7 Ways to Connect Sony Soundbar to TV

Sony soundbars have different designs, audio output capacities, and connectivity options. In an age of rapid tech advancements, we can hardly meet up with the increasing technicalities and sophistication of home electronic devices.

Connect Sony Soundbar to TV

With a Smart TV that boasts a 40” or more screen wideness, a streaming TV service, and an updated gaming console (e.g., Xbox one X or PS 5), a Sony Soundbar is possibly what’s missing, completing a perfect home entertainment and relaxation setup.

Setting up your Sony Soundbar can be quite a task that you’re not sure which approach is best for you, for maximum comfortability.
In this article, we’ll take you through the easiest ways to set up your Sony Soundbar with your TV.

Let’s get into it then.

Ways to connect your Sony Soundbar to TV

You can connect your Sony Soundbar with your TV, gaming PC/console, FireTV box, Roku TV, or any other home device that requires a sound output in one or more of the following ways:

  • UsingHDMI with ARC compatible devices
  • UsingHDMI with Optical digital audio cable
  • Via an Optical audio cable without HDMI
  • Using 3.5mm Aux cable
  • Using RCA AV audio cables
  • Using a Coaxial cable
  • Using wireless options

Let’s take a look at how each works.

1. Connecting your Sony Soundbar to TV using HDMI cable with ARC support

HDMI cables are a powerful tool for transferring pictures, sound, and digital data from one device to another. Transfer rates on an HDMI 2.1 cable can clock up to 48GBps.

You only need a maximum of 200MBps to enjoy even the most graphic online games, and 4 K-rated movies with HDR Dolby surround sound are available today.

If your TV supports ARC (Audio Return Channel), you plug in your HDMI at the back of the TV, with the other end of the HDMI cable connected to your Soundbar.

You’ll need a high-speed HDMI cable to enjoy ARC compatibility.

ARC is written at the back of the HDMI port if your TV is ARC compatible.

ARC is the protocol that allows seamless transmission of compressed and uncompressed audio data through various devices in a digital format.

Once your ARC-compatible HDMI cable is connected, you may need to change your TV audio output to select the Sony Soundbar.

Depending on your TV make and design, you will find your audio settings in the TV general settings.

2. Connecting Sony soundbar using HDMI with Optical audio cable

If you’re using a TV that doesn’t support ARC, your standard HDMI cable can still bring out your desired output from the Soundbar when you include an optical digital audio cable.

  • Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI in port of your TV, and connect the other end to your Sony Soundbar ARC HDMI TV-out port.
  • Now connect the optical digital audio cable to the TV Digital audio out port, and connect the other end to your Sony Soundbar digital audio in port.
  • Change your TV audio output settings and select the Sony Soundbar as TV audio output.

3. Connecting your TV with Sony Soundbar using an Optical digital audio cable

Perhaps your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port; you can connect Sony Soundbar using the optical digital sound cable to sync your TV audio outputs.

Connect one end of your optical digital audio cable to the TV Digital audio out terminal and connect the other end to your Soundbar optical in port.

Please note that this method allows you to receive TV audio output signals through the Soundbar. Other Sony Soundbar control functions via tvs such as controlling soundbar volume and Power interlock won’t work without an HDMI connection.

4. Connecting Sony Soundbar to TV using an analog 3.5mm Aux cable

You can connect your Sony Soundbar to your TV if both have an Aux audio cable port.

Aux ports are standard in almost all TVs today. An aux cable is the same as the 3.5mm mono jack you’re familiar with (especially in the headsets and earpieces of all mobile phones, tabs, and iPads).

Connecting your TV to Sony Soundbar using Aux cable is easy. Just plug in the cable to the terminal on both devices and select Sony Soundbar as your sound output device from your TV.

5. Connecting Sony Soundbar to TV using an RCA Composite AV cable

The RCA Composite AV cable is the traditional method for connecting the TV to other Audio/video output devices.

We’re talking about the famous red/yellow/white AV cable used to connect TV to DVR, VCR, home theater, satellite TV decoder, etc.

Connect the AV audio out of the TV to the AV audio in of the Soundbar.

You can also use an RCA AV/Aux adapter to connect your TV AV port to your Sony Soundbar 3.5mm Aux port.

6. Connecting Sony soundbar to TV using a Coaxial cable

A coaxial cable has an excellent sound transfer rate and delivers quality digital audio outputs. Check your Sony Soundbar user manual for compatibility.

While it doesn’t support creative surround sound outputs like Dolby True HD, its quality is more precise than what is obtainable in RCA AV, Aux cables, or optical cables.

If your TV has a coaxial port but doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can use a coaxial-to-HDMI converter to sync your TV with the Sony Soundbar.

7. Connecting your TV to Sony Soundbar using wireless compatibility

You can ditch the cables and connect wirelessly to your Sony Soundbar if you’re using a Smart TV or Android TV.

Connect Sony Soundbar to TV via Bluetooth

The most accessible wireless connection for Smart TVs and soundbars is via Bluetooth.

Turn your Sony soundbar Bluetooth on and pair it with the TV.

Then go to TV Audio/sound settings to choose the Soundbar as an Audio output device.

Connect Sony Soundbar to TV via Wi-Fi

You can also pair the TV with Sony Soundbar via Wi-Fi. Connect the TV and Soundbar to the same wireless network.

Then complete the TV audio settings to locate the Soundbar.

Let us know which of these options appeal the most to you.

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Why is my TV sound not playing from Sony Soundbar via Bluetooth?

Remove the HDMI cable in the Soundbar.

Between wireless connection and HDMI, which is better to connect TV with Soundbar?

It depends on the version of Wi-Fi and HDMI your devices have. If you have the latest HDMI 2.1 with ARC support, it’s the best for an unbeatable Dolby surround sound output.

Why is my TV not pairing with the Sony soundbar via Bluetooth?

Turn on the Bluetooth option on the Soundbar. It’s likely turned off or not discoverable. Delete and pair again with TV.