Small TV Size Guide

A small TV can still make a big difference, it just has to be the right size.

The television market is driven by a simple philosophy: bigger is better. However, there is still a need in the market for good small TVs. Not everyone needs a TV big enough to make a window look small.

small Samsung tv
Samsung 40″ 5500 Series HD 1080p LED TV

Small TVs fulfil needs that big TVs do not. There are many use cases for small TVs. You may want a TV in a room other than your living room. A monstrous TV is not going to be appropriate for a late-night movie in bed, or to catch up on some shows while you’re in the kitchen.

It may well be a replacement for your computer monitor as well. After all, the image quality that a TV offers is far superior to a computer monitor. A small TV could be the right option if you want something to stream movies and play games.

TV brands have been developing bigger and bigger screens and it can be a little challenging to find a good small TV. You will have a hard time finding many varieties of TV that is under 30 inches and which is not old stock.

Additionally, buying a small TV is a little more complicated than buying a big TV. Small TVs will not cost you a fortune, but they come with different specifications, and you can make many choices.

Small TV Sizes on the Market Today

Some of the most widely produced and bought small TVs in the market today are 19 inches, 24 inches, 32 inches, and 43 inches.

19 inch TVs are perfect for cars and people who have a very mobile lifestyle. These screens are pretty small are just a little bigger than a laptop. You can explore some of our best 19 inch TVs.

24 and 32 inch TVs on the other hand are perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms. They’re also great for gaming, studio apartments, kitchens, and kids’ bedrooms. Our top picks are the Toshiba 31.5-inch Smart HD TV and the Insignia 24-inch Smart HD TV if you’re on a budget.

A 43-inch tv on the other hand is the just-right size of small tv for smaller living rooms or spaces. It definitely wouldn’t offer the same immersive experience as big tv screens but it’s just enough to enjoy content while seated a short distance from the TV. The SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series which comes in 4K UHD is perfect if you’ve got a slightly larger budget while TCL 43-inch Class 4-Series is perfect if you’re on a tighter budget.

The 48 inch small TVs are not as popular as the others on this list but they’re still widely demanded. This TV is perfect for people looking for a near mid-sized TV. This TV size allows for up to 8 feet viewing distance so it’s ok for small spaces or bedrooms. Our top pick for this size is the LG OLED C1 Series 48” with Alexa Built-in. This TV has really great display and is perfect for wall mounting.

Looking for the right small tv for you? Let’s delve a little deeper.

How TV inches work

Before we go around talking about TV sizes, we need to mention how TV inches work. In the television business, sizes are measured in inches. This is different from the total size of a television.

The diagonal measurement of television is used to determine its size. The claimed TV size is measured diagonally in inches. This implies that a 32-inch TV has a screen that measures 32 inches diagonally.

Small smart tv
32 inches Sharp TV

This excludes any outside bezels or panels that may be present around the screen. For example, a 32-inch Samsung Neo TV will be 28.5 inches long, 18.8 inches tall, and 6.1 inches thick.

So, that brings us to the question- how small are we talking? In today’s market, any TV under 50-inch can be considered a small TV. Some could argue 50-inch is a big one, and they wouldn’t necessarily be wrong.

There is a bit of a blurred line at 50-inches. But big TVs are as big as 85 inches nowadays, so 50 is a good point of difference to consider. The more popular size is 43 inches.

On the lower end, we could get a 32-inch TV. Any TV smaller than that can be categorized as a tiny TV. Frankly, those days are gone.

If you’re buying a small TV, your primary concern should be the space where your TV will be placed. If you do not have a big unobstructed wall, then a big TV is out of the question.

It is not only about the price of the TV but about how it will enhance your space. The right TV will not take away your precious space and will not feel out of place either.

Small TV Viewing Distance

A good measure for determining the appropriate TV size is to consider your viewing distance. If your viewing distance is around 7ft, you should consider a TV that is 48 inches.

If your viewing distance is shorter, you can get a smaller TV. Another popular TV size is 43 inches, which is best for a 6ft viewing distance. If you are going to be close to the TV, let’s say 4 ft away, then 32 inches could be good enough.

However, at this close range, you may start noticing the pixels that make up the TV screen. So, we recommend you get a full HD screen.

Measure your Space

It is a good idea to measure the space you must place a TV before you buy one. In addition to the TV, you also need to account for a TV console. If you have limited space, then wall mounts are your best option.

However, despite having your TV mounted, you will still need space to store other items like a TV box, or a gaming console. There are many different choices of wall mounts, also called TV brackets.

We recommend getting one that will let you tilt and swivel your TV so that you can get the perfect viewing angle, and later change it if you desire.

After you’ve examined the space, you should consider the purpose of the TV. We have mentioned the ideal viewing distance and the inches above, another way to look at this is based on which room you will place it in.

If you are looking for a TV that you want to place in the kitchen, the smaller the better. Look for a TV that is either 32 inches like the Samsung Frame TV. It will also add to your aesthetic. If even 32 inches is too big for your space, consider a TV that is 28 inches or even smaller.

LG and Vizio have some good TVs of smaller sizes. If you are looking for a TV in this range, then you do not need to worry about getting a high-resolution TV as well.

The screen will be small, and you will not see the pixels. An HD screen, which is 720p, is good enough, though you can also find some full-HD (1080p) options at 32 inches.

Small TVs around 43 inches are best for watching everyday TV and movies, especially in the bedroom. A 43-inch TV can also be an appropriate size if you have a small living room. 

At this point, TV display technology will start to matter, especially if you will be sitting close to the TV. For a good viewing experience make sure you have 1080p resolution.

If you are looking for a TV for your living room, then we recommend that you opt for a 48 inch TV. A larger screen will mean that you will get better image quality with 4K displays, and at this range, there are a lot of products from a variety of manufactures.

You will be able to make a good choice from all the options present. 48-inch TVs are also good for viewing sports or gaming. Most brands have high-end features like 4K display, higher refresh rate, QLED/OLED screens, Smart TVs, and all connectivity features at this size as well. You will not miss out on the latest tech that the TV market has to offer as well.

TVs that are 43 or 48 inches can also be placed on dedicated TV stands. These are a popular alternative to wall mounts since they can enhance your living room and are ideal for storing DVDs, consoles, or cables, and come in a variety of styles.

Best Small TVs on the market today

TCL’s 43 inch TV is a good value for money. You get 4K resolution with this TV. Another small TV at 24 inches is VIZIO Smart TV that has a Full HD resolution with good connectivity features.

At 32-inch you should check out Samsung Frame QLED TV, it is a really impressive TV with a unique design. If you are looking for slightly more inches then a 48- inch Sony OLED TV might be the right one for you. 

There you have it, our guide to small TVs. Remember, a small TV can be perfect for your space if you have considered how you will be using it.