Hub user interface. As a result of the Smart Hub’s frequent use, programs like YouTube may become unresponsive or unavailable entirely. You may have to do a system reset on your TV to fix this problem.

3. Application incompatibility

According to reports, YouTube TV videos don’t load for some Samsung Smart TV users. Rather than seeing the complete image, users get a glimpse. The internet protocol and DNS settings are the issue’s roots in many cases.

4. License Issues

When you watch videos on YouTube on your Samsung TV, you may face a playback error saying, “Sorry, there was an error licensing this video”. This issue has to do with YouTube licensing and has been prevalent since March 2015. This means that while you can use other apps and websites on your Samsung TV, YouTube will stay stubbornly unavailable.

How do I fix YouTube TV not working on my Samsung TV?

1. Restart your Smart TV and Router

fix YouTube TV not working on my Samsung TV

Try a simple reset of your Smart TV and router before moving on to more complicated fixes. If you’re having trouble loading YouTube TV, try performing a power cycle to clear the cache and remove unnecessary files. Restart your router, TV, and modem by unplugging them for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Using a socket wrench, remove the power cord from the outlet socket. Do not turn off your Samsung device using the remote control or the power button.
  • Unplug all connected electronics from the wall, such as the TV, Router, and modem.
  • Wait a few minutes before continuing.
  • Wait for a good connection to be established after plugging in your modem and router.
  • Connect your TV’s power cord and turn it on after the connection is established.
  • Restart the app and see whether you can watch videos.
  • You may want to try a different option if you’re still experiencing problems with the YouTube TV app.

2. Restart the YouTube TV app

After you’ve tried the first method above, don’t bother accessing anything. All you have to do is to restart the app. You can do this by pressing the back arrow on your remote; it will take you to the Smart Hub section. In the Smart Hub section, you’ll see the ‘ YouTube icon”; select it and start it up again.

3. Clear the cache from your Samsung Smart TV

Just like your computer and phone browsers, the Samsung TV stores files in formats called cookies and caches. As vital as these cookies and caches are, they can cause unforeseen errors. Go over to your device’s settings to clear up data and cache

4. Download and update the YouTube app on your Samsung TV

YouTube TV Not Working Fixes

It could be that the version of the YouTube app on your Samsung TV is outdated and can lead to poor app functioning. To resolve this, check for the app’s latest updates, and if there are, install the most recent version.

You have to keep up with the recent updates of the YouTube app because it may require the app to run on your TV or connect to the server to stream media. You can also fix update errors with newly installed versions of YouTube.

  • On your Samsung remote, press the Smart Hub button. On the next page that comes up, navigate to the “features” section.
  • Locate the YouTube app among the listed apps shown on the screen.
  • Use your remote control and press and hold the enter button. A sub-menu on your TV screen would appear.
  • When the sub-menu appears, locate and choose the option showing “update apps.”
  • Touch ” select all.”
  • You’ll see the update ” Update All button.” Select it.
  • Relax until the installation is over, and then restart your Smart TV.
  • When your TV comes on, relaunch the YouTube app and check for any errors.

Frequently asked questions

Can YouTube TV work on my Samsung TV?

Yes, the YouTube TV app can work on your Samsung TV. To get the YouTube app, go over to your device app store, search for “YouTube TV,” select and install it. 

How do I refresh YouTube on my Samsung TV?

To refresh YouTube on your Samsung TV,  press ‘Settings’ on your remote control, navigate to apps, open it, and you’ll see “uninstall latest update” select it and choose force stop YouTube app. Wait for 2 minutes and open your YouTube app again.

How do I restart an app on my Samsung Smart TV?

Most people prefer to press and hold down the power button until the TV goes off and comes up again, typically taking about 4-5 secs.

How often should you reboot your smart TV?

It’s advisable to reboot your smart TV at least once every month. By doing this, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by cleaning out the clutter, preventing freezing while watching TV, errors with signing in, and service malfunction.