What Does OPC Mean on A Sharp TV? 

Sharp TVs have Optical Picture Control technology that constantly changes the screen brightness. The OPC LED becomes green when the OPC is turned on. An OPC LED that flashes indicate that there is a problem with your Aquos television.

Sharp TV

On the other hand, the use of television may render it obsolete after a certain period. The television, for example, may not function properly, or the picture tube may not display sharp colors.

However, another vital thing could suggest that the television isn’t working properly as it should. When the television isn’t working properly, its lights will blink. The lights indicate the present state of the television. For instance, it shows whether it is in a partially functional state or if anything has gone wrong.

What is OPC on TV?

Optical Picture Control, or OPC, is a light sensor system that changes the brightness of the TV based on the amount of light in the room. When the light level is low, the OPC software automatically enhances the brightness of the TV screen, and when the light level is high, it automatically decreases the brightness.

The blinking of lights, notably on the control panel or the Optical Picture Control (OPC), indicates problems with the television’s internal system. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the specific nature of the problem. In this post, we’ll go over the possible implications and issues that can cause the lights on the television’s control panel to flicker.

We’ll also go through some ways of getting the TV back to its original state without any flashing lights.

Firmware, to put it simply, is software integrated into hardware, and it can be found in practically all electrical devices, including Tvs. The television lights will most likely blink when the firmware is not working properly or requires an update, indicating that it is time to update the software.

This is because new technologies emerge yearly, and they must be compliant for your television to function properly. Calling an expert or downloading the firmware program on a USB drive are the options for updating the firmware. After that, you may plug the USB into the television’s connector and download it to the screen.

After that, double-check that the USB is suitable for the television port, as inappropriate insertion may cause your television to malfunction.

How Do I Make The OPC On My Sharp TV To Work Again?

You can restore the OPC on your Sharp TV by turning it on and waiting for it to power. Press for a few minutes the “input” and “channel down” buttons on the remote while the TV is turned on, then press “Service mode” and then “Factory Reset.” Lastly, allow the television to restart.

Reset Your Television.

The lights may be blinking because your television isn’t set to the default settings. There could be a problem with your television’s setting, which can be corrected as needed.

You can achieve this by ensuring that it is in the default position and returning the television to its original setting. After you’ve installed the default settings, you can experiment with customizing things like color and sound to see if the problem still exists. If it persists, you can take your television to a professional.

To set the default settings, you need to read the television manual carefully and follow the instructions. All televisions have different default settings, and one default option may not suit another.