Samsung QVO vs EVO: which one is better

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Samsung QVO vs EVO

Samsung, arguably the most popular SSD brand on the market, just announced a new SSD line to complement their existing popular options, the Samsung 870 … Read more

ways to change your airpods name

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2 Ways to Change AirPod Name

Apple AirPods is one of the best and fast-selling wireless headphones in the market. They are durable, strong, and have the latest technology integration. The … Read more

WPS on a Router

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What is WPS on a Router?

Device connectivity has gone beyond those provided by mobile service providers. You can use either a mobile connection or a Wi-Fi connection to access the … Read more

what is a DVR system

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What is a DVR System?

Over the years, the need for video surveillance has increased both at commercial and residential levels. Video surveillance plays a vital role in different critical … Read more

Port Hub

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What is a Port Hub? 5 Best

Today, gadgets, especially computers and laptops, are designed with fewer ports, in most cases, two ports. This makes getting an external port hub a necessity … Read more