How to View and Delete YouTube Viewing History

Anyone with a working smartphone and internet connection uses YouTube or, has at least, heard of it. It is one incredible online streaming platform that’s not only entertaining but also educative. Lately, it has become a goldmine of information for anyone who wishes to learn in a fun, interactive way.

YouTube Watch History is the section that contains a list of all the videos you’ve watched recently. It doesn’t only show you the videos you watched completely, but also the ones you watched halfway or for a few minutes. It will be on your watch history as long as you’ve opened the video.

In today’s article, we will be showing you different ways to view, pause and delete your YouTube viewing history.

How To View YouTube Viewing/Watch History

There are two ways to view your YouTube Watch History; you can either view it through the mobile app on your phone and PC or through a web browser. 

Viewing On Phone/PC

If you’re viewing through the YouTube app on your mobile phone, tablet or PC, it means you’re already signed in. So all you have to do is:

  • Open the application. You’ll be shown a page filled with recommended videos and video updates from channels you’re subscribed to. 
  • At the bottom right corner of the page, you’ll see the Library option. Click on it, and it’ll take you to another page where your videos have been organized into different folders.
  • Click on History

It might take a few seconds to open. A list of all the movies you’ve watched will be shown to you once it does. 

Viewing On A Web Browser

To see your YouTube history on a web browser:

  • Start by opening the app on it. After that, sign in to your account.
  • On the top left corner of the first page, you’ll see three lines indicating a menu. Click on it, and then click History. 
  • A list of the videos you’ve watched will be revealed. 

How To Pause YouTube Viewing/Watch History

As we’ve mentioned above, in addition to viewing your watch history, you can also pause and delete it. 

Pausing Through The App On A Mobile Phone/PC

  • After opening the History section, there’s a three-dot menu indicator at the top corner. 
  • Click on it. A drop-down list of options will show up. 
  • Click on History Controls.
  • Another page will come up. Then click on Pause Watch History.

Pausing Through A Web Browser

  • Sign in to your YouTube account. 
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Next, tap Settings.
  • Another tab, History, and Privacy, will come up. There, you’ll see the option to pause your watch history. 
  • Click on it, and that’s it!

How To Delete YouTube Watch History

Since we have gone through how to view and pause your watch history, let’s see how to delete it. We’ll show you ways to delete your search history on Android, a computer, and an iPhone/iPad for this section. 

How To Delete YouTube Watch History On Android, Computer, And iPhone/iPad

The process of deleting your watch history on each of these devices is straightforward. We assume you’re already logged in or signed in to your YouTube account based on the instructions above. 

On the same History & Privacy page, click on the Clear Watch History option, and voila! All the listed videos will be permanently deleted from your history. 

See? Simple!

If You Want To Delete Only One Or Two Videos

All you have to do is, go back to the history list. Beside each video, there’s a menu option in the form of three dots by the side. Click on it, then select Remove From Watch History.

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