RCA Universal Remote Codes For Element TV

Element TV is a well-known TV brand. The TV comes with remote control upon purchase. You can, however, use an RCA universal remote for your TV if you lose your Element TV remote or it becomes unusable for any other reason.

Element TV

You will first need to learn how to programme your universal remote code to be compatible with your Element TV. Our guide provides the RCA Universal Remote codes for Element TV and how to set up an RCA universal remote to work with your Element TV.

RCA Remote Codes For Element TV

element tv remote control

On the RCA Universal Remote, you will find two code search buttons. If you use the auto-programming method, the buttons you will use to look for codes are the Play and Reverse buttons. Here, we provide the list of 4-digit and 5-digit codes for Element TV. 

4 Digit Codes (v.4) for RCRH02BR, RCR804BR

The following is a list of codes for RCR804BR, RCRH02BR, etc.

1687 3183 0706 2049 2183 2964 

3907 1756 3559 4398 24341886    

0885 3183 2049 07062183 3907      

2964 2256 4217.

5 Digit Codes (v.1) for RCRPS02GR, RCRN08GR

The following are codes for RCRPS02GR, RCRN08GR, etc.

13559 14398 11756 11687 10885 12183 12434 13183 12964 13907 12049 11886 12256 14217.

Older codes 3 digit Codes to operate your Element TV

046, 005, 028, 043, 

048, 076, 096, 155, 

004, 051, 127, 151, 

153, 154, 231, 236, 

238, 247, 252, 168, 


How to Program RCA Universal Remote Codes to Your Element TV

Universal Remote
Universal Remote

You will have to make use of codes during the process of programming your RCA universal remote to your Element TV. Establishing control and command requires using codes, which are distinct sequences of numbers encoded into the Element TV. The codes are customised to ensure they are compatible with each device. To start programming:

  • Turn on your Element TV. Make sure that the batteries in the remote are still operational so that it does not disrupt the process.
  • Create a list where you write all the codes compatible with the model and type of your RCA remote. 
  • Using your remote control, press and release the TV button until the on/off button lights up. Please leave it in this state.
  • While still holding down the button, wait five seconds. Hold the button until the LED light flashes twice, and let go of it.
  • Select a code from the list. Using the remote’s numeric keypad, enter the code. Make sure that the correct code is input so that you do not experience any issues.
  • The indicator LED will blink once after you enter each code. If the code is correct and approved, the LED light will blink twice before going out.
  • After that, point your remote control in the direction of the TV. Press and hold the power button. Release the button once the TV turns off.
  • If your television can turn off, it indicates that you completed the programming and saved the code. To provide you with even more evidence, please restart your television.
  • After turning on the TV, test the various buttons and features of the remote control. This will indicate whether or not the TV responds to the commands sent from the remote. If it does not react, you will need to repeat all the steps and try a different code.

Alternatively, you can use a different approach to locate and programme device codes if your RCA universal remote has a “Code Search” or “Set Up” button. This button makes it possible for you to search for and programme device codes. If so, then use the procedure below:

Steps to search for Programme device codes

  • Power up your TV.
  • Position the remote control so that it is pointing towards your TV. During the programming process, you must maintain the remote directly aimed at the device.
  • Press and hold the button labeled “Code Search” until the indicator light comes on. The top of the remote control is where you will find this button. After the indicator light has come on, you can release your grip on the button. If your remote contains a “Set Up” button, you should carry out this technique by pressing the button.
  • You need to press and let go of the button on the device that corresponds with the feature you want to operate. For instance, you can control a TV by pressing the TV button. The light will flash briefly, then become steady.
  • Turn off the TV by repeatedly pressing and releasing the Power button on the remote. When you keep pressing and releasing the Power button, the remote will keep trying different codes until it finds the code that works with the device. After it locates the correct code, the device will receive the signal and power off. It will take some time if the code for your device is at the end of the internal list on the remote. If you run through the entire list without finding a code that matches, the light on the remote will flash four times before it goes off. 
  • When the device powers down, press the Enter button on the remote. This will prevent any unauthorised use of your remote’s code. If you inadvertently move from the proper code, you would need to begin the search afresh.
  • Perform a test on the remote. If you enter the code correctly, you can then use the remote to switch the device on and off to see if it is working. Before you try out any feature, double-check that you press the button on top of the remote that corresponds to your TV.
  • Retrieve the code. After you successfully enter the code, jot it down so that you may use it again without any trouble in the future. Replicate the procedure below:
    • Hold the “Code Search” button until the indicator light turns on.
    • Press and release the TV button corresponding to the locked code you want to retrieve.
    • Press and release the Code Search button.
    • Start by pressing the 0 key on your keyboard. The initial digit indicates whenever the light starts blinking.

What Are The Steps To Reset an RCA Universal Remote?

You may not need to buy a new RCA remote control if the one you have stops working with your TV. Resetting the memory on your remote is one of the troubleshooting steps you can take. When you do this, any programming codes that may have been stored in the remote’s memory will be removed. To reset your RCA Universal Remote, adhere to the steps below:

  • Remove the battery compartment cover from the remote’s rear by sliding or pulling it off.
  • Take the remote’s battery off of the device. The next step is to turn the remote over so that you can see its numeric keypad.
  • Press the “1” button on the remote control for about a minute. After releasing the button, wait for approximately 10 seconds. To wipe the remote’s memory, you will need to perform this step a total of two to four times.
  • After inserting the batteries into the remote’s back compartment, replace the battery cover. The programming of the remote is now ready to begin.
  • Press the on/off key, and you will see the key light up.