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2 Ways to Reset Sony Bravia TV

Sony Bravia is one of the different brands of Sony TVs in the market. This TV runs on the Andriod operating system, which is also … Read more

Ways to Skip Ads on Hulu


7 Ways to Skip Ads on Hulu

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WPS on a Router

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What is WPS on a Router?

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what is a DVR system

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DVR System: How it Works

Over the years, the need for video surveillance has increased both at commercial and residential levels. Video surveillance plays a vital role in different critical … Read more


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What is IMEI-SV?

All smart gadgets come with unique codes. Most of these codes enable easy tracking of the gadget in case of theft or loss. So, it … Read more

Using Samsung Smart Switch

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How To Use Samsung Smart Switch

Today, we use wireless transmission effortlessly. Instead of going through the painstaking process of transferring data over Bluetooth and spending the next couple of hours … Read more