4 Fixes for YouTube White Screen Error

YouTube is one of the most flexible tech innovations of all time. The “Home of Content,” as I fondly call it, is like a library of solutions to all life’s problems. 

As of December 2021, there were over 50 million content creators on YouTube across various niches compared to the total world population pegged at 7.9 billion people.

This fact means that for every 158 visits on Youtube, there’s a chance that one content creator has solved your problem (the reason you’re on the app).

Now, I get different questions from various users about why they keep getting a white screen error. As an ardent user, I have also come across this error.

As you already know, I create my articles on Tvtotalkabout primarily to solve your problems, and this article will not be an exception. In this particular article, I will highlight the causes of YouTube White Screen error and the possible fixes.


These are practical experiences, research-based, tested, and proven fixes, so you need not worry.

Causes of YouTube White Screen Error

Knowing how to solve a problem is not always enough, but getting the root (understanding the causes) is essential.

This is why I will be highlighting the main causes of the YouTube White Screen Error.

You can come across a Youtube White Screen error when your YouTube app or browser (Firefox, Chrome, and so on) cannot correctly load videos; this can be as a result of:

  1. Faulty device driver
  2. Badly Installed Flash player
  3. Virus-infected data

Now that we understand the cause of this error, we can then delve into the fixes.

Fixes For YouTube White Screen Error

Fixes for YouTube White Screen error can be in two forms, just as we have device categories. The fixes I’ll highlight here will solve for the YouTube app on phones and YouTube access on PC.

For Phones and Tablets (IOS and Android)

To fix the error on your phones, either android or IOS, follow the steps below:

  • Consider updating your device’s operating system.
  • Clear your phone cache.
  • Scan and clean your device for possible viruses.

For Personal Computer

I will highlight 4 main fixes under this section, one of which should solve your problem. To fix the YouTube White Screen error, listed below are the fixes: 

  1. Install Latest Updates For Your Drivers

Outdated drivers on your device can result in Youtube White Screen errors. If this error is persistent, peradventure youtube goes blank/white, and you cannot see anything. After running a quick check and discovering that any of your browsers cannot play, you should try installing new updates.

How this works is that every new update is accompanied by bug fixes that solve errors like this. Below is a quick method to update your device drivers:

  • Press the Windows button.
  • Search for Device Manager.
  • Select and launch it.
  • Locate and update associated drivers.
  1. Try Clear Browser/Youtube Cache

Whenever you go online via any browser, much data is automatically stored on the device accessing those sites; this is so because it helps you load the page two times faster than usual on your next visit to the same page.

All this data is called cache. Caches that are wrongly matched can cause a series of errors, one of which can be the YouTube White Screen error.

To clear your cache, follow the steps below:

  • Launch your Browser/Youtube.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  • Follow the information prompt.
  • Select Time Range.
  • Select Clear Data.
  1. Install New Updates For Flash Player

You might wonder what flash players are? Flash Players are programs developed to efficiently access media content online at an improved speed and picture quality.

When this is outdated, there is a chance that YouTube access might be affected. Do not panic; update it instead. To update flash players: 

  • Visit the Adobe official website.
  • Download the recent version of Flash Player.
  • Launch and install after download
  • Be patient for the update to complete.
  1. Uninstall or Remove Ad Blocker

Youtube generates a significant part of its revenue through adverts, so ads popping up on the app are inevitable. 

This is why some people resort to installing/activating AdBlocker. Although it serves its purpose, AdBlocker can cause the YouTube white screen error. To solve this error, you have to do the following:

  • Uninstall or deactivate AdBlocker.
  • Restart your device.


As the most flexible tech innovation and with over a billion content cutting across different niches, YouTube is undoubtedly one of the essential apps to humanity today.

If you are faced with the YouTube White Screen error, you should be able to find your way through any combination of fixes listed above.